In Sicily when you order drinks often something comes with; olives, nuts, small pizzas ecc. Happy hour is normally from 7pm to 10pm. In Catania a Happy Hour for 7-10 euro can look something like this and it is very common for the city. Catanese loves to eat and the food in the city is one of the best in Sicily.

This appetizer plate including two Royal Martini we paid only 13 euro. Typical catanese style!


N?r du best?ller drinkar p? Sicilien kommer ofta n?got med; oliver, n?tter, sm? pizzor ecc. Happy Hour ?r normalt fr?n 19:00 till 22:00. I Catania kan en Happy Hour f?r 7-10 euro se ut s? h?r och det ?r mycket vanligt f?r staden. Cataneserna ?lskar att ?ta och maten i staden ?r en av de b?sta p? Sicilien.

Denna aptitretartallrik inklusive tv? Royal Martini betalade vi bara 13 ? f?r. Typisk Catanesisk stil!