P? Sicilien k?nner jag mig trygg. Inte r?dd att g? ut p? kv?llen. Inte r?dd att n?gon ska bryta sig in. L?ser s?llan om civila misshandel p? gatorna och de bankr?nare som ?r i farten hittas oftast. Mycket imponerad ?ver att m?n som tar d?d p? sina fruar d?ms till l?nga f?ngelse straff, sist ut 35 ?r bakom galler och att inte dessa fall bara sopas under mattan som familjebr?k.

Brott preskriberas inte, gamla fall tas upp med ny teknik. Kvinnan i fruktaff?ren ler glatt och fr?gar Jahapp, s? du ?r p? morgontur idag. Inte eftermiddag?. S? van vid att ingen mig ser. Fortfarande ryggar jag mig tillbaka vid m?nga fr?gor och inte l?rt mig att de fr?gar av nyfikenhet inte f?r att vilja dig illa eller ute efter annat. Odlare och producenter, deras v?nner som ger kontaker, information f?r de vill hj?lpa en. Det tar tid innan de litar p? dig, men n?r de g?r det, ta v?l vara p? det.

Signorina, signorina…il scontrino…! Ropar mannen fr?n br?dbutiken. Jag beh?ver inte kvittot! Men m?ste?ta den om finans polisen r?kar kontrollera mitt ink?p och g?r jag utan kvitto,?hamnar handlaren i trubbel.

P? n?got s?tt f?r jag intrycket att som medm?nniska ?r man mer v?rd h?r.

Eng: In Sicily, I feel safe. Not afraid to go out at night. Not afraid that someone will break into my home. Rarely read about civil assault on the streets and the bank robbers who are on the move?are usually found. Very impressed that men who kill their wives are sentenced to long prison sentences, the last 35 years behind bars and not that these cases?are just?swept under the carpet as a family brawl.

Crime?are not prescribed, old cases are dealt with new technology. The woman in the fruit shop smiles cheerfully and asks Ah, so you’re on the morning tour?today. Not afternoon?. So accustomed to no one sees me. Still backing when?many?questions are asked?and not learned that they ask out of curiosity and not to want to hurt you or looking for other things. Growers and producers, their friends provides contacts and?information ’cause they want to help one. It takes time before they trust you, but when they do, take good care of it.

Signorina, Signorina … il scontrino …! Cried the man from the bread shop. I do not need the?receipt! But have to take it?if the financial police happen to check my purchase and I go without a receipt. It would end the retailer in trouble.

Somehow I get the impression that as a human being, you are worth more here.