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Morgantina – Siculi Greek Cittadella and Swedish archaeologists

A Siculi-Greek cittadella discovered by a Swedish archaeologist Erik Sjöqvist 1955. He chose the location, made the project successful and was supported by the Swedish king Gustav VI Adolf.

Greeks dominated this area and the cittadella reached up to 10,000 inhabitants. It is the most important archaeological sites in Sicily and gave understanding of ancient city planning.

Selinunte – Archaeology, Beaches & Fish

Selinunte archaeological park is largest in Europe. 270 hectares, 10 km walking track, seven temples, baths, necropolis ecc. An area to walk through the birth of the Greek empire to its fall.

Marinella di Selinunte is the small village just by with 1000 inhabitants. One of the few real rural Sicilian areas left with slow living, fish and amazing beaches.

Couple of hours at Rossomanno

On our sunday hikes we visit cultural and archaeological places in Sicily. I have come to understand that Sicily is one of the biggest historical places in the world. Here we are at Rossomanno, a place where hermits built a living to be away from the “normal” civilisation that era and to get away from the church who just brought taxes and other misery. Inside you can find their type of church that may be called as the true christianity (for those who believes).


P? v?ra s?ndagsvandringar bes?ker vi kulturella och arkeologiska platser p? Sicilien. Jag har kommit att f?rst? att Sicilien ?r en av de st?rsta historiska platserna i v?rlden. H?r ?r vi p? Rossomanno, en plats d?r eremiter byggde ett liv f?r att komma bort fr?n den “normala” civilisationen fr?n denna era och att komma bort fr?n kyrkan som bara kom med skatter och annat el?nde. Inuti hittar du deras typ av kyrka som kan kallas den sanna kristendomen (f?r dem som tror).
Rossomanno 003 Rossomanno 004 Rossomanno 008Rossomanno 010 Rossomanno 023Rossomanno 027Rossomanno 032Rossomanno 037 Rossomanno 051Rossomanno 054Rossomanno 055

Traces of Swedes in Morgantina, Sicily

Morgantina in Sicily was discovered and excavated for about 60 years by the Swedes in the 50s. In fact, in 2009 was held an exhibition entitled “The Ruins of Archaeology in Morgantina and Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden” with about 50 images that portray the king following the first excavations in Morgantina. The archaeologist who, since 1951 began the excavation was Erik Sj?qvist, director of the Swedish Institute in Rome.


Morgantina p? Sicilien uppt?cktes och gr?vdes fram f?r omkring 60 ?r sedan av svenskarna p? 50-talet. I sj?lva verket ordnades under 2009 en utst?llning med titeln The Ruins of Archaeology i Morgantina and Gustaf VI Adolf of Sverigemed ca 50 bilder som skildrar kungen efter de f?rsta utgr?vningarna i Morgantina. Den arkeolog som, sedan 1951 p?b?rjade utgr?vningen var Erik Sj?qvist, chef f?r Svenska Institutet i Rom.



Gustav Adolf of Sweden and Erik Sj?kvist


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