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The cathedral of Noto, San Nicolo, is one of the most beautiful churches in Sicily. Built in baroque style with light colors. The construction started 1694 och was finished 1703. The earthquake in december 1990 caused some structural damages, but the cathedral was restored. Due to defects in the restoring work the dome collapsed march 1996. The right pillar that supported the dome weakened and started to crumble because during restoring the earthquake damages, wrong material was used for the pillars to support the dome. Instead of blocks of stone the pillars were filled with sacks contaning river stones that caused weakness to hold the dome. Fortunately there were no victims, because the church was not open to the public that time.


Katedralen i Noto, San Nicolo, är en av de vackraste kyrkorna på Sicilien. Byggd i barockstil med ljusa färger. Konstruktionen startade 1694 och blev färdig 1703. Jordbävningen i december 1990 orsakade vissa strukturella skador men katedralen återställdes. På grund av brister i återställningsarbetet rasade kupolen mars 1996. Den högra pelaren som stödde kupolen försvagades och började smulas sönder pga att under reparationen av jordbävningsskadorna användes fel material för att pelarna skulle kunna stödja kupolen. I stället för stenblock fylldes pelarna med säckar av flodstenar som orsakade svaghet för att hålla kupolen. Lyckligtvis drabbades ingen för kyrkan var inte öppen för allmänheten den tiden.


The facade has typical "two side towers" from the baroque era which can also be found on the church of Versailles and similar engravings of the Saint Roch church in Paris.


Fasaden har "två sidotorn" typiska från barocktiden, som även finns på Versailles kyrka och liknande gravyr i Saint Roch-kyrkan i Paris.


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From Taormina city you can take the stairs up the hill to Santuario Madonna della Rocca. It is the stone buildings you see from Corso Umberto above Taormina. You find the stairs by the Q8 gas station. Do note it is thousands of steps combined with breathtaking views. This small church is built during the arab-norman era in Sicily and located 398 m a.s.l. Every year the third weekend in September festivities are organized to celebrate the Madonna. It is one of the most important religious happenings in Taormina.
We took a walk up there, all the stairs.


Från Taormina stad kan du ta trapporna uppför berget till Santuario Madonna della Rocca. Det är stenbyggnaderna du ser från Corso Umberto ovanför Taormina. Du hittar trapporna vid Q8 bensinstation. Notera att det är tusentals trappsteg i kombination med hisnande vyer. Denna lilla kyrka är byggd under arabisk-normandiska eran på Sicilien och ligger 398 m.ö.h.. Varje år den tredje helgen i september ordnas festligheter för att fira Madonnan. Det är en av de viktigaste religiösa händelserna i Taormina.
Vi tog en promenad upp dit, alla trapporna.


View down to Taormina on the way up  //  Vy ner till Taomina påväg upp


View south coast towards Giardini-Naxos bay  // Södra kusten, vy mot Giardini-Naxos vik


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Some time ago I was interviewed for Multicoolty Italia. They do an amazing job interviewing expats all around the world, but with main focus on foreigners in Italy. You find the interview in italian here:  La Mia Vita e' piu ricca oggi

Please like their page here: https://www.facebook.com/multicoolty.italia/?fref=ts

Translation in English

"Today my Life is Richer"

My name is Johanna, I come from Sweden but in my veins runs finnish blood. I'm in Italy, Sicily, since 2009. Self-employeed in the organic sector in agriculture and tourism. I'm preparing two new activities and also started writing books.
Why Italy?
I wanted a real challenge in life and Sicily seemed to be the right place. I'd say that I got what I asked for and even more. In Sicily, learned a lot about life seen from a different perspective and learned even more about myself. I chose Sicily because I saw Inspector Montalbano in Sweden and fell in love with the beautiful things I saw, the area of Ragusa! Then I moved there as a start.
What was it like to learn Italian?
Easy because the grammar is very similar to finnish. But I'll never speak perfect Italian because I speak different languages every day. I learned it myself: with the magazines that interest me and talking to people. Sicilians are great because they correct me if I'm wrong. So you learn quickly. Then it took me a bit 'of time to understand that here they speak Sicilian, which is very different from Italian. I was a bit' confused at first.
Do you think that speaking Italian living in Italy is important?
It's essential wherever you decide to live. Otherwise you never know how a country functions and you will always have problems if you don't understand people. Also for the respect of the new country you have to learn.
Which problems did you meet when you arrived in Italy?
Everything, because the system and the life in Sicily is totally the opposite from Sweden. It worries me to see that the local people don't want to know their rights and duties. Often we foreigners learn the system better, so you can also protect yourself against a corrupt system and know how to get around.
What do you like about Italy?
Here I learned to value things. In Sweden we have an incredible consumerism, buy and throw away. Here I learned the value of money and saving, because I saw true poverty. I like the people, they are very kind to us foreigners. I like the sun, the food, the Sicilian mountains and the rich history. Here I also started to appreciate Sweden and understand how lucky we are there. There you go blind because you live in the system and everything goes smoothly. Here I learned to fight, to defend myself, I lost my swedish naivity because the world is not as at home.
What do you don't like?
I don't like the church and the family system, two structures that destroy the person from the first day. I don't like ignorance, laziness and how people mistreat their own land, a land so beautiful. Here often lacks the grit, perhaps because of the "mammismo", children do not learn to fight the system nor to stand on their feet. Not everybody, but many.
What about the Italians?
The people are very kind to us foreigners. You laugh a lot with the Sicilians. When they trust, you begin to meet fantastic people. Very easy to work here with men. I didn't have "classical" problems so far and I don't think there will ever be. The Sicilians give you everything when they see you do something for their territory.
One thing that makes me tired is that people always want to give advice and sometimes men don't understand a No!! Ignorance and mammismo does so much damage. The phenomenon of the "Italian mama's boy" is famous all over the world, but I couldn't imagine so alarming. Double-sided, one side out and another behind and hidden. Difficult to have female friends here. I have only two after 7 years !! Often they not even greet. I believe that women learn that other women are rivals or something similar.
Have you ever had an experience of "racism" in Italy?
Only once I have heard a man complain about immigrants, but it's very rare in Sicily. Sicilians do much for immigrants and it's a shame that they are left alone. Against me ever, only some women give bad comments because they often think bad of us foreign women, but I don't consider it as real "racism". Only that they don't know what the world is like.
What surprises you about the Italian culture?
Ignorance towards the environment, neighbors and themselves. Parents teach their children that everything is the fault of politicians, so take away their hope for the future at the beginning. Then they see us foreigners do many things here and don't understand how it is possible.
True religions here are football and food. Still don't understand how you can eat so much: I once tried to eat as the Sicilians and will not do that again, it was an experience close to death.
Patience to the incorrectness in society. Why don't the people rebel? The Sicilians always want to help foreigners, this is a very nice thing.
What did you have to give up when you moved in Italy?
Ever ything in my life: the family is far away, good salary, house, career etc. But it was worth it, because the things that I know now, I would not have been able to learn otherwise. My life is richer today.
You feel "integrated" in Italian society?
Yes, immediately. It's easy to integrate into society. It all depends on yourself. You have to go out, be curious, the phone doesn't ring ... you have to make calls at the beginning. I'm a very open person, I get in touch with people wherever I go.
How has your lifestyle changed in Italy?
I live a very Scandinavian style, otherwise I'd go back in time. I put some things of Sicilian culture in my life: relax more, eat healthier, give time to people, greet the neighbors etc. The world circles even if I don't answer the phone. Here I learned lots of patience, because if the road is broken you go another day or do a longer ride. Here it doesn't work as in Sweden and if you live here to wait for a change, life will become very difficult. You have to take Sicily as it is and create your reality as you want.
Do you like italian food?
Sicilian cuisine is one of the best and healthiest in the world. The first year I gained almost 10 kg, but I was happy because I was too skinny before. I love to eat and I turn off the phone during lunch and dinner.
In Italy, do you eat Italian food or continue to eat the food from your country?
I eat foods from around the world. I grew up that way. Thanks to Ikea, and the Internet I can send things here. Then also my family and friends bring swedish foods.
What did you think of Italy and Italians before moving?
Now Italy is well known in the world, but Sicily was different. There isn't much information online. I didn't think so much, just threw myself in the system and in society. I took things as they came: good things and bad, then I made my way.
Do you think you will return to your country of origin?
Yes, at least half time. I'm working to be able to live in Sicily and also in Northern Europe. I want to do things for my country and I have a couple of ideas. Then I'd like to create a family and Scandinavia would be the place.
What do you miss most about your country?
A system that works. People smiling on the streets. Sweden doesn't lack anything and you can find anything you can imagine. I miss female friends and public offices who answer the phone. Cleanliness, respect for others and a strong people. Men with whom you can have an intelligent conversation without trying more ... not all are like that, but many. True love that isn't meant to "settle down well."
Which stereotype of Italians has been confirmed?
Hospitality, playful, great eaters. Difficult mother-in-laws, crazy I would say. Machismo ridiculous.
Do you think the multicultural society can exist?
Multiculturalism exists since the time of the vikings, we have always been great travelers. In Sicily passes and people living from around the world, since the times of the greeks Sicily was multicultural. Everybody has been and passed here. So, what more has to be done?
The modern model of multiculturalism they want to create now I don't think will work, because it has no human purpose, but only the interests of politicians and corporations. In Italy there are other things to be resolved before we talk about multiculturalism.
What is "multiculturalism" for you?
How was the ancient Rome; every religion/culture was next to each other and each one took care of their business. Then something very bad happened. In Sweden we had a nice multiculturalism only 10 years ago, but now we use ridiculous words as "racism" and "phobia" if officially you say that you don't support Islam. But things are changing. In multiculturalism everything must be told, criticized and respected ... otherwise it is not.
Multiculturalism exists in your country of origin?
Before yes, but today not entirely. If you want to know the modern trends and political intentions for the future it is good follow Sweden because from there begins all things new and crazyness. There you must live with a "cold head". We already have the third sex in the system and now trying to find new words to describe female masturbation. A country very interesting I think. You have to be very open.
Why are some Italians afraid of strangers?
If we talk about what is happening today, I do not think it's fear. They just want to protect their culture and origins, that is ok. The world is varied and colorful, that why it is nice. We can not say to a people to give up their native only to insert a new one. The new is welcome, but must live together with what already exists. Then with time everything will be adjusted without us having to force things, with respect and love, you can create many things.
What do you think of the relationship in the mixed couples?
For me it is very difficult here in Sicily. Many men / families are not accustomed to a woman to be independent, to have an opinion, who can repair the car and build a house, comes and goes as she wishes etc. For me it was very difficult, I left it and put focus on northern European. My experiences are not positive. They don't hate me as a person, but they don't know how to handle my freedom. In Sicily things are changing; young people have traveled and speaks English. They're often more open and "modern".
What differences are there between Swedish and Italian culture?
In almost all. Sicily already in general is different from Milan. Milan is more "German" while Sicily is still very "Arab". Scandinavia is seen as the best area in the world where to be born and grow up, and I agree. We're secular, but there's a lot of tolerance for other cultures and religions, in Sicily it's more difficult because for example the Vatican stops development. Here as a foreigner it's good to be in tourist areas because the locals are "accustomed".
Between Sicily and Scandinavia everything is different; as we talk, eat, think, how you do things, the environment, animals, family, respect, civility, men, women, traffic, the behavior ...
Drive through Catania and see how they park the car, and then go to Ikea and see cars in a perfect row. I always laugh about this. Everything depends of the "management".


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I have never thought about religion as much as here in Sicily. Religion is involved everywhere you go. In the hospital, in every corner there is a church, people trying to push catholism on me, post office, sport, school, especially in the family and much more. On paper Italy is seen as a secular country, but in reality it isn't. Now living in Sicily religion has became an issue in my life, an issue I have to deal with almost on daily bases. Some people abroad, especially americans and catholic irish people gladly say that living in Sicily as an atheist is not a great choice and you should move. Have they been here? No. To think that there are no atheists in Sicily is quite naive. First years I did not say I was an atheist because I did not knew there were so many here, but then when I started to say it in public I got amazed how many here are. Some are openly and some are atheists in disguise not creating problems in their families; e.g. pleasing their mother being a catholic. Hubby does not believe and does not go to church (not even for family affairs), but to keep his family calm who are super religious he does not feel the need to tell them. They know I am an atheist and finally left me alone.

In Sweden it is easy to be religious because the church does not effect your daily life. Church is seen as a nice thing, but this definitive belief in hell and heaven is quite rare. Religion is a non issue few people talk about and you can belong to any religion you like. I was in fact myself part of a religious group because it was nice to have "incase of" back up and I never felt the need to decide black on white what and if I believed or not. But when I moved to Sicily I became a 100% atheist and left also the religious group I was part of. This mental change and facing the church so present in a society made me first angry and confused because I did not know exactly what I was experiencing and meet people who really believes that God will punish them in hell was so unreal. E.g. this hate against different sexuality, not showing respect to other religions and non-believers, and afraid of dying is quite much to take as a foreigner who never really thought about these things. Joking about death is not okay. I still have hard times to understand many families choises that a church exam is more important than regular school for their kids, I do not think I can ever melt that!

I finally found one book that writes about this. It is an american who lived in Scandinavia for over an year to understand how one area in the world can be successful without a God involved in the society. It is a serious research book with statistics and comparisons to the very religious american society, which I can relate to Italy. The book is called Society without God! written by Phil Zuckerman. He may have a little bit too romanticized view of Scandinavia, but in total he has got a very good view about our society. It was also nice to find a story I could relate too, about a dane who was in the religious grey zone not knowing what and if he believes. And then lived in California for a while that made him an atheist.

There is not much research about this topic, basically none, but this book is a great start! Here I have understood that if you never lived in a real secular society, you do not know what freedom is. Things are slowly also changing here, but religion is still a big piece to handle.



Jag har aldrig tänkt på religion så mycket som här på Sicilien. Religionen är inblandad överallt. På sjukhuset, i varje hörn finns en kyrka, människor som försöker trycka katolismen mig, posten, sport, skolan, särskilt i familjen och mycket mer. På papperet ses Italien som ett sekulärt land, men i verkligheten är det inte. Nu boendes på Sicilien har religionen blivit ett problem i mitt liv, en fråga som jag måste ta itu med nästan på daglig basis. Vissa människor utomlands, särskilt amerikaner och katolska irländska folket säger gärna att leva på Sicilien som ateist är inte ett smart val och du bör flytta. Har de varit här? Nej. Att tro att det inte finns några ateister Sicilien är ganska naivt. Första året sa jag inte att jag var ateist eftersom jag inte visste att det fanns många här, men sen när jag började säga det offentligt blev jag förvånad över hur många som är. Vissa är öppet och vissa är ateister i hemlighet för att inte skapar problem i sina familjer; t.ex. glädja deras mor att vara katolik. Fästman tror inte och går inte i kyrkan (inte ens för familjefrågor), utan för att hålla sin familj lugn, som är superreligiös, känner han inte behovet av att berätta för dem. De vet att jag är ateist och äntligen lämnat mig ifred.

I Sverige är det lätt att vara religiös eftersom kyrkan inte påverkar ditt dagliga liv. Kyrkan ses som en bra sak, men den definitiva tron på helvetet och himlen är ganska ovanligt. Religionen är en icke fråga få människor talar om och du kan tillhöra vilken religion du vill. Jag var faktiskt själv en del av en religiös grupp eftersom det var trevligt att ha "ifall att" back up och jag kände aldrig behovet att besluta svart på vitt vad och om jag trodde eller inte. Men när jag flyttade till Sicilien blev jag 100% ateist och lämnade också den religiösa grupp som jag var en del av. Denna mentala förändring och ha kyrkan så närvarande i ett samhälle gjorde mig först arg och förvirrad eftersom jag inte visste exakt vad jag upplevde, och träffa människor som verkligen tror att Gud kommer att straffa dem i helvetet var så overkligt. T.ex. detta hat mot olika sexualiteter, inte visa respekt för andra religioner och icke-troende, och rädd för att dö är ganska mycket att ta som en utlänning som aldrig riktigt tänkt på dessa saker. Att skämta om döden är inte okej. Jag har fortfarande svårt för att förstå många familjer som tycker att en kyrkans examen är viktigare än vanlig skola för sina barn, jag tror inte att jag någonsin kan smälta det!

Jag fann äntligen en bok som skriver om detta. Det är en amerikan som bodde i Skandinavien över ett år för att förstå hur ett område i världen kan lyckas utan en Gud som deltar i samhället. Det är en seriös forskningsbok med statistik och jämförelser till mycket religiösa amerikanska samhället, som jag kan relatera till Italien. Boken heter Society without God! skriven av Phil Zuckerman. Han kan ha lite för romantiserad bild av Skandinavien, men totalt har han fått en mycket bra uppfattning om vårt samhälle. Det var också trevligt att hitta en berättelse som jag kunde relatera till, om en dansk som var i den religiösa gråzonen utan att veta vad och om han tror. Sedan bodde i Kalifornien ett tag som gjorde honom till en ateist.

Det finns inte mycket forskning om detta ämne, i princip ingen, men denna bok är en bra start! Här har jag förstått att om du aldrig bott i ett riktig sekulärt samhälle, kan du inte veta vad frihet är. Saker och ting förändras långsamt även här, men religion är fortfarande en stor bit att hantera.


Religion is a hot topic in Sicily and I avoid to get into the discussions for two reasons: 1) Italians has two options in school, study catholicism or no religion at all. In Sweden we got an overview of the offers available. 2) Media only publish nice things about the church, not much scandals that we can read about in other countries media. This also limits many people because few speaks english and get news only in Italian. So they get just one side of the story.

To avoid discussions especially with women, as they are those who goes to church here, I said before that we are Protestants in Sweden, just as we wore before. But I have stopped to say it, to say things as they are, that we are a secular country but have a basic knowledge of different religions. And got better results as the news shocks many people and I rarely get more questions. I also answer today that I am an anti-theologist but I believe in a universal force, which I mean in a scientific way.

What I feel irritation over is that people try to push their believes on me. Send their kids to invite me to church as I have kindly explained that I will never ever adapt that organisation and why. Then when I have some questions about catholicism no one wants to answer. When I lived in Ragusa a priest kindly explained to me many the things church does and also said that many things they do in church are traditions and not always according to Bible teachings. And that was that. He did not try to blame me nor to convert me, he was also happy to be able to explain how things work. And I was happy to understand a bit more about the society.

What few people know is that I have been brought up in strict christianity and have actually read the bible several times and know exactly what the book says and seen so many verses going against eachother that the messages in the scriptures do not keep the so called truth intact. I can also compare what the priest says and what the Bible says. Strange thing is also that I have until this day never met a person here who actually reads the bible. I will remember the bible for the rest of my life even if I do not believe in it. People get surpriced when I pick up bible verses to answer their accusations.

To live in Sicily as a non believer works well, as there are many atheists here, they all do not say it officially and most atheists I meet are actually men.

For me religion is a political tool to keep people ignorant, but that is an opinion I keep to myself here. I never say it. I do respect believers, but why is it always so provocative when e.g. I do not believe? It is not about you...


Religion är ett hett ämne på Sicilien och jag undviker att hamna i diskussionerna av två skäl: 1) italienarna har två alternativ i skolan, studera katolism eller ingen religion alls. I Sverige fick vi en översikt över de erbjudanden som finns tillgängliga. 2) Media publicerar bara trevliga saker om kyrkan, inte mycket skandaler som vi kan läsa om i andra länders media. Detta begränsar också många människor eftersom få talar engelska och får nyheter bara på italienska. Så de får bara en sida av historien.

För att undvika diskussioner speciellt med kvinnor, eftersom de är de som går till kyrkan här, sa jag innan att vi är protestanter i Sverige, precis som vi var tidigare. Men jag har slutat att säga det, och säger som det är, att vi är ett sekulärt land men har en grundläggande kunskap om olika religioner. Och fick bättre resultat nyheten chockar många människor och jag får sällan fler frågor. Jag svarar också i dag att jag är en anti-teolog men jag tror på en universell kraft, vilket jag menar ett vetenskapligt sätt.

Vad jag känner irritation över är att folk försöker trycka sin tro mig. Skickar sina barn att bjuda in mig till kyrkan, fast jag vänligt förklarat att jag aldrig någonsin kommer att ta mig an organisationen och varför. Sedan när jag har några frågor om katolismen vill ingen vill svara. När jag bodde i Ragusa förklarade en präst vänligt för mig många av sakerna kyrkan gör och sa också att många saker de gör i kyrkan är tradition och inte alltid enligt Bibelns läror. Och det var det. Han försökte inte att klandra mig eller att konvertera mig, han var också glad över att kunna förklara hur saker och ting fungerar. Och jag var glad att förstå lite mer om samhället.

Vad få vet är att jag har vuxit upp i strikt kristendom och har faktiskt läst Bibeln flera gånger och vet exakt vad boken säger och sett många verser som går emot varandra att meddelandena i skrifterna inte kan hålla den s.k. sanningen intakt. Jag kan också jämföra vad prästen säger och vad Bibeln säger. Konstigt är också att jag har tills denna dag aldrig träffat en person här som faktiskt läser bibeln. Jag kommer ihåg Bibeln för resten av mitt liv även om jag inte tror på den. Folk blir förvånade när jag plockar upp bibelverser för att svara på deras anklagelser.

Att leva på Sicilien som en icke troende fungerar bra, eftersom det finns många ateister här, alla säger inte det officiellt och de flesta ateister jag träffar är faktiskt män.

För mig är religionen ett politiskt verktyg för att hålla folk okunniga, men det är en åsikt jag håller för mig själv här. Jag säger aldrig det. Jag respekterar troende, men varför är det alltid provocerande när t.ex. jag inte är troende? Det handlar inte om dig...

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In the end of July Caltagirone, Sicily's ceramic city, celebrates their saint San Giacomo.The special thing during this feast is that they put hundreds of candles on the famous ceramic stair and lighten them to make a new art work for each time. New occasion is two days in the middle of August when the feast ends.
This is a very special thing to see.

I slutet av juli i Caltagirone, Siciliens keramikstad, firas helgonet San Giacomo. Den speciella saken under denna högtid är att de sätter hundratals av ljus på den berömda keramiktrappan och tände dem för att göra ett nytt konstverk för varje gång. Nytt tillfälle är två dagar i mitten av augusti när festen slutar.
Detta är en mycket speciell sak att se.

 Before all the candels are lightened
Innan ljustädningen

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Some christian group has built an open church tent quite close to where I live and yesterday the priest was preaching that God will punish those who "live in lusts in life" like eating too much and sexual desires. Amen and Halleluja! And there I was in bed with 3 litres of ice cream watching Sex And The City. The contrast was hilarious! :))

En kristen grupp har byggt ett öppet kyrktält ganska nära där jag bor och igår predikade prästen att Gud kommer att straffa dem som "lever i lustar i livet" som att äta för mycket och sexuella begär. Amen och Halleluja! Och där var jag i sängen med 3 liter glass tittandes på Sex and the City. Kontrasten var mycket lustig! :))

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This subject is delicate in many countries

In Italy, especially in many regions like Sicily sex is still tabu and an embarassing subject, in the open. And so much more if you are a female. In italian schools they do not have sex education and the catholic church does everything to stop it, even if the proposal has been up in the government for several years. Teachers who has tried to teach very generally, gets fired and also many religious parents protests to the school. The lack of sex education makes young people look for information online and gets inspired by porn films. Sex consumption online among boys and girls is about the same. The lack of education also results in many teenage pregnancies, which is quite common in Sicily, and genital diseases. Most people do not know what e.g. chlamydia is.
It was quite shocking to learn to know that many men thinks animal sex is interesting and porn images are also a part of dinners together. The forbid of thinking that sex is natural, as it is, makes the interest turn into perversity and desperate roads.
It is quite interesting to see that men are brought up as conquerors and women learn that sex is dirty, so the couple has problems quite fast in the relation. This also explains why so much betrayals are going on in relations. Men also likes to brag about all their sex adventures, but making more detailed questions you find out that much is just made up stories.
It is also interesting to see that so many men believes that women pees through her vagina, Ouh, is the a separate way for the urine?. Women and men does not know how their bodies functions, Ovarian system? Does not above and under orgasms exist?
There is a difference between big cities and smaller cities. While sex shops are on the main streets, with chic store designs and open in Milano as any other store, in Catania the windows are covered and the entrance is like a "sneak in". Still there are so many porn movie self service sites open 24 hours here, it makes you wonder.

It is quite interesting to see that in the open so many are vergins even after given birth to four kids, but making a tour to open parking lots and sea side roads late evenings, you find a lot of cars parking with windows covered. Yes, sex in the car is very popular.

When we went to see the latest Bond movie Skyfall that has a scene that indicates to homosexuality, you heard a breeze of embarrassment spreading in the theatre. But this month, Palermo will have the first international Gay Pride festival and hopefully it will start to change things. Sicily has also a gay president voted by the people, so the future looks bright.

Italian sex education shows in Cielo channel are very interesting because the italian programs are much better than scandinavian. There are two programs; Sex Therapy where couples gets help and tips, and Sex Education Show where a woman in Milano reports back and has a big bed by the Duomo where people on the streets gets interviewed. In Sex Therapy they do not hide anything and the female and male professional therapists says as it is: Women learn early from church that sex is dirty and a sin, and men learn early that they are conquerors, that is why sex is so much trouble in relations. Sex interest is equal between men and women, some sources says that for women even more.

Additional info: a small part in this post has a personal input.

Detta ämne är känsligt i många länder

I Italien, speciellt i många regioner som Sicilien, är sex fortfarande tabu och ett pinsamt ämne, i det öppna. Och så mycket mer om du är en kvinna. I italienska skolor har de inte sexualundervisning och den katolska kyrkan gör allt för att stoppa det, även om förslaget har varit uppe hos regeringen under flera år. Lärare som har försökt att lära ut mycket generellt, får sparken och även många religiösa föräldrar protester till skolan. Bristen på sexualundervisning gör att unga människor söker information på nätet och blir inspirerade av porrfilmer. Sex konsumtionen på nätet bland pojkar och flickor är ungefär densamma. Bristen på utbildning resulterar också i många tonårsgraviditeter, vilket är ganska vanligt på Sicilien, och genitala sjukdomar. De flesta människor vet inte vad t.ex. klamydia är. 
Det var ganska chockerande att lära sig veta att många män tycker att djursex är intressant och porrbilder också är en del av middagar tillsammans. Det förbjudna att tänka att sex är naturligt, eftersom det är, gör att intresset förvandlas till perversitet och desperata vägar. 
Det är ganska intressant att se att män uppfostras som erövrare och kvinnor lär sig att sex är smutsigt, så paret har problem ganska snabbt i relationen. Detta förklarar också varför så mycket svek pågår i relationerna. Män gillar också att skryta om alla sina sex äventyr, men gör man mer detaljerade frågor och du ser snabbt att mycket är bara påhittade historier.
Det är också intressant att se att många män tror att kvinnor kissar genom vaginan. Aha, det finns en separat väg för urin?. Kvinnor och män vet inte hur deras kroppar fungerar. Äggstockssystemet? Finns inte ovan och under orgasmer?

Det finns en skillnad mellan storstäder och mindre städer. Medan sexbutiker finns på huvudgatorna, med chic butiskdesign och helt öppet i Milano som vilken affär som helst, så är i Catania fönstren täckta och ingången är som en "smyga in". Ändå  finns det så många porrfilmssjälvbetjänings platser öppna 24 timmar här, så man undrar.

Det är ganska intressant att se att öppnet är många oskuder även efter att ha fött fyra barn, men gör en turné vid öppna parkeringsplatser och strandvägarna sena kvällar, då du ser en hel del bilar parkerade med fönstren täckta. Ja, sex i bilen är mycket populärt.

När vi gick för att se den senaste Bondfilmen Skyfall som har en scen med homosexuell indikation, hördes en bris av förlägenhet spridas i salen. Men denna månad, kommer Palermo ha sin första internationella Gay Pride festival och förhoppningsvis kommer det att börja förändra saker. Sicilien har också en homosexuell president framröstat av folket, så framtiden ser ljus ut.

Italiensk sexualundervisning visas i Cielo-kanalen och är mycket intressant, eftersom de italienska programmen är mycket bättre än skandinaviska. Det finns två program, SexTherapy där par får hjälp och tips, och Sex Eduaction Show där en kvinna i Milano rapporterar tillbaka och har en stor säng vid Duomo där människor på gatorna blir intervjuade. I Sex Therapy döljs inte något och den kvinnliga och manliga professionella terapeuterna säger som det är: Kvinnor lär sig tidigt från kyrkan att sex är smutsigt och en synd, och män lär sig tidigt att de är erövrare, det är därför sex är till så mycket besvär i relationer. Sex intresset är lika mellan män och kvinnor, vissa källor säger att för kvinnor än mer.

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