"Si bedda commu u suli. A ma vita fussi vacanti senza ri tia!"

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Crossing those waves with the Icon – Summer in Sicily

First real summer day in Taormina and it was time to lift the ancor of the yacht to take a bubble and gourmet tour around the stunning coast line of Giardini-Naxos, Taormina, Isola Bella and Letojanni. You have not seen Taormina properly if not seen from the sea side! Nuff talking, I let the photos speak…


F?rsta riktiga sommardagen i Taormina och det var dags att lyfta b?tens ankare f?r en bubbel- och gourmettur runt den fantastiska kustlinjen Giardini-Naxos, Taormina, Isola Bella och Letojanni. Du har inte sett Taormina riktigt om du inte sett fr?n havet! Nog med snack, jag l?ter bilderna tala …


Birthdays and Private boats – Taormina bays and hills

Instead of a classical birthday invitation at a restaurant it was this time organized as a private boat tour, and may I say that if you have not seen Taormina bays from the sea side, you have still things to see here. It is one of the most beautiful places to rent a boat or yacht to spend your time by the sea. Amazing relaxing time for festivities.

We were out just before sunset to enjoy the amazing sicilian sun go down slowly behind the Etna volcano, crystal clear sea and reflexions towards Taormina, Isola Bella and Giardini Naxos. Organizer was of course Sicily Private Spot. Take with you your favourite champagne and camera. I let the pictures speak for themselves!


Ist?llet f?r en klassisk f?delsedagsinbjudan p? restaurang var det den h?r g?ngen organiserad som en privat b?ttur, och kan s?ga att om du inte har sett Taorminabukten fr?n havet, har du fortfarande saker att se h?r. Det ?r en av de vackraste platserna att hyra en b?t eller yacht f?r att spendera din tid vid havet. Underbart avkopplande f?r festiviteter.

Vi var ute strax f?re solnedg?ngen f?r att njuta av den fantastiska sicilianska solen som sakta sj?nk ner bakom vulkanen Etna, kristallklart hav och reflexioner mot Taormina, Isola Bella och Giardini Naxos. Arrang?ren var sj?lvklart Sicily Private Spot. Ta med din favorit champagne och kamera. L?ter bilderna tala f?r sig!


Licata Harbour – If you are sailing to Sicily

img_2891 img_2895img_2896img_2892

Storm of Fire

Stromboli is an active volcano island and offers to its visitors a storm of fire almost each evening. Best view is from a boat on the sea.


Stromboli ?r en aktiv vulkan? och erbjuder en Eld Storm n?stan varje kv?ll. B?st vy ?r fr?n en b?t p? havet.
PAN.STR.Juli2014 117PAN.STR.Juli2014 116PAN.STR.Juli2014 119

more Panarea in 44 degrees celcius…so beautiful!

PAN.STR.Juli2014 049PAN.STR.Juli2014 050PAN.STR.Juli2014 051PAN.STR.Juli2014 052PAN.STR.Juli2014 054PAN.STR.Juli2014 055PAN.STR.Juli2014 056PAN.STR.Juli2014 057PAN.STR.Juli2014 058


PAN.STR.Juli2014 011 PAN.STR.Juli2014 016 PAN.STR.Juli2014 030 PAN.STR.Juli2014 031 PAN.STR.Juli2014 061

Stromboli – Aeolian Islands

Stromboli is one of the seven Aeolian islands north of Sicily, these islands are also called The Seven Sisters. Stromboli is an active volcano and have eruptions every day, best seen by and after sunset. Here you find the famous black sand beaches touching the crystal blue sea.


Stromboli ?r en av de sju Eoliska ?arna norr om Sicilien, dessa ?ar kallas ocks? De sju Systrarna. Stromboli ?r en aktiv vulkan och har utbrott varje dag, de syns b?st vid och efter solnedg?ngen. H?r hittar du de ber?mda svarta sandstr?nderna som vidr?r det kristallklara bl? havet.
PAN.STR.Juli2014 080PAN.STR.Juli2014 082PAN.STR.Juli2014 090PAN.STR.Juli2014 092PAN.STR.Juli2014 093PAN.STR.Juli2014 095PAN.STR.Juli2014 096PAN.STR.Juli2014 099PAN.STR.Juli2014 108 PAN.STR.Juli2014 109

Milazzo from the sea

Milazzo is just 15 minutes by car west of Messina. It is the gateway to the vulcanic Aeolian islands, also called the Seven Sisters. From the peak end of Milazzo you can see to Vulcano which is the closest island, and behind you can see in a clear day also Lipari which lays behind Vulcano island. (Last photo)


Milazzo ligger bara 15 minuter med bil v?ster om Messina. Det ?r porten till vulkaniska Eoliska ?arna, de kallas ?ven de Sju Systrarna. Fr?n toppen i slutet av Milazzo kan du se till Vulcano, som ?r den n?rmaste ?n, och bakom du kan se p? en klar dag ?ven Lipari som ligger bakom Vulcano ?n. (Sista bilden)

PAN.STR.Juli2014 002PAN.STR.Juli2014 003PAN.STR.Juli2014 005PAN.STR.Juli2014 006PAN.STR.Juli2014 009PAN.STR.Juli2014 010

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