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We have had rains for about 10 days, with small sun pauses. But yesterday we had couple hours of 170 mm rain and thunder that created this disaster in the little village of Letojanni. Same damages in Giardini-Naxos, Taormina sea side and rocks fell also in Castelmola. This happens every year when the rain season comes. Last year it was worse as it rained for three days and even a bridge to Taormina fell 4 cm. The damages are high because the rain runs on the streets and the municipalities does not care to clean the sewers nor build 2-3 water systems so the water can run directly to the sea, instead on the roads into the small cities. They have money to do it, but they do not care. The small residential areas above these villages will not last more than 4-5 years and they will come down towards the cities below. Already some parts has started to tumble.

For example Letojanni is closed now for clean up and no one is allowed to enter the village. People complain to the police because they can not do their groceries. So I guess that summaries what the local mentality is all about. I have not more to add.


Vi har haft regn under ca 10 dagar, med små sol pauser. Men igår hade vi par timmar 170 mm regn och åska som skapade denna katastrof i den lilla byn Letojanni. Samma skador i Giardini-Naxos, Taormina havsområde och klippor föll också i Castelmola. Detta händer varje år när regnperioden kommer. Förra året var det värre eftersom det regnade i tre dagar och även en bro till Taormina föll 4 cm. Skadorna är höga eftersom regnet rinner på gatorna och kommunerna inte bryr sig om att rengöra avloppen eller bygga 2-3 vattensystem så att vattnet kan rinna direkt ut till havet, och regnet rinner i stället på vägarna ner till de små städerna. De har pengar att göra det, men de bryr sig inte. De små bostadsområdena ovanför dessa byar kommer inte att hålla i mer än 4-5 år och de kommer rasa ner mot städerna nedan. Redan har vissa delar har börjat rasa.

Till exempel Letojanni är stängd nu för sanering och ingen tillåts att komma in i byn. Folk klagar till polisen eftersom de inte kan handla matvaror. Så jag antar att detta sammanfattar vad den lokala mentaliteten handlar om. Jag har inget mer att tillägga.



Today I heard a catanesi man complain to his friend that his wife has started to work and she does not "use her head anymore".
I told him that "perhaps she has now seen how great it is to earn her own money instead of having you as a boss at home!"


Idag hörde jag en catanesisk man klaga till sin vän att hans fru har börjat arbeta och att hon inte "använder huvudet längre".
Jag sa till honom att "hon kanske har nu sett hur underbart det är att tjäna sina egna pengar istället för att ha dig som chef hemma!"


The official focus is always that people leave Sicily to find work abroad and this is why the island also looses competence. But it is not the whole truth. There are many young people who also flee their families because they want to have the same freedom we have. Not all families are controlling their children, but still the major part of sicilian families does not want their kids to live and be free.

In the 70's and 80's when the big tourism flow from Germany and Scandinavia came, many people changed their view of reality. Before the tourism e.g. a sicilian couple could never meet without having their whole family gathered or the girls brothers with them. This reality still exists. And when the couple danced the whole family controlled that everything went by the rules. Then this couple got married not even knowing eachother. Many times the father chose a husband for his daughter and the father did not let the daughters attend school. Then north europeans came to Sicily and things started to loosen up a little bit. People started to leave the strict mentality and wanted the same freedom as the new strange visitors. Unfortunately the strict mentality still lives in Sicily, also because something happened in the 90's, Sicily got closed and the tourism industry died, but is now rising again.

There is a minority in Sicily that lives in a modern way, where the family understands the importance of education, travelling, learn languages, respect women and let their children try life. These families do not depend if they are rich or not. One of my friend is a bus driver and his daughter does very well in school and the Region of Sicily selects every year top 10 students from their school and pays exchange trips to european countries. She is always in that group and been in Spain, Portugal, UK ecc and she is only 16 years old. He knows that their daughter will leave Sicily soon and he is happy for her. A very diverse approach than many sicilian fathers have. But still the majority in Sicily lives in great ignorance, in fear of the world, where a church exam is more important than school exam, and needs to control their children.

My cleaning lady comes from a rich but very ignorant family. Her father forbid her to attend shcool and when he had chosen a husband for her, she fled the family. The family turned their backs on her and for all her life she has been making a living cleaning other peoples homes. She has the same age as me. She said that a life with limited economy is better than a life in a mental prison filled with money. She inspires me very much!

One of my northern european friends likes Sicily very much and also sicilian women. The problem is that the awoken girls he meets wants to live in freedom and wants to leave Sicily, but he on the other hand would like to live here. With this family control especially the girls suffer because in many families there is still the mentality that women has to stay home with no rights and economy, and the man commands everything (to fatal consequenses). The problem in these families is also that the man is often controlled also by the mother who then also control the wife. The man often has no interest to work, nor having projects in his life. Everything is served by HIS family. A family that the girl has to obey, often also by calling his parents mother and father.

Today I met a girl in the dog park who left the sicilian man to be with an american. She feels more free and respected. He does not control her. She travels, has learned languages and studies in the university. She said that major part of catanesi men are Babboncini, which means that they suit better to live with their mothers. She does not want a man like that, she want to be respected for the woman she is. She is not the only young woman thinking like this. What will happen to the majority of sicilian men when women no longer wants to live under oppression? They do not know a shit what to do now!

Approximately 80% of the population are totally controlled by the family and lives in great ignorance. 20% are different and these are those who brings Sicily forward. The 80% believes that all their problems in life are politicians fault, and in this group you find people who have no intentions to do anything, they do not want to work, they need a silent obedient wife, they try to find a living by using others and blames the system. They think the world is like the TV shows. Then you have this 20% who understands that life is their responsability, they know politics is a problem but thanks of the lack of ingorance they know how to move in this system and makes a living. This 20% are those who goes ahead in Sicily, and the 80% blames the 20% of stealing everything.

Sometime ago I met one of the richest men in Italy, he is a sicilian. He comes from great poverty, but had an open minded family who pushed him into school. He told me that 2% of the population makes their own life an takes the situation in their hands, 98% waits for a politician or Jesus to save them. This is the problem in Italy. I kinda agree. To have a great life in Italy is not about stealing or make insurance frauds, there is a system that works for those who likes to do something. I know personally e.g. suppliers that started to pack aubergines in their garage for the local stores and today, 10 or 20 years later, runs companies with hundreds of employees. Because they made an effort. And they get regional economical support because they think futuristic. They do not have an uncle in the Region of Sicily.

Sicily has many problems but I do not see that politics is the major problem. The biggest problem is the 80% that has no intentions to lift a finger and blames the 20% of taking it all. Which they do because they make an effort. I would say that political problems comes second.

I have sent hubby back to his family. I am the type of a woman who is not very appreciated in a classical sicilian family. It is a family that lives in great ignorance and does not like very much women who knows how to take care of herself and brakes traditional family rules.  I know there is another Sicily, and I want to be part of that 20% who goes forward in sunshine and in storm. Most of my friends are in that group. That is why I love Sicily, because there is wonderful a part of this island that the 80% will never experience...


När en sicilianare löser problem, så löser de egentligen inte problemet utan det blir skrik och massa hot och sen kan de ta en kaffe ihop efteråt. Sicilien är ökänt att alla lurar en på pengar eller försöker smita undan. Ja, det kan vara sant, men verkligheten är också att den drabbade inte tar tag i saken. T.ex. om en person inte får ut sina pengar så ojjar de bara, ringer lite då och då och klagar hos bekanta att de verkligen ska göra dittan och dattan med den som är skyldig. Och sen blir de lurade igen och igen eftersom de inte ryter till eller gör något åt saken. Jag har råkat ut för en gång att det drog ut på tiden innan lönen kom, men efter ett par dagar fick jag nog, åkte dit och röt ifrån och gick ut med lönen i handen. Har aldrig hänt sen dess. Läser ofta artiklar om att folk inte fått ut sin lön sedan över ett år tillbaka, men fortsätter att gå till jobbet. Varför då? De säger att de är rädda att förlora sitt arbete, men de har ju förlorat sin inkomst så vilken nytta är det att gå dit om de ändå inte fått ut sin lön på väldigt länge och framtiden ser till stor del likadan ut?

Det är väldigt få sicilianare som löser problem och klart de blir lurade gång på gång. Men är det egentligen lur om den drabbade inte bryr sig om att ta tag i saken? Eller blir det bara halvlur? Mycket snack, liten verkstad. Men när det blir verkstad, då blir det inget lur heller. Det handlar inte om att hota eller skrika, utan att på få, bestämda och välvalda ord förklara varför betalning ska ske och då gör de' det!

Hela samhället är uppbyggt på hot, osäkerhet och hot om våld sedan barnsben. Men jag köper inte det något mer.

Sicilien är annolunda!

Mycket annorlunda...


Sitter pà kontoret, idag àr det en lugnare dag. Skulle ha tràffat en producent, men tackade nej. Nu nàr arbetet kommit igàng och ordet bòrjar sprida sig verkar folk tappa huvuden fòr ingenting. Mànga som ringer runt, spekulerar, ska komma òverens om olika dealer som inkluderar mig, men ingen har nàgonsin pratat med mig om saken. Dessa mànniskor skalar jag bort vàldigt fort och fòr alltid, hur kan de tro att man kan deala till sig saker utan att jag àr med.

Vissa bòrjar jobba smart pà sitt sicilianska sàtt. Skalar bort dem ocksà eller talar om att jag isàfall stànger ner allt. I detta pengahungriga samhàlle àr det hàrda ord. Sicilien àr ett mycket enkelt system att fòrstà, mànniskorna àr làtta att làsa av om du har fòrmàgan eller nàgon slags utav erfarenhet. Mycket utav problemen finns egentligen inte utan skapas bara med ord. Sen àr det upp till dig om du vill medverka i karusellerna eller inte.

De som kànner Sicilien vàl vet att det àr den med stòrst ballar som vinner riktig respekt, bàde inom familj och arbetsliv. Inte den som kan skrika eller hota mest. Samhàllet àr uppbyggt pà hot sedan barnsben. I bòrjan blev jag orolig, men det àr minimalt med verkstad bakom. Prova skàll ut din sicilianska chef, en gàng, sà ser du vart respekten kommer ifràn hàdanefter.

Saknar professionalismen i den sicilianska affàrsvàrlden.

Lite tròtta ord sàhàr pà morgonkvisten.


Nu har den s.k. samarbetspartnern vaknat upp och börjat gnälla över mina projekt jag gör för en odlare. Han har inget med detta att göra. Han har t.o.m. ringt till odlaren och varit upprörd. Han kommer hit idag.

Vad är mitt mothot: Jo, jag lägger ner hela skiten med honom om han inte lugnar ner sig. Har massa andra projekt på gång. Detta handlar endast om pengar. Han vill gärna vara med i den kakan då jag tjänar. Väx upp! Man ska hota tillbaka, det fungerar så på Sicilien.

Han tjänar sköna stålars genom att fixa transport och andra småsysslor. Men det krävs en idiot för att inte se det.

Vilket lekstuga jag bor i. Kan inte göra annat än skratta!

Frågan är hur länge till jag orkar skratta...

Tillägg 18:55: Tuffa tag i telefon. Men när man möts ansikte mot ansikte blir det annat. Så gulligt detta möte var. Och inga problem..?? Som vanligt med andra ord....:=) Kallas: sicilianska temperamentet!