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Political happenings in Italy

So Italy has a new illegal government with Renzi as prime minister.
Berlusconi got democratically voted by the people and then pushed out. New prime became Mario Monti and was not even elected. He just raised and put more taxes. Then a new election was made and italians voted Berlusconi again. Monti had organized his well being by becoming a senator that guarantees him a “gold pension” and created a new party that is not doing a shit.
Some powers were not happy that italians voted Berlusconi again and suddenly his business got some tax problems and he got convicted. And then the Ruby story where he wad accused of having sex w a minor and the truth came out just weeks ago that she wasnt a minor. So mr. B is out again and on comes Letta. In this phase the party M5S get majority of the votes and the government do not want a new election so Italy keeps on w a non-elected government and more taxes arrives from Letta. And also IMU confusion. Now Italy got a new prime, Renzi, and a new government is coming this week. This is the third government that is illegal because people has not voted. The man who pull the strings is the italian president Napoletano.
= Politics in Italy.


S? Italien har en ny olaglig regering med Renzi som premi?rminister.

Berlusconi blev demokratiskt r?stat av folket och sedan tryckts ut. Ny premi?rminister blev Mario Monti och han var inte ens folkvald. Han bara kom med mer och h?gre skatter. D? gjordes nyval och italienarna r?stade Berlusconi igen. Monti hade organiserat sitt v?lbefinnande genom att bli en senator som garanterar honom en “guld pension” och skapade ett nytt parti som inte g?r ett skit.
Vissa krafter var inte glada att italienarna r?stade Berlusconi igen och pl?tsligt fick hans f?retag lite skatteproblem och han blev d?md. Och sen Ruby historien d?r han anklagades f?r att ha sex med minder?rig och sanningen kom ut bara n?gra veckor sedan att hon inte var minder?rig. S? nu ?r mr. B ?r ute igen och in kommer Letta. I denna fas f?r partiet M5S majoriteten av r?sterna och regeringen vill inte ha ett nytt val s? Italien h?ller p? sin icke- valda regering och mer skatter kommer fr?n Letta. Och ?ven IMU f?rvirring. Nu har Italien f?tt en ny premi?rminister, Renzi, och en ny regering ?r p? v?g denna vecka. Detta ?r den tredje regeringen som ?r olaglig eftersom folk inte har r?stat. Mannen som drar i tr?darna ?r den italienska presidenten Napoletano.
= Politik i Italien .

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  1. I don’t like Renzi, I don’t like Letta and I don’t like Monti. So, I don’t like any of the three latest governments (four, since I also hate Berlusconi).
    Still, they are legal in every sense (Renzi’s will be once he’s validated by the parliament)

    The Italian constitution states that the people elects the Parliament, not the Government, and that the elected members of Parliament have the right to act and decide freely in their role. It’s the parliament that, then, validates the Government.
    So, there’s nothing illegal in the governments, if they are validated by a parliament that’s legally elected.
    My opinion is that the people should have chosen more wisely who to send to the Parliament, but that’s another story. 😉

    • Siljehagen

      So in other words they can vote Berlusconi as Prime and then in the Government if B and Letta decides to switch posts, they can do that? Not voting? That is not democracy.

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