"Si bedda commu u suli. A ma vita fussi vacanti senza ri tia!"

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A Sneek peek into a Wineyard

Pictures from a organic wineyard.
My work.
Love it!

Podcast – Being a swedish female entrepreneur in Sicily

Amazing Savoring Italy made a podcast with me about Sicily, working in Sicily, living in Sicily, Sicilian agriculture and being a swedish female entrepreneur in Sicily….and much more.You find the interview HERE.

When a sicilian starts a company

My hubby is starting a company and I am so amazed to see the help he is getting from friends and family. One friend will borrow him some fridges until he is on his feets economically and later can buy his own (just with this offer he saves 4,200 euro). Another friend will make the service on them so they pass the control. Many are looking around for a good location for the office and found several options. One has already announced he can then help with the deliveries if he gets stuck at his other job. Several has spread the word and got in interested clients he is aleady in contact with. And so on…

This rarely happens in our countries.


Min karl ska starta ett f?retag och jag ?r s? f?rv?nad ?ver att se den hj?lp han f?r fr?n v?nner och familj. En v?n kommer att l?na honom n?gra kylsk?p tills han ?r p? sina f?tter ekonomiskt och senare kan k?pa sina egna (bara med detta sparar han 4,200 euro). En annan v?n ska serva dessa kylsk?p s? de passerar kontrollen. M?nga s?ker runt efter en bra plats f?r kontoret och hittat flera alternativ. En har redan meddelat att han kan sedan hj?lpa till med leveranser om han fastnar p? sitt andra jobb. Flera har spridit ordet och f?tt in intresserade kunder han redan ?r i kontakt med. Och s? vidare

Detta sker s?llan i v?ra l?nder.

Something in the airWor

Bes?kt m?nga?underbara platser
Tr?ffat fantastiska m?nniskor fr?n andra l?nder
Kommer fr?n det perfekta samh?llet som de s?ger
Simmat med delfiner p? Bali
Skylinen i New York
Solnedg?ng i Brasilien
Skid?kning i ?sterrike
Dansat i London
Shopping i Bankok
Bott i Rom
Men det finns n?got som h?ller mig h?r
N?got som g?r att jag inte kan l?mna

Det ?r n?got i luften
Efter ?r kan jag?fortfarande inte s?tta fingret p? det

Eng: Been to many breath taking places
Met fantastic people from other countries
Come from the perfect society as they say
Swimmed with dolphins in Bali
Skyline of New York
Sunset in Brasil
Skiing in Austria
Dancing in London
Shopping in Bankok
Lived in Rome
But there’s?something that keeps me here
Something that can’t make me leave

There’s something?in the air
After years I?still can’t put?my finger on it

To be an Entrepreneur in Sicily

Som jag n?mnde innan jag f?r fr?gor om att arbeta p? Sicilien och ocks? om?att vara?en entrepren?r. Vissa tror ju att jag ?r ansluten med n?gra familjer h?r. Om du studerar deras regler f?r att?vara medlem i?en familj, f?rst?r du ganska snabbt att det inte ?r m?jligt f?r en svensk finsk kvinna att ha n?got att g?ra med dem. Och andra organiserad brottslighet g?ngen ?r inte omr?den jag ?r intresserad av (<---l?ses med ironi). Vad jag kan s?ga ?r att maffian inte ?r mer ?n den organiserade brottsligheten i ett annat land. Italiens problem kan inte bara skyllas p? dem, som?sagt ?r det bra att f? ett grepp om familje strukturen, kyrkan...men det ?r en annan inl?gg. Bilden av Sicilien som skrivs i tidningar ?r inte den ?n jag k?nner till, men jag antar att ?ven dessa skriverier har en mening. Om du vill ha en utmaning i ditt liv, f?rs?k arbeta p? n?gon annan plats olik din. Synen p? denna v?rld kommer att f?r?ndras. Att ansluta dina erfarenheter och kultur med en v?rld s? totalt annorlunda ?n din. Det ?r fantastiskt att vara f?dd och uppvuxen i Sverige, men att ta allt detta?utomlands ?r ?nnu b?ttre. Det Sverige jag minns ?r n?r du fortfarande kunde l?mna din d?rr ol?st f?r ett snabbt ?rende. De?tiderna ?r f?rbi. N?r jag best?mde mig att st? p? mina egna 2009 och sluta arbeta f?r?ett siciliansk f?retag de sa till mig att jag kommer att klara?h?gst sex m?nader och s??flyttar jag h?rifr?n. F?rst p? grund av alla k?nda problem och eftersom jag ?r en kvinna (= jag skulle bli trakasserad till d?ds). Tja, om du tittar fr?n en sicilianares synvinkel kan det vara s?, men jag m?rkte snabbt att allt beror p? din egen inst?llning. Den f?rsta leverant?ren jag b?rjade arbeta med l?rde mig mycket snabb och tydligt allt om Sicilien, men l?tit mig uppleva allt sj?lv. Han ?r en av de personer i mitt liv jag alltid kommer att vara f?r evigt tacksam till. Grazie Vittorio! Idag arbetar jag ocks? med en annan fantastisk m?nniska som har samma start upplevelser i Sicilien. Sammanfattning: Jag har bra m?nniskor omkring mig. Jag t?nker inte?s?ga hur jag gjorde det. De styrkor jag har ?r bra Magk?nsla + Slicka ett finger och k?nna av?luften. Vad jag kan s?ga ?r att ?rlighet alltid l?nar sig och inte ha f?r br?ttom. Respektera alltid din nya omgivning, men inte acceptera allt. Jag beklagar f?r att kontaktat mina egna landsm?n f?r fort, alla har sina egna erfarenheter och det ?r l?tt att f?rlora din. Jag lyssnar inte s? mycket?p? andra m?nniskor som inte k?nner mig och vill ge r?d utan att ha bett om dem. P? Sicilien m?ste du att arbeta h?rt och sj?lv. Ingen kommer att ge saker till dig gratis. V?rlden fungerar s? h?r, allt annat ?r naivt. Det finns b?ttre och s?mre l?nder, det beror p? social konstruktion i varje land. Allt beror ocks? p? din vilja att l?ra och g?ra saker. Det finns inga dumma m?nniskor, det finns bara en brist p? kunnande. Varje dag p? Sicilien l?r jag mig nya saker. P? Sicilien tr?ffar jag m?nniskor fr?n alla m?jliga l?nder, det ?r en f?rgglad ? trots vad som visas ut. Min v?rld har f?r?ndrats och kommer att h?lla p? att ?ndras…ingen sa det skulle vara l?tt…

Allt enligt?mina personliga erfarenheter

Eng: As I’ve mentioned before I get questions about working in Sicily and also about beeing an entrepreneur. Some think of course that I’m connected with some families here. Well, if you study their rules to enter a family of theirs you understand quite fast that is not possible for a swede finnish?woman to have anything to do with them. And the other organised crime gangs ain’t just sectors I’m interested of (<--- read with irony). What I can say is that Mafia ain't more than organized crime in another country. Italys problems can't just be blaimed on this, as saying?this?it's good to get a grip of the family structure, church...but it's another post. The picture of Sicily written in news papers isn't the island I know, but I guess also those?things have?a meaning. If you want a challange in your life, try to work in some other place so different from yours.?The view of?this world will change. First to connect your experiences and culture with a world so totally different from?yours. It's fantastic to be born and brought up in Sweden, but to take all that abroad is even better. The Sweden I remember is when you could still leave your door un locked for a quick errand. Those times ain't no more. When I decided to stand on my own 2009 and stop working for a sicilian company they said to me that I will last maximum six month and then I’m out of here.?First because of all the famous problems and because I’m a woman (= I would be harrassed to death). Well, if you look from a sicilians point of view, it can be like that, but I noticed very fast that it all depends on your own attitude. The first supplier I started to work with teached me very fast and clear all about Sicily, but still let me experience all by myself. He is one of the persons in my life I will always be for ever thankful to. Grazie Vittorio! Today I also work with another fantastic person who have the same start experiences in Sicily. Summary: I have good people around me. I’m not going to?write how I made it. The strengths I have is good Gut Feeling +?Lick a finger and feel the air. What I can say is that honesty always pays and not having too much of a hurry. Always respect your new surroundings, but not accept everything. I regret for contacting?my own countrymen too fast, everyone has their own experiences and it’s easy to loose yours. I don’t listen too much to other people who doesn’t know?me and want to give advices without having asked for them. In Sicily you have to work hard and by yourself. No one is going to give things to you for free.?World works like this, everything else is being naive. There are better and worse countries, it all depends on social construction in every country. All also depends on your willing to learn and do things. There are no stupid people, there are just a lack of know how. Every day in Sicily?I learn new things. In Sicily I meet people from all kinds of countries, it a colorful island dispite what is shown out. My world has changed and will keep on changing…noone said it would be easy…

All according to my personal experiences

Update Work Situation

Hej bloggare, dags att b?rja blogga igen! Ja, jag vet. Har mycket att skriva om, men tiden flyger mycket snabbt och anledningen ?r en hel del arbete. Jag arbetar fortfarande med?ekologisk export och har ?ven nya produkter att starta den h?r s?songen. Skapat olika arbetsgrupper med sicilianare d?r vi tillsammans f?rs?ker skapa n?got nytt f?r marknaden. S? all tid g?r dit. Det ?r verkligen roligt och vi alla arbetar under v?r egen risk, s? jag hoppas verkligen att n?gra av projekten kommer att starta. Jag har b?rjat ocks? p? regional niv? och det kommer att bli en tung maskin att dra fram, men med tiden tror vi att goda resultat kommer att komma ut. Start planerad i?November, kontrakt klart!

Vi arbetar ocks? med v?rat andra f?retag, Sicily Helpmates, turism p? Sicilien. F?rs?ker skapa b?ttre information f?r saker som ?r v?rdefulla p? Sicilien, men hanteras med l?ngsammare effekt idag. Tack vare underbara sicilianare, g?r saker?fram?t, sakta men fram?t. Vi ?r mycket glada ?ver att ha haft tre kunder h?r redan. B?ttre PR kommer att starta i september.

Vi har ocks? organiserat arbetstider, fungerar inte att arbeta hela tiden. F?rlorar tid och rum. Tv? ?r av tungt arbete b?rjar k?nnas och nu bara driva fram?alla de saker vi har gjort. Har ocks? b?rjat skriva kontrakt s? bara det tar tid. Italiensk lag…pfjiuu…sicilianare f?reslog kontrakt, jag har ju haft min personliga test att inte skriva kontrakt f?rr?n f?rsta lurar mig med pengar. Det var tv? och ett halvt ?r sedan testet b?rjade och aldrig haft n?gra problem.?Men nu, signera. 🙂

P? Sicilien Vi arbetar mot allt, motstr?ms. Vi beh?ver positiva m?nniskor som dig! Naaw! Jag kommer att arbeta ?nnu h?rdare! Tack! Min specialitet ?r att se m?jligheterna i problemen och driva?om?jliga uppdrag. Det ?r min drivkraft!

Over and Out!

Eng: Hey blogger, time to start blogging again! Yes, I know. Have alot to write about but time flies by very fast and the reason is alot of work. I still work with organic export and have also new products to start up this season. Created different work groups with sicilians where we together try to create something new for the market. So all time goes there. It’s really fun and we all work under our own risk, so I really hope that some of the projects will hit off.?I also started at regional?level and it will be a heavy machinery, but with time we believe that good results will come out. Start planned November, contracts done!

We are also working?on our second company, Sicily Helpmates, tourism in Sicily. Trying to create better information for things that are valuable in Sicily but handled with slower effency. Thanks to lovely Sicilians, things move forward, slowly but forward. We’re very happy to have had three clients here already. Better PR will start in September.

We have also organized working hours, not working?all the time. Otherwise you loose time and space. Two years of heavy work starts to?tire and now just push forward all the things we have done. Have also started to write contracts so only that takes time. Italian law…pfjiuu…Sicilians suggested contracts, I have had my personal test not to write contracts until first one fools me with money. It was two and a half years ago the test started and never had any problems. Well, now signing all. 🙂

In Sicily, we are working against everything, against the flood. We need positive people like you! Naaw! Now I will work even harder! Thanks! My specialty is to see the possibilities?in problems and enforce impossible tasks. It is my driving force!

Over and Out!

Get Perspective by going home…

Mina senaste tv? resor till Sverige har varit under mycket upptagen?tid p? Sicilien.
P? Sicilien du ?r s? upptagen med allt och har en massa?beslut att g?ra i arbetet att du gl?mmer att ha samma skarpa ?ga n?r det g?ller ditt privatliv. Jag fr?gade mig sj?lv nyligen?varf?r jag inte?skyddar mitt privatliv s? mycket som jag skyddar mitt arbete? P? Sicilien g?r dagarna mycket snabbt. Du tr?ffar ocks? mycket folk, f?r mycket?val och?omgivningen ?r inte s? s?ker socialt som jag ?r van vid. Tack vare den h?r resan har jag f?tt perspektiv p? m?nga saker som h?nder i mitt liv just nu.
Resor till Sverige ?r inte bara att tr?ffa min underbara familj och v?nner men ocks? att f? perspektiv. G?ra nya tidsplaner och g?ra de d?r viktiga?besluten jag aldrig g?r p? ?n.

Det ?r dags nu f?r mig nu att inte leva f?r dagen. Det har varit kul den h?r tiden, men nu ?r det dags att g?ra en ny fem?rsplan.
Det ?r ocks? dags f?r mig att rensa ut vissa m?nniskor som fastnade i det h?r snabba t?get, men har ingen funktion ?n att f?rs?ka dra bromsarna eller?komma in i v?ra gruppers verksamhet genom ett enkelt s?tt.
Det ?r ocks? dags f?r mig att g?ra plats f?r en annan person i mitt liv. Denna f?r?ndring kommer att ta tid eftersom jag ?r van att ta hand om mig sj?lv (det ?r ett heltidsjobb bara det…LOL!) och t?nka bara p? mina behov…men med tiden…

S? det ?r sammanfattningen av Sverige resan som b?rjar ta sitt slut n?r jag?imorgon reser?tillbaka till Sicilien.

Eng: My latest two trips to Sweden have been during very busy moments in Sicily.
In Sicily you are so busy with everything and have alot of desicions to make in work that you forget to have the same sharp eye when it comes to your private life. I asked myself Why don’t I protect my personal life as much as I protect my work? In Sicily days passes very fast. You meet too much people, too much choises?and the envoirment isn’t as safe socially as I’m used to. Thanks to this trip I have got perspective to many things that are happening in my life.
Trips to Sweden are not only to meet my wonderful family and friends but also to get perspective. Make new time plans and make those important desicions I never make on the island.

It’s time now for me now to not live by the day. It has been fun this time, but now it’s time to?make a new five?year plan.
It’s also time for me to clean out some people that got hooked up in?this speedy train, but have no function than trying to pull the brakes or get in our group business by easy way.
It’s also time for me to make room for another person in my life. That change will take time as I’m used to take care of myself (it’s a fulltime job only that..LOL!)?and think of my needs…but with time…

So that’s the summary of this Sweden trip that starts to come to an end as I’m going back to Sicily tomorrow.

And what about the rest?

M?nga tror att p? grund av lyckan /framg?ngen /hastigheten etc. jag haft i Sicilien att jag nu badar i en pool av pengar. Nej, ett stort missf?rst?nd m?nga m?nniskor har ?r att ny startar f?retag ?r rika. I?starten har du bara kostnader; resor, lanseringar, skicka prover utomlands, skatter etc. Jag ?r glad att jag kan betala mina levnadskostnader, underh?llning och handla n?gra fina grejer. Omkring 60% av oms?ttningen fr?n J Siljehagen Consulting g?r till resor och?nu n?r?det finns ett nytt f?retag http://www.sicilyhelpmates.com/. Sidan ?r under uppbyggnad och kommer att bli en annan typ av turism. Ja, vi hyr ut en del fastigheter som ?gs av folk som vi redan g?r aff?rer med, som advokater, transportbolag, producenter, v?r favorit fris?r…ett mer personligt bolag. Del?garna och grundarna ?r jag och min v?n som skriver den h?r bloggen p? svenska och tyska, klicka h?r.

I b?rjan 18 december 2009 hade jag f?rsta kunden?efter 1,5 veckor. Det tar ungef?r ett ?r n?r man b?rjar komma upp till volymer eftersom de f?rst testar produkten, den sicilianska och deras marknad, samarbete, f?rtroende, transporterna, priss?ttning, bes?k…listan ?r l?ng. Jag ?r?l?ngsam med?starter eftersom jag hellre l?ra mig sektorn jag arbetar i ist?llet f?r att s?lja saker som jag inte vet n?got om. Som vinverksamheten: tog kurser, l?ser och studerar, l?ra sicilianska vinmarknaden, bes?ka en massa f?retag och sedan valde fem av dem?d?r ?ven struktur, m?nniskor, organisation etc. beh?ver studeras f?r att undvika problem. Nu efter 11 m?nader ?r vi redo.

Det kostar ca 1000-8500 euro att starta en ny bransch eller en ny producent.

Vi fick ett erbjudande om att ta ett bank l?n f?r det andra bolaget. Vi valde att?tacka nej, det ?r pengar du m?ste betala tillbaka med r?nta. Vi investerar snarare sj?lva, IKEA stilen. 🙂 Prova?l?ngsamt, testa v?ra vingar ?n ha en stress att skynda p? och?mista v?ran grund.

Picca Picca si va Avanti!

Eng: Many think that because of the luck/success/speed etc. I have had in Sicily I now swim in a pool of money. No, a big miss understanding that many people have is that new start?companies are rich. In the begginning you have only costs; travels, launches, send tests abroad, taxes etc. I’m glad I can pay my living costs, entertainment and shop some nice stuff. About 60% of the turnover from J Siljehagen Consulting goes to travel?and also?as there’s a new company http://www.sicilyhelpmates.com/. This site is under construction and will be a different kind of tourism. Yes, we will rent out some real estate owned by people we already do business with; as lawyers, drivers, producers, our favorite hair dresser…a more personal company. The co-owners and founders are I and my friend who writes this blog in Swedish and German, Click Here.

In the start 18th Dec 2009 I had the first customer in 1,5 weeks. It takes about a year when you start to come up to volumes as they first test the product, the sicilian and their market, the collaboration, the trust, the transports, pricing, visits…list is long. I’m also into slow starts as I rather learn the sector I work in, instead of sell things I don’t know anything about. As the vine business: took courses, read and study, learn sicilian vines, visit alot of companies and then?chose five of them as you have to also study the structure, people, organisation etc. to avoid problems. Now after 11 months we’re ready to shoot off.

It costs about 1000-8500 euro to start a new sector or a new producer.

We got an offer to take a banc loan for the second company. We chose to turn it down as that money you have to pay back with interest.?We rather invest ourselves, the IKEA style. 🙂 Grow slow, test?our wings?than have the stress to hurry things up and loose our foundation.

Picca Picca si va avanti!

Never ever on time

Det f?rsta (efter Maffian f?rst?s) m?nga t?nker om Sicilien??r att sicilianare aldrig ?r i tid. 10 minuter kan vara en timme eller till och med aldrig. Det st?rsta misstaget jag alltid gjort var att?bete mig som en?typisk svensk och vara redo fem minuter tidigare utn?mnd tid. Det tog mig mycket, mycket l?ng tid att l?ra mig leva med detta. Egentligen har jag l?rt mig det nu. Business m?nniskor p? bes?k s?ger samma sak. Aaah, de?skulle ha varit h?r fem minuter sedan. Jag svarar dessa dagar: N?v?l, l?t oss ta en kopp kaffe. <----Titta d?r! Vad och vem har jag blivit...hahahaaa! Innan gjordes en hel del telefonsamtal och?blev argare och argare f?r varje minut som gick. Jag blir fortfarande irriterad, men nu hittat n?gra l?sningar: Ex 1: Jag?ber dem alltid h?mta mig ist?llet f?r att m?ta dem. H?mta mig p? hotellet, mitt hem eller ett k?pcentrum?d?r jag var tvungen att g?ra lite ?renden ?nd?. Jag ?r aldrig f?rdig i tid l?ngre med de m?nniskor som alltid ?r sena. Jag?l?ter dem v?nta tills jag t.ex. har arbetat f?rdigt, bytt kl?der eller vad jag nu gjorde n?r de ?ntligen dyker upp. Ex 2: Om du ska plocka upp bes?kare fr?n flygplatser eller till andra viktiga m?ten, s?ger jag alltid 30-60 minuter innan verkliga tiden. T.ex. om vi verkligen beh?ver vara p? en plats vid 18:00, s?ger jag 17:00, och vi brukar komma 17:40. Och jag s?ger bara: L?t oss?ta en kopp kaffe.

Ex 3: Om det finns dokument att f?rbereda och de m?ste s?ndas utomlands l?t oss s?ga 10 maj. Jag s?ger 5:e maj och de kommer 7:e maj och med vissa korrigeringar?via telefon kan vi skicka dem 9:e maj. Och mottagaren i utlandet?reagerar Vad???, de ?r verkligen?i tid och f?rst?r ingenting.

Ex 4: Sicilianare s?ger Det kommer att vara klart om tv? veckor! Dubbla den tiden. Och det kommer normalt efter 4 veckor och har inte ruinerat dina?f?rv?ntningar.

Ex. 5: Jag?brukar?inte ge?n?gon en andra chans. Om de ?r mycket sena till ett m?te, g?r jag bara. F?r om de verkligen vill arbeta och tj?na pengar,?kommer de?eller ringer om de ?r sena.

De som verkligen arbetar framg?ngsrikt har l?rt sig att komma i tid eftersom ekonomin utomlands ?r under tidspress och du f?r inte m?nga eller inga fler chanser. Det finns m?nga sicilianare som faktiskt ?r i tid och m?nga som l?r sig. Men du?tr?ffar?ibland folk du m?ste arbeta med och som ?r alltid sena.?D? beh?ver man bara anv?nda de l?sningar som ovan.

Och jag gl?mmer ibland. Precis som nu med en k?pare utomlands…Han v?ntar och v?ntar…och det ?r mitt fel eftersom jag gl?mde att anv?nda exempel 3. Om du vill arbeta i Sicilien, m?ste du ha lite tidsutrymme i starten. N?r saker och ting b?rjar rulla och allt pappersarbete ?r gjort, d? allt detta v?ntande ?ver och saker g?r fort. Jag kallar denna fas?Dominoeffekt.

Pazienza …

Eng: The first thing (after mafia of course) people know Siciliy of that?sicilians are never in time. 10 minutes can be one hour or even never. The biggest mistake I’ve always made?was to be a typical Swede and be ready five minutes earlier the appointment time. It has took me a very, very long time to learn to live with?this. Actually, I’ve learned it now. Business people on visit says the same thing Aaah, they should have been here five minutes ago. I answer these days Well, let’s take a coffee. <----Look at that! What and who have I become...hahahaaa! Before I made alot of phone calls and got angrier and angrier for every minute that passed. I still get irritated, but now found some?solutions: Ex 1: I always make them to pick me up instead of meeting them. Pick me up at the hotel, my home or a shopping mall were I had to do some errands anyway. I’m never ready on time anymore with the people that are always late. I make them wait until I e.g. have finished working, changed clothes or whatever I was doing when they finally show up. Ex 2: If you’re going to pick up visitors from airports or to other important meetings, I always say 30-60 minutes before actual time. E.g. if we really need to be at a place at 18:00, I say 17:00 and we arrive usually 17:40. And I just say:?Lets’ have a coffee.

Ex 3: If there are documents to prepare and they has to been sent abroad lets say 10th May. I say 5th May and they arrive 7th May and with some corrections over the phone we can send them 9th May. And the reciever abroad is like What???, they’re really on time and understands nothing.

Ex 4: Sicilians say It will be ready in two weeks! I just double that time. And it arrives normally after 4 weeks and no expectations ruined.

Ex. 5: I usually don’t give anyone a second chance. If they’re really late to an appointment, I just go. Because if your’e really interested to work and earn money, you show up or call if you’re late.

The people that really works in a successful way has learned to be on time because the economy abroad is under time pressure and you don’t get many or no more chances. There are many sicilians that actually are on time and many that learn. But you always bump in to people that you must work with and are always late. Sometimes you just need to use the solutions above.

And I forget sometimes. Like now with one buyer abroad…he is waiting and waiting…and it’s my fault as I forgot to use example 3. If you’re going to work in Sicily, you have to have some time space in the beginning. When things starts to roll and all paper work is done, then all this waiting will be over and things goes fast. I call?this stage?the Domino Effect.


"Jojo, you have to look up to the more serious levels." Well, let me tell you some of that

M?nga, m?nga g?nger jag f?r kommentarer h?rifr?n?att jag sl?sar bort min tid i jordbrukssektorn och borde?flytta upp till h?gre, mer allvarliga niv?er. Ja, i en normal v?rld b?r man, men h?r jag kan inte se n?gon mening att l?mna jordbruksf?retagen f?r det ?r det verkliga guldet p? Sicilien. En plan?jag hade, men inte mer…

P? Sicilien s?ger?m?nga att m?nniskor som arbetar i jordbrukssektorn ?r l?g utbildade och d?ligt beteende m?nniskor. De har inte kompetens eller kunskap. Ja, faktiskt de?har det?eftersom de arbetar globalt. De har mycket god kunskap om den v?rld utanf?r eftersom de arbetar med kunder fr?n m?nga l?nder och har krav?att resa utomlands. De har ocks? m?nga g?nger byggt upp sitt f?retag med alla de utmaningar som finns.

Jag har arbetat med alla typer av niv?er n?stan ett ?r nu och har chansen att j?mf?ra resultaten. H?r ?r ett bra exempel:

Jordbruk: Jag b?rjade med en ny producent bara n?gra m?nader sedan, idag arbetar de?i tre l?nder och vi ?r p? v?g att starta i ytterligare tv?. S? i september kommer de att arbeta i fem l?nder med kunder som inte hamnar under 1500 butiker/var. De har kunnat ?terinvestera osv. Bes?ker dem en g?ng i m?naden f?r att diskutera utveckling och uppdatera mig sj?lv. M?tet tar 30 minuter. Story upprepar sig hela tiden.

S? kallade “h?gre niv?er” i alla former: Har varit med i miljontals m?ten, m?tt de mest respektfulla m?nniskor men f? vet hur v?rlden fungerar. M?ten tar timmar. Det ?r ett kaos. Det ?r ganska komiskt att se hur en person kr?ver att ha r?tt att?ha r?tt, men?har s? fel. Har l?st detta p? ett annat s?tt nu. Det klassiska s?ttet. Folk fr?n utlandet och alla pengar g?r utomlands.

Samma m?nster i Italien.

Tack vare?jordbruket har?jag l?rt mig Sicilien, historien, folket, kulturen och en hel del fula ord. Ord jag fortfarande anv?nder i den s? kallade h?gre niv?er…

…Io non capisco un cazzo!

Eng: Many, many times I get comments from here that I waste my time in the agricultural sector and should move up to the higher, more serious levels. Yes, in a normal world you should, but here I don’t see any meaning by leaving agricultural business ’cause that’s the real gold in Sicily. It was a plan I had, but no more…

In Sicily many says that people working in agricultural sector are low educated and bad behaviour people. They don’t have the skills or knowledge. Well, actually they do as they work globally. They have a very good knowledge about the world abroad as they work with clients from many countries and the work demands travelling abroad. They have also many times built up their company with all the challanges there are.

I have worked with all kinds of levels almost a year now and had the chance to compare the results. Here’s a good example:

Agriculture: I started with a new producer just couple of months ago, today?they work?in three countries and we’re about to start in two more. So in September?they will work in five countries with clients not under 1500 stores/each. They have been able to reinvest etc. I visit?them once a month to discuss development and update myself. The meeting takes 30 minutes. Story repeating itself all the time.

So called “Higher Levels”?in all forms: Been to?millions of meetings, met the most respectful people but few knows how the world works. The meetings takes hours. It’s a chaos. It’s quite comic to see how a person demands to have the right to be right, but is totally so wrong. Have solved this in another way now. The classical way. People from abroad and all money goes abroad.

Same pattern in whole Italy.

Thanks to agriculture I’ve learned Sicily, the history, the people, the culture?and alot of bad words. Words I still use in the so called higher levels…

…Io non capisco un cazzo!

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