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Bara på engelska kära svenskar, använd Google för översättning

I felt very safe travelling alone in Israel and followed the security rules given by the swedish embassy and also my local friends. I went to Jerusalem to visit all the places we have heard of and seen in the news. I went by bus from Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem took a taxi to the old city of Jerusalem. I was recommended not to take the tram nor bus as there was recently two stabbings on two jewish men in the new tram. Please go early because in the morning it is nice to walk almost alone here.

The old town is divided in Christian, Jewsih, Orthodox and Arabic area. The arabic area was closed for visitors and the guards could not tell for how long, but I got to see the other areas. The old city is filled with markets, religious places, restaurants ecc. It is a perfect vision how a world could live in peace side by side with different religions, but unfortunately that is not the case.


The most famous wall in the world, The Western Wall, also called the Wailing Wall. It is an amazing feeling having my own hand touching so much history.  Women and men are of course divided here (every religion is good dividing people), but it was an experience to see so devoted people.


In the Christian area you can visit the place where they say Jesus is buried. It is inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre


From the David Tower by the Jaffa Gate you get an amazing view over the Old Town and also the modern part of Jerusalem, all the way over to the Mount of Olives. A strange thing I saw from there was the swedish flag at the Swedish Christian Study Center.IMG_3018IMG_3038IMG_303720151113_114258IMG_3039


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Only in English - Endast på engelska denna gång. Klipp länken, gå in på Google translate, klistra in och få en ok översättning på svenska 🙂

I decided to make one dream trip come true and went to Israel to see the country with my own eyes. I went there with atheist eyes and free political mind. I also bought several books about Israel because many of the authors somehow manage to sneak in their point of view with religion and politics, so having couple og versions with you, you get different perspectives.

I started the first day in Tel Aviv, the city is a great example that shows how different Israel really is and you meet people from all over the world. I started my walk from Rabin square towards Rothschild Boulevard: IMG_2973

And passed the house where Israels independency was declared 1948:


Then I turned towards Carmel Market where also the city changed rapidly:


Here I found a 2 euro Falafel in a hole in the wall before I started my walk toward the oldest jewish area in Israel, Neve Tzedek.


Neve Tzedek became my favorite area in Tel Aviv where modern houses blends with old houses and sky scrapers fills the sky. No one is moved away because the modern world is growing.


Then I walked to the famous Jaffa area, it is the so called Middle East of Tel Aviv and has became an artistic area. Here I also saw why many people, who has visited this country, says Israel is the only true democracy in the world. While the mosque let their prayer echo in the neighborhood, a man dressed in typical jewish clothes passed it and just by the corner tourists were having a beer.


From this area I jumped on the city tours bus that took three hours and completed the tour, passing the Sorona area with amazing restaurants and shops, to the unversity area with a great view over Tel Aviv:


Then I jumped off the bus by the luxury hotels by the beach and show no fear just going straight into one of the hotels, passed the guard like I been living there since days, found the elevators to get a great shot over the most famous beach areas in the world. Pushed the highest number in the elevator, got into a fancy lounch bar and thought what the heck, I order some champange a buffet so no one askes questions. The problem was when I wanted to pay, they said it was free for guests and I felt so ashamed and could not say I just got in for the view so I left as tip what I managed to figure out what champange and afternoon buffet costs in places like this. But I got nice shots and left a superhappy waiter behind:


Tel Aviv is one of the most fashinating cities I ever visited and never felt so safe in my life.

More Israel to come...