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Palazzolo Acreide – Europes longest balcony, perhaps in the world

Palazzolo Acreide is a small town just one hour south of Catania, 670 m.a.s.l with 8700 inhabitants. Learned recently it is not just any town, it actually has the longest balcony in Europe, perhaps longest in the world.
30 meters long with 27 masks called “Cognoli” in Sicilian, meaning “shameful boys” laughing at you passing by.

This small town is up hills and down hills with small baroque filled alleys one should not miss to walk around when visiting Sicily.

Ancient Cave Homes in Palazzolo

Vid den gamla grekiska teatern i Palazzolo finns grottbost?der kvar fr?n ursprungsbefolknigen. Dessa bost?der har ett par hundra ?r p? nacken. Fantastiskt att se hur de bott f?r m?nga hundra ?r sedan. Tankarna flyger bak?t i tiden d? man b?rjar fantisera om hur det ha kunnat vara, hur de f?rvarade mat, var det kallt under vintern?, hur sov de?, ?t?, hur kl?dde de sig?, vilka var de?. osv. Var f?rv?nad ?ver att vi fick g? in i bost?derna. Passade p?. Om ett par ?r l?r det inte vara m?jligt. La ett bud p? de tv? sm? ing?ngarna p? sista bilden. Har ?nnu inte f?tt svar…

T?nk hur de byggde f?rr. Otroligt!
Eng: By the ancient Greek theater in Palazzolo are cave dwellings left by the indigenous population. These homes are couple of hundred years old. Fantastic to see how they lived for many hundreds of years ago. My thoughts flew back in time when you start to fantasize about how it may have been, how they store food, was it cold in the winter?, How did they sleep?, Eat?, How they dressed themselves?, Who were they?, etc… Was surprised that we could go into the homes. Took the opportunity. In a couple of years will probably not be possible. Made an offer on the two small entrances in the last photo. Have not yet received a reply…
Imagine how they built before. Unbelievable!

By the Teatro Greco in Palazzolo

Vid den grekiska teatern i Palazzolo finns kvar ursprungsbefolkningens samh?llen.
Eng: By the ancient greec teather in Palazzolo you find indigenous communities.

M?nga tidseror har passerat denna plats.
Eng: Many eras have passed through this place.

Ist?llet f?r moderna trappor har trappstegen huggits in i bergen.
Eng: Instead of modern stairs, steps has been carved into the mountain.

Otroligt hur de kunde bygga f?rr i tiden.
Eng: It’s amazing how they managed to build.

Tre bilderna ovan ?r fr?n kyrkan. En liten tr?pinne kommer inte att h?lla mot stenblocken. S?g s? roligt ut att den ?ven ?r lite b?jd. Bilden n?rmast ?r gamla gravar intill kyrksalen.
Eng: Three photos above are from the church. A small wooden stick will not hold against the big stone. Looked so funny that it also is a bit bent. The closest picture are ancient tombs near the church hall.

Teatro Greco in Palazzolo

F? vet att det finns en grekisk teater i Palazzolo. Denna teater ?r kopplad med den k?nda i Sirakusa. Till h?ger gjordes alla f?rberedelser och p?kl?dning samt repetitioner.
Eng: Few knows that there are a Greek Theater in Palazzolo. This is also connected to the famous one in Sirakusa. On the right they made all preparations and dressing.

De rika satt fram. Medans de fattiga satt p? gr?set ovanf?r.
Eng: Rich sat on the front. The poor sat on the grass above.

Vattenbeh?llare f?r sk?despelare och ?sk?dare. Under och vid sidan av scenen.
Eng: Water containers for actors and spectators. Under and at the side of the stage.

Vy from Scenen // View from the stage.

Vy mot scenen. // View towards the stage.

Vid teatern finns gamla grottbost?derna. // By the theater are ancient cave houses.
Ett gammalt vattenledningssystem som f?rs?g teatern med vatten.
Eng: An old water system which supplied water to the theater.

Chiesa San Paolo – Palazzolo

MC-tur till Palazzolo

Palazzolo. En liten mellanstad uppe p? ett berg mot Syrakusa. En s?n d?r idyll.

Det f?rsta som m?ter en ?r en typisk sliten, antik siciliansk stad.

D?r tiden st?tt still en tid.

Kommunhuset. Men en s?ndagskampanj utanf?r som uppmuntrade f?rbipasserande att sk?nka en peng till barnen i Kambodja.

Stadens kyrka. ?lskar de slitna trapporna.

Palazzolo ?r k?nd f?r sina goda bakelser. Klart jag hamnade i f?llan. Vi skulle ju ?nd? ta en kaffe, s? okay d?!


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