Alot of things has happened in Sicily lately. First there was the first Gay Pride festival in Palermo with over 30,000 participants. You can find some photos here.
The same week was also Taormina Film Festival, one of the oldest festivals. With guests like Russel Crowe and Meg Ryan. Unfortunately my favorite gangster, James Gandolfini, died in a heart attack in Rome after visiting the film festival. Article here.

17 politicians from the ex-sicilian government under Lombardo has been arrested and put it trial. During Lombardos time they have used money meant for unemployed on prostitutes, vacations and luxurious parties. Lombardo himself is in trial for mafia affairs.

Catanias metro plans are going forward very fast, everyday passing city center something new has happened and plans to build a metro in Palermo is also going on. In west Catania they are also building a car parking where work travellers can leave their car and take the fast line bus into the city. Catania city has launched three fast buslines that will take maximum 15 minutes to reach the city. They have their own lane.

Catania has also a new mayor that has already approved two big plans to freshen up the city, one is to make the Playa area to an attractive tourism destination.

M?nga saker har h?nt p? Sicilien nyligen. F?rst var det den f?rsta Gay Pride festivalen i Palermo med ?ver 30.000 deltagare. Du kan hitta bilder h?r.

Samma vecka var ocks? Taormina Film Festival, en av de ?ldsta festivalerna. Med g?ster som Russel Crowe och Meg Ryan. Tyv?rr dog min favorit gangster, James Gandolfini, i en hj?rtattack i Rom efter att ha bes?kt filmfestivalen. Artikel h?r.
17 politiker fr?n f?rra sicilianska regeringen Lombardo har gripits och satts i r?tteg?ng. Under Lombardos tid har de anv?nt pengar avsedda f?r arbetsl?sa p? prostituerade, semesterresor och lyxiga fester. Lombardo sj?lv ?r i r?tteg?ng f?r maffian aff?rer.
Catanias tunnelbaneplaner g?r mycket snabbt, dagliga passeger i centrum visar att n?got nytt h?nt och det planeras att bygga en tunnelbana i Palermo ocks?. I v?stra Catania byggs en parkering d?r arbetsresande kan l?mna sin bil och ta den snabba busslinjen in till staden. Catania stad har lanserat tre snabba busslinjer som tar h?gst 15 minuter att n? centrum. De har sin egen fil.
Catania har ocks? en ny borgm?stare som redan har godk?nt tv? stora planer p? att fr?scha upp staden, en ?r att g?ra Playa-omr?det till ett attraktivt turistm?l.