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This is Italy when closing down

This is Italy.

1) I close my electricity supply. Pay the last “closure invoice”. Then they claim I have not paid one single bill. So I had electricity all this time and now you say I have not paid one bill? I do not even bother to answer.

2) I close internet, pay the last bill and return the box. Now they claim I never returned the box and have two more years to go. Just sent them a mail when and where I returned the box and do not bother to answer them anymore. The most ironic thing is that I have a new pre-paid internet solution from the same company and it is open even if I do not answer the old claims.

3) I close the water supply. They took my mailadress to send the last invoce. No invoice comes, but lots of mails of other things. Soon will arrive a mega invoice with late payment rates ecc. Will only pay for the consumtion part and not bother to answer them at all.

Most italians contact lawyers and start a battle, or some pay because of fear. I do not give them attention because after a year they stop harrassing automatically and I have paid everything. It is better to put the evidence burden on the company.

Closing down all fixed contracts because intuition telling me that with 2024 mayhem on its way, they will press money from contracts you are locked in. Better to have as little as possible to do with these companies and pre-paid to be free.

Elsäkerhet! Vad är det?

Ja, elledningarna är ju inte speciellt komplicerade. “Kolar” jag av här av någon anledning så hittar ni skälet här. Dessa kablar går till huset, gatubelysningen och vem vet vart mer. Plus att de är lite rostiga av all fuktighet….Huvva!

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