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Corleone town & Mafia museum

Mafia, it is a sensitive topic, but belongs to the Sicilian history and actually also the present. Whatever one says is always wrong, but decided to visit Corleone and the Mafia museum to see and hold the original documents of the Maxi Trial in my hands.

Corleone is a small town south of Palermo with stunning scenery driving there. 600 m.a.s.l. with approximately 10000 inhabitants. Most Sicilian mafia bosses comes from Corleone and still have over 70 “men of honor” alive, whereof most of them are jailed. The town is still run by a mafia boss. It is one of the kindest places I have visited in Sicily because people work hard to show another side of this area.

Arrested for selling tickets to immigrants

The police in Sicily has made a big investigation how immigration network is connected and has arrested a 35 year old tunis man who was the main profile selling tickets to immigrants for passing over to Sicily. Immigrants has paid between 2000 – 4500 USD each and this has made him a millionnare. The man is under arrest and money confiscated. Media showed his name and photes the police has collected during investigation.

Yesterday arrived also a boat from Syria with lawyers and engineers who have paid 4000 USD each to pass over the Mediterranean sea. They do not have any intentions to stay in Sicily, the plan is to live at their relatives in Germany, Sweden and Finland as they have enough money to provide for themselves.

An immigrant woman got gang raped by other male immigrants some days ago in a refugee facility. All men are arrested. Penalties in Italy are quite high.


Polisen p? Sicilien har gjort en stor unders?kning om hur invandringens n?tverk ?r anslutet och har gripit en 35-?rig tunisisk man som var den fr?msta profilen att s?lja biljetter till invandrare f?r att passera ?ver till Sicilien. Invandrare har betalat mellan USD 2000 – 4500? vardera och det har gjort honom till miljon?r. Mannen ?r anh?llen och mycket av pengarna konfiskerats. Media gick ut med namn och bilder p? mannen som h?llits under uppsikt en l?ngre tid.
Ig?r kom ?ven en b?t fr?n Syrien med jurister och ingenj?rer som har betalat 4000 dollar vardera f?r att passera ?ver Medelhavet. De har inte n?gra planer p? att bo p? Sicilien,? planen ?r att bo hos sina sl?ktingar i Tyskland, Sverige och Finland eftersom de har tillr?ckligt med pengar f?r att f?rs?rja sig.
En invandrande kvinna blev utsatt f?r gruppv?ldt?kt av andra manliga invandrare n?gra dagar sedan i en flykting anl?ggning. Alla m?n arresterades. P?f?ljderna i Italien ?r ganska h?rda.

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