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Andromeda – Breathing between earth and sky

A place supposed to visit quickly, but stayed almost three hours. I just could not leave. A place that breathes between the earth and sky. Somehow lucky being completely alone. When I decided to leave people showed up.

The story of founder Lorenzo: My father wanted me to be a shepherd. One night I went out to breathe under the stars. The idea of ​​the theater was conceived by “the Spirit, like the wind, blows where it wishes”. At the end of the nineteenth century it blew here on this hill, where I used to take the sheep at sunset to ruminate in peace. So I decided to build a stone theater here.

Many years later, I learned that the Andromeda Constellation Galaxy M31 will merge with our Galaxy in about four and a half billion years and I began to raise a sacred fence to the 108 visible stars of the Andromeda Constellation.

Now listen to the silence, sit on a star and look to the Earth. This is not a theater … but a spaceship that is traveling slowly towards the Andromeda Galaxy.

Interesting events to attend are summer and winter solstice Not recommended for visitors who can’t stay silent Self-sufficient with own produce, Sangiovese natural wine produce

More information and tickets: www.teatroandromeda.it

About last weekend: Masquerades, Champagne, Buffet…

It’s the time of the year for masquerades and Carnivals in Italy. This venue has been the nicest this far in Sicily, it was organized at Tenuta Consoli Floreno, just outside Catania.


It’s the time of the year for masquerades and Carnivals in Italy. This venue has been the nicest this far in Sicily, it was organized at Tenuta Consoli Floreno, just outside Catania.

Nicosia Winery Event


Bellini Awards in Catania – Teatro Vincenzo Bellini

The Bellini Awards is one of the most important events on this side of Sicily as sicilians who has done a remarkable work gets awarded for their achievements. Young artists, new and well known designers, national and international actresses and actors, and also people who somehow in their professional field has put Sicily on the world map, like this night a internationally known knee surgeon and scientist.

The Vincenzo Bellini Theatre is one of the most beautiful theatres in the world and located in Catania. It is said to have the best acoustics in Europe.


Bellini Priset ?r en av de viktigaste h?ndelserna p? denna sidan av Sicilien d? sicilianare som via sitt anm?rkningsv?rda arbete blir tilldelade priser f?r sina prestationer. Unga konstn?rer, nya och v?lk?nda designers, nationella och internationella sk?despelerskor och akt?rer, och ?ven personer som p? n?got s?tt inom sitt yrkesomr?de har lagt Sicilien p? v?rldskartan, som denna kv?ll en internationellt k?nd kn?kirurg och forskare.

Vincenzo Bellini Teatern ?r en av de vackraste teatrarna i v?rlden och ligger i Catania. Det s?gs ha den b?sta akustiken i Europa.
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Banda Musicale dei Carabinieri Mondiale

Igår hade vi två event att välja mellan, Reggaefestival eller Ragusani nel Mondo. Vi valde det sista eftersom det är ett special event. Uppträdde gjorde klassika symfoniorkestern Banda Musicale dei Carabinieri Mondiale hitflugna från Rom. De spelade underbart vackra stycken från bl.a. 1800-talet. Jag tycker om klassisk musik.

En hel orkester av poliser i favorituniformen som Carabinieri bär. Vilken dröm!

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