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Stromboli: Pictures says more than 1000 words

Stromboli has become a favourite island. Aeolian Islands are in the Unesco world heritage list. Just after the view point piazza on the right there is also my favourite store, they make and design their clothes themselves… A little bit further the roads divide, go right and have something to eat and drink in that cosy restaurant just there…
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Storm of Fire

Stromboli is an active volcano island and offers to its visitors a storm of fire almost each evening. Best view is from a boat on the sea.


Stromboli ?r en aktiv vulkan? och erbjuder en Eld Storm n?stan varje kv?ll. B?st vy ?r fr?n en b?t p? havet.
PAN.STR.Juli2014 117PAN.STR.Juli2014 116PAN.STR.Juli2014 119

Pic of The Week: The distance in number of steps

PAN.STR.Juli2014 098

Pic of The Week: Seahorse cliff by Stromboli

PAN.STR.Juli2014 114

Pics of The Week: Sunset by Stromboli

PAN.STR.Juli2014 111PAN.STR.Juli2014 112

Pic of The Week: Ape Cross Country. I wonder how far it will go off road..:)

PAN.STR.Juli2014 097


PAN.STR.Juli2014 011 PAN.STR.Juli2014 016 PAN.STR.Juli2014 030 PAN.STR.Juli2014 031 PAN.STR.Juli2014 061

Stromboli – Aeolian Islands

Stromboli is one of the seven Aeolian islands north of Sicily, these islands are also called The Seven Sisters. Stromboli is an active volcano and have eruptions every day, best seen by and after sunset. Here you find the famous black sand beaches touching the crystal blue sea.


Stromboli ?r en av de sju Eoliska ?arna norr om Sicilien, dessa ?ar kallas ocks? De sju Systrarna. Stromboli ?r en aktiv vulkan och har utbrott varje dag, de syns b?st vid och efter solnedg?ngen. H?r hittar du de ber?mda svarta sandstr?nderna som vidr?r det kristallklara bl? havet.
PAN.STR.Juli2014 080PAN.STR.Juli2014 082PAN.STR.Juli2014 090PAN.STR.Juli2014 092PAN.STR.Juli2014 093PAN.STR.Juli2014 095PAN.STR.Juli2014 096PAN.STR.Juli2014 099PAN.STR.Juli2014 108 PAN.STR.Juli2014 109

Ingrid Bergmans home in Stromboli

Ingrid Bergman filmed Stromboli on the Stromboli island and here she met the famous filmmaker Rossellini. It was a huge scandal at that time, because he was married. On Stromboli you can find her home where she has left a personal message on the wall to Rossellini and many more interesting items. The entrance is free with a short informative tour, they ask for a small economical help to keep the association alive. Worth a visit! 🙂


Ingrid Bergman var med i filmen Stromboli som spelats in p? Stromboli ?n och h?r m?tte hon den ber?mda filmskaparen Rossellini. Det var en stor skandal p? den tiden, eftersom han var gift. P? Stromboli kan du hitta hennes hem d?r hon har l?mnat ett personligt meddelande p? v?ggen till Rossellini och m?nga fler intressanta f?rem?l. Entr?n ?r gratis med en kort informativ turn?, De fr?gar efter en liten ekonomisk hj?lp f?r att h?lla f?reningen vid liv. V?rt ett bes?k! 🙂

PAN.STR.Juli2014 087 PAN.STR.Juli2014 086 PAN.STR.Juli2014 088 PAN.STR.Juli2014 089

Artikel i Resfeber: Siciliens Sju M?sten

H?r finner ni nyaste artikeln i Resfeber som jag skrivit om Siciliens Sju M?sten.

Om du planerar att bes?ka Sicilien f?rsta g?ngen och vill f? en f?rsmak av vad ?n kan erbjuda finns det ett antal platser att v?lja p?. En Siciliens Sju M?sten lista kan g?ras om och om igen, men f?r en f?rsta g?ngs bes?kare med nyfiken blick finns det en del godsaker att b?rja…. http://www.resfeber.se/blogg/2013/11/siciliens-sju-masten/


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