Scandinavia Tour: Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and you reach Sweden in just couple of minutes by train. We stayed three days in Copenhagen, I for work and hubby as a tourist.
Ströget by night. Main city empty of people in the evening. But here you find cosy retaurants and bars. It is the main shopping street and you see the high life standard of Copenhagen because it is filled with high class design shops.
Copenhagen is a city for bikers. This is the bike parking by the central station. People take the bike no matter what weather and the city is calm thanks to less car traffic.
Pengebar = Moneybar. A fun ATM in the city.

Istegdade below is a calm street by day, but by night is is a party street. Shortly to say here you can have sex, get drunk as hell and wake up with a tattoo you do not remember buying.

This is by the side entrance to Cristiania. We were not allowed to take photos inside the area, but it was nice to visit Cristiania and see the reality.

Nyhavn is one of my favorite places. It is a beautiful area in central Copenhagen filled with pubs. Here you can sit outside all year around.
I guess christmas started officially in Copenhagen. This is a hotel covered with lights!

2 thoughts on “Scandinavia Tour: Copenhagen

  1. Kul att se dina bilder från Köpenhamn. Vi har varit där ett par gånger vid den här tiden på året och tycker det är såå Dejligt, som danskarna säger. Christiania är ett måste, dom har en rörig stökig julmarknad och en pytteliten vegetarisk restaurang med riktigt god mat. En öl i Nyhamn kan man knappast missa hihi. Hotellets belysning var vackert.
    Ha en fortsatt trevlig helg.
    Kram Yvonné


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