Vid den grekiska teatern i Palazzolo finns kvar ursprungsbefolkningens samh?llen.
Eng: By the ancient greec teather in Palazzolo you find indigenous communities.

M?nga tidseror har passerat denna plats.
Eng: Many eras have passed through this place.

Ist?llet f?r moderna trappor har trappstegen huggits in i bergen.
Eng: Instead of modern stairs, steps has been carved into the mountain.

Otroligt hur de kunde bygga f?rr i tiden.
Eng: It’s amazing how they managed to build.

Tre bilderna ovan ?r fr?n kyrkan. En liten tr?pinne kommer inte att h?lla mot stenblocken. S?g s? roligt ut att den ?ven ?r lite b?jd. Bilden n?rmast ?r gamla gravar intill kyrksalen.
Eng: Three photos above are from the church. A small wooden stick will not hold against the big stone. Looked so funny that it also is a bit bent. The closest picture are ancient tombs near the church hall.