Two point five years in Catania

To this date I have lived in Catania for 2,5 years and the reason of moving here was to try a larger city in Sicily. We are moving back to Ragusa next year. Saying that I do not like Catania makes many people very mad because peoples identity lays in the city they live in, especially Catanesi and Palermitani because these cities are in somekind of conflict, but this is not a city for me. It has been good to live here because I have seen another side of Sicily, my view of Sicily has worsened. But plans to move back to Ragusa has started and we are looking for some land. The major difference between Catania and Ragusa is that life quality is much higher in Ragusa and the public offices works much better. I called the Ragusa technical office and got information immediately, while in Catania I have problems to even pay my taxes. Every meeting with public offices here ends with a threat to report them to get atleast minimum service. It is not worth to waste life time for these battles. Catania has nice clubs, great food and more to offer if you like shopping, but in the other hand I feel like going backwards in time because it is a dirty city, quite mean, unneccessary chaotic and more ancient mentally. But is it just one hour from Ragusa if we like to come he and go clubbing one night. So Ragusa, I hope to see you soon! 🙂

I understand now why people told me on my first year Sicily tour Beata tu, vivi a Ragusa! = Lucky you, living in Ragusa!


Till detta datum har jag bott i Catania i 2,5 år och anledningen till att flytta hit var att prova en större stad på Sicilien. Vi flyttar tillbaka till Ragusa nästa år. Att säga att jag inte tycker om Catania gör många människor väldigt arga eftersom människorna har sin stolthet i staden de bor i och framförallt Cataneser och Palermitanare då dessa städer står i någonslags strid med varann, men det är inte en stad för mig. Det har varit bra att bo här eftersom jag har sett en annan sida av Sicilien, min syn på Sicilien har försämrats. Men planer på att flytta tillbaka till Ragusa har påbörjats och vi letar efter mark. Den stora skillnaden mellan Catania och Ragusa är att livskvaliteten är mycket högre i Ragusa och offentliga kontor fungerar mycket bättre. Jag ringde till tekniska kontoret i Ragusa och fick information omedelbart, medan i Catania har jag problem att till och med betala min skatt. Varje möte med offentliga kontor här avslutas med ett hot att anmäla dem för att få minst minimum av service. Det är inte värt att slösa livstid för dessa strider. Catania har fina klubbar, god mat och mycket mer att erbjuda om du gillar shopping, men å andra sidan känns det som att ha flyttat bakåt i tiden då staden är smutsig, ganska elak, onödigt kaotisk och antik mentalitet. Men är det bara en timme från Ragusa, så kan vi komma hit över en natt och gå på klubbar. Ragusa, jag hoppas att vi ses snart! 🙂

Jag har förstått nu varför de flesta jag träffade första året på min Sicilien resa sa Beata tu, vivi a Ragusa! = Lyckost dig som bor i Ragusa!

4 thoughts on “Two point five years in Catania

  1. I agree with your opinion about Catania, a nice place to visit but I wouldn't live there, I adore all the history of it's historical center, Ragusa is a great place to get back to basics. I'm living in a small town in the Province of Messina, which is at times isolating but the quality of life is great, things get done because people know you and it's safe a great place to bring up children too. All the best to you.

  2. Aurelio

    I agree about what you say, I love the clubs, the restaurants and the oportunities in Catania, but I could never live there, too chaotic for me, noisy and some people are too arrogant and close-minded for me.. and I'M SICILIAN!
    They really think outside their city is all worste, but it's the oposite I think. The Life quality in the small cities is much much better, especially in Ragusa!
    I always say to the people who want to come in Sicily, that the real essence of the island you'll find in the small towns, the beach towns, and in the mountains.. not in the big cities.
    So, Johanna, I hope you have learnt something positive anyway form this experience, and good luck for you return to Ragusa! 😉

    1. Siljehagen

      Post author

      Thank you for your nice input. Yes, I have learnt much and it was also needed to see this because I had a too "pink" view of Sicily. I could not cope with other peoples stories. I now undertsand things better. Living here has also made me grow.
      You are absolutely right about small towns.


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