Ig?r var vi p? heliga/sk?rdetidens Pizzans fest. Ja, kan nog ?vers?ttas s?. Festen p?g?r hela veckan i Donnalucata. Sj?lvklart s?ljs mycket annat ocks? och lokala f?retag visar upp sig. Hann inte ta s? mycket bilder, vi kom in r?tt s? sent. Kompisen skulle intervjua folk och sen satt vi front row p? modevisningen, d?r lokala kedjor visade allt fr?n speedos till kommande vinterkollektion. Det stod modevisning p? pappret men var en blandning av uppvisning av viktiga personer (l?s politiker), modevisning, sk?nhetst?vling, dansuppvisning, komiker…hela listan. Trevlig kv?ll!
Eng: Yesterday we went to the holy/harvesttime feast of pizza. Yes, can probably be translated like this. The feast goes on all week in Donnalucata. Of course, they sell other things and local businesses also shows up. Didn’t take so many pictures, we came in pretty late. My friend interviewed people and then we sat front row at fashion show, where local chains showed everything from speedo to the upcoming winter collection. It said fashion show on paper but was a mix of display of important people (read politicians), fashion show, beauty contest, dance show, comedian…the whole list. Nice evening!