"Si bedda commu u suli. A ma vita fussi vacanti senza ri tia!"

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When a child is born

The Sicilian tradition when a child is born, is to mark the front door with a decoration that tells the whole city and village that the house has a new born baby. If the decoration is pink, then a girl is born. If the decoration is blue, a boy is born.


Den sicilianska traditionen n?r ett barn ?r f?dd ?r att markera ytterd?rren med en dekoration som ber?ttar f?r hela staden och byn att huset har en nyf?dd bebis. Om dekorationen ?r rosa, d? ?r en tjej f?dd. Om dekorationen ?r bl?, ?r en pojke f?dd.


Without friends you’re kinda fu**ed

During these six years in Sicily I have come to understand that without friends in Sicily you are kinda fu**ed. I have always put friends in first priority and the local family as later priority. Because in these six years I have left two sicilian families, but never had to leave a friend. Without friends here in Sicily I would never be able to do the things I am doing…and the things I am about to do.


Under dessa sex ?r p? Sicilien har jag kommit att f?rst? att utan v?nner i Sicilien ?r du mycket utsatt. Jag har alltid lagt v?nner i f?rsta prioritet och den lokala familjen som senare prioritet. F?r i under dessa sex ?r har jag l?mnat tv? sicilianska familjer, men aldrig beh?vt l?mna en v?n. Utan v?nner h?r p? Sicilien skulle jag aldrig kunna g?ra de saker jag g?roch det vad jag ska g?ra.

They leave also for freedom

The official focus is always that people leave Sicily to find work abroad and this is why the island also looses competence. But it is not the whole truth. There are many young people who also flee their families because they want to have the same freedom we have. Not all families are controlling their children, but still the major part of sicilian families does not want their kids to live and be free.

In the 70’s and 80’s when the big tourism flow from Germany and Scandinavia came, many people changed their view of reality. Before the tourism e.g. a sicilian couple could never meet without having their whole family gathered or the girls brothers with them. This reality still exists. And when the couple danced the whole family controlled that everything went by the rules. Then this couple got married not even knowing eachother. Many times the father chose a husband for his daughter and the father did not let the daughters attend school. Then north europeans came to Sicily and things started to loosen up a little bit. People started to leave the strict mentality and wanted the same freedom as the new strange visitors. Unfortunately the strict mentality still lives in Sicily, also because something happened in the 90’s, Sicily got closed and the tourism industry died, but is now rising again.

There is a minority in Sicily that lives in a modern way, where the family understands the importance of education, travelling, learn languages, respect women and let their children try life. These families do not depend if they are rich or not. One of my friend is a bus driver and his daughter does very well in school and the Region of Sicily selects every year top 10 students from their school and pays exchange trips to european countries. She is always in that group and been in Spain, Portugal, UK ecc and she is only 16 years old. He knows that their daughter will leave Sicily soon and he is happy for her. A very diverse approach than many sicilian fathers have. But still the majority in Sicily lives in great ignorance, in fear of the world, where a church exam is more important than school exam, and needs to control their children.

My cleaning lady comes from a rich but very ignorant family. Her father forbid her to attend shcool and when he had chosen a husband for her, she fled the family. The family turned their backs on her and for all her life she has been making a living cleaning other peoples homes. She has the same age as me. She said that a life with limited economy is better than a life in a mental prison filled with money. She inspires me very much!

One of my northern european friends likes Sicily very much and also sicilian women. The problem is that the awoken girls he meets wants to live in freedom and wants to leave Sicily, but he on the other hand would like to live here. With this family control especially the girls suffer because in many families there is still the mentality that women has to stay home with no rights and economy, and the man commands everything (to fatal consequenses). The problem in these families is also that the man is often controlled also by the mother who then also control the wife. The man often has no interest to work, nor having projects in his life. Everything is served by HIS family. A family that the girl has to obey, often also by calling his parents mother and father.

Today I met a girl in the dog park who left the sicilian man to be with an american. She feels more free and respected. He does not control her. She travels, has learned languages and studies in the university. She said that major part of catanesi men are Babboncini, which means that they suit better to live with their mothers. She does not want a man like that, she want to be respected for the woman she is. She is not the only young woman thinking like this. What will happen to the majority of sicilian men when women no longer wants to live under oppression? They do not know a shit what to do now!

Approximately 80% of the population are totally controlled by the family and lives in great ignorance. 20% are different and these are those who brings Sicily forward. The 80% believes that all their problems in life are politicians fault, and in this group you find people who have no intentions to do anything, they do not want to work, they need a silent obedient wife, they try to find a living by using others and blames the system. They think the world is like the TV shows. Then you have this 20% who understands that life is their responsability, they know politics is a problem but thanks of the lack of ingorance they know how to move in this system and makes a living. This 20% are those who goes ahead in Sicily, and the 80% blames the 20% of stealing everything.

Sometime ago I met one of the richest men in Italy, he is a sicilian. He comes from great poverty, but had an open minded family who pushed him into school. He told me that 2% of the population makes their own life an takes the situation in their hands, 98% waits for a politician or Jesus to save them. This is the problem in Italy. I kinda agree. To have a great life in Italy is not about stealing or make insurance frauds, there is a system that works for those who likes to do something. I know personally e.g. suppliers that started to pack aubergines in their garage for the local stores and today, 10 or 20 years later, runs companies with hundreds of employees. Because they made an effort. And they get regional economical support because they think futuristic. They do not have an uncle in the Region of Sicily.

Sicily has many problems but I do not see that politics is the major problem. The biggest problem is the 80% that has no intentions to lift a finger and blames the 20% of taking it all. Which they do because they make an effort. I would say that political problems comes second.

I have sent hubby back to his family. I am the type of a woman who is not very appreciated in a classical sicilian family. It is a family that lives in great ignorance and does not like very much women who knows how to take care of herself and brakes traditional family rules.? I know there is another Sicily, and I want to be part of that 20% who goes forward in sunshine and in storm. Most of my friends are in that group. That is why I love Sicily, because there is wonderful a part of this island that the 80% will never experience…

Siciliano e Siculo

There are two kinds of men in Sicily and generally non of them I have had problems with, but the rules also differs being a foreign woman here and a local woman. Foreign women do not have the rules loaded on their shoulders like locals have. I divide the sicilian men in two categories, the Sicilian and the Siculo.

The Siculo man is still the under developed old style man who is the whole familys pack leader, he is the reference person everybody in the family as far as the line goes. He likes his wife to be home and stay there. He often chooses a woman who has no education nor projects in her life. Someone who never leaves the neighborhood. He has often a big family where no one or just one kid has the chance to get an education if there is no family company, to become the future family leader. It’s always the oldest son, never daughters. This is not about money, the Siculo man is not necessary poor. He can be a middle class or rich man, but he is driven by old school mentality and his family, including children, grand children, in-married people, is under his command. He is always poor even if the family has money, he invests in more properties under his name and has a life plan to build up an activity he can then just hand over to his male children when he is not around anymore. In this group you find these manchauvistic jealous men, but even if he is a Siculo man does not automatically mean he is manchauvistic against other females outside his family. The Siculo man has hard times when he sees women who earn their own money, can put gasoline in the car, plant, paint or women with own opinions and women who can show anger. He wants his women keeping the home clean, food on the table, wife to give him kids, be obedient, silent and always smiling. The Siculo man has also very poor knowledge of the female sexuality and learns how the world works watching TV which he base his opinions on. He has very strong opinions, never travel, has often more than one job and rarely leaves his residential area. The Siculo man’s family often suffers from ignorance, low education, high medical usage, lower life quality, and kids does not have a great chance for a different future as the Siculo man likes to do things as they have always done for generations! This man is often the one who today has lost his job in Sicily because he do not have the tools to update himself. He is rarely home and does not follow the children as he thinks it is his wifes job, which means these are the children you see on the sicilian streets any time of the hour and do not attend school. The Siculo man also teaches his children that lives misery are politicians fault! The Siculo mans family is often very religious and follows traditions strictly. He wants sons wives to call him father and call his wife mother. He often control his children mentally and this way cut their wings so they become dependent of him and his wife. The Siculo man is to be found in all ages, but mostly from middle-age and up. This is a quite large male group, but in decrease of changes in society and younger generation growing up. This does not mean that he is a mean man, but he needs control and does not like changes. He himself grew up in a similar home and think it looks the same everywhere.

The Siciliano is the more sophisticated man. This does not mean he is rich, he can be lower-, middle-, and upper class. But he comes often from a family where the mother works or parents did not follow tradition, religion and were open minded as much as you can be in Sicily. He has the eager to learn things and many times by himself. He has good manners, sees women as equals and often complains there are few women involved in the society. He tries many activities, learnt using computer and english by internet and loves to travel. He reads books and builds his world perspective by experienses and what people around tells about places they have visited and people they have met if he can not afford to travel. If he does not afford to travel, he travels in his mind. He dresses well, picks his children from school and spends time with them. His wife is often happier than the Siculo mans wife, the kids has good results in school and he teaches them that they are responsible of their lives and actions. He often encourage them to study, get a good job and travel. It is though often the mother who is in charge on the children, but he is not ashamed to be a support. He often cooks home, do the groceries and other smaller household things, but sicilian women still thinks the household is their responsibility. He complains about the society but do not blame politicians as he has a more wider knowledge how things are in Italy. Here you often find men who perhaps has lost their job, but found a new job or a created an activity. He teaches his kids to fly, and he often chooses a woman with education background or a woman who has some life projects going on for her or at least their children. In public the Siciliano family is religious to please the older generation, but here you find many atheists when you talk face to face. They follow some traditions and goes to church only for bigger holidays. The Siciliano man dares to speak openly and question things. And his wife has her own opinions and dares to say them loud. If he has his own company he chooses the best suitable to run it when he is not around, it is not about gender. Even if the Siciliano man does not have money, the family have as high life quality as possible. They also try to live in better areas or children goes to schools in other areas if they can not afford to live in a better area. If he has money he sends his children to the best shcools, also daughters. All children, sons and daughters, inherit equal parts. There are not so much sexual tabus and children are allowed to learn about their body parts. This man is often from the generation under 40 years old and many young men seems to think the same. It is still a quite small group, but a growing group.

This is a generalisation, and a road towards a change is going on. As a foreign woman I have had few problems with sicilian men, as I mentioned above we often get treated differently. Sometimes I run into a mans man needing to comment when I put gasoline in the car, enter a hardware store and blend into a dialogue about choosing car parts. My Father-in-Law is very much a siculo man (not controlling me though). But then my hubby is more like a Siciliano. You can not compare Siculo nor Siciliano with a scandinavian man, the difference is significant.



Det finns tv? typer av m?n p? Sicilien och i allm?nhet har jag inte haft problem med n?gon s?rskild grupp utav m?n, men reglerna skiljer sig mellan att vara en utl?ndsk kvinna h?r och en lokal kvinna. Utl?ndska kvinnor har inte reglerna lastade p? sina axlar som lokala kvinnor ofta har. Jag delar de sicilianska m?n i tv? kategorier, Siciliano och Siculo.

Siculo Mannen ?r fortfarande underutvecklad gammal-stils-man som ?r hela familjens flockledare, han ?r referenspersonen till alla i familjen s? l?ngt som linjen g?r. Han gillar ha sin fru hemma och att hon stannar d?r. Han v?ljer ofta en kvinna som inte har n?gon utbildning eller projekt i sitt liv. N?gon som aldrig l?mnar bostadsomr?det. Han har ofta en stor familj d?r ingen eller bara ett barn har chansen att f? en utbildning om det inte finns familjef?retag, f?r d? blir den utvalda framtida familjeledaren. Det ?r alltid den ?ldsta sonen, aldrig d?ttrar. Det handlar inte om pengar, Siculo mannen ?r inte n?dv?ndigtvis fattig. Han kan vara en medelklass eller rik man, men han drivs av gamla-skolan-mentalitet och hans familj, inklusive barn, barnbarn, in-gifta ?r under hans bef?l. Han ?r alltid fattig ?ven om familjen har pengar, han investerar i fler fastigheter under hans namn och har en livsplan att bygga upp en verksamhet han sedan l?mnar ?ver till sina manliga barn n?r han inte lever l?ngre. I den h?r gruppen hittar du dessa manchauvistiska svartsjuka m?nnen, men ?ven om han ?r en Siculo inneb?r det inte att han automatiskt ?r manchauvistisk mot andra kvinnor utanf?r sin familj. Siculo mannen f?r det jobbigt n?r han ser kvinnor som tj?nar sina egna pengar, kan tanka, plantera, m?la eller kvinnor med egna ?sikter och kvinnor som kan visa ilska. Han vill att hans kvinnor ska h?lla hemmet rent, ha mat p? bordet, frun ge honom barn, vara lydig, tyst och alltid leende. Siculo mannen har ocks? mycket d?lig kunskap om den kvinnliga sexualiteten och l?r sig hur v?rlden fungerar tittandes p? TV som han baserar sina ?sikter p?. Han har mycket starka ?sikter, reser aldrig, har ofta mer ?n ett jobb och l?mnar s?llan sitt bostadsomr?de. Siculo mannens familj lider ofta av okunnighet, l?g utbildning, h?g medicinsk anv?ndning, l?gre livskvalitet, och barnen? har inte en stor chans f?r en annan framtid d? Siculo mannen tycker om att g?ra saker som de alltid har gjort i generationer! Den h?r mannen ?r oftast den som idag har f?rlorat sitt jobb p? Sicilien f?r att han inte har verktygen f?r att uppdatera sig sj?lv. Han ?r s?llan hemma och f?ljer inte barnen d? han tycker att det ?r hans frus arbete, vilket inneb?r att det ?r dessa barn du ofta ser p? de sicilianska gatorna oavsett timme p? dygnet och inte g?r i skolan. Siculo Mannen l?r ocks? sina barn att livets mis?r ?r politikernas fel! Siculo mannens familj ?r ofta mycket religi?s och f?ljer traditioner strikt. Han vill att s?nernas fruar att kallar honom pappa och sin fru mor. Han kontrollerar ofta sina barn psykiskt och p? s? s?tt klipper deras vingar s? att de blir beroende av honom och hans fru.?Siculo Mannen ?terfinns i alla ?ldrar, men mest fr?n medel?ldern och upp?t. Detta ?r en ganska stor manlig grupp idag, men i minskning genom f?r?ndringar i samh?llet och yngre generationen som v?xer upp. Det betyder inte att han ?r en elak man, men han beh?ver kontroll och tycker inte om f?r?ndringar. Han ?r sj?lv uppvuxen i ett liknande hem och tror att det ser likadant ut ?verallt.

Siciliano Mannen ?r den mer sofistikerade mannen. Detta betyder inte att han ?r rik, han kan vara nedre-, mellan- och ?verklass. Men han kommer ofta fr?n en familj d?r mamman jobbar eller f?r?ldrarna inte f?ljde tradition, religion och hade ?ppet sinne s? mycket som du kan ha p? Sicilien. Han ?r ivrig att l?ra sig nya saker och m?nga g?nger sj?lv. Han har gott s?tt, ser kvinnor som j?mlikar och klagar ofta att det finns f? kvinnor som deltar i samh?llet. Han f?rs?ker p? m?nga aktiviteter, l?rt sig anv?nda datorer och engelska via internet och ?lskar att resa. Han l?ser b?cker och bygger sitt v?rldsperspektiv genom upplevelser och vad m?nniskor runt ber?ttar om platser de har bes?kt och m?nniskor de m?tt, om han inte har r?d att resa sj?lv. Om han inte har r?d att resa, reser han i sitt sinne. Han kl?r sig v?l, h?mtar sina barn fr?n skolan och tillbringar tid med dem. Hans fru ?r ofta lyckligare ?n Siculo mannens hustru, barnen har bra resultat i skolan och han l?r dem att de ?r ansvariga f?r sina liv och handlingar. Han uppmuntrar dem ofta f?r att studera, f? ett bra jobb och resa. Det ?r dock ofta mamman som ansvarar f?r barnen, men han sk?ms inte f?r att vara ett st?d. Han kockar ofta hemma, handlar och g?r andra mindre hush?llsarbeten, men sicilianska kvinnor tycker fortfarande att hush?llet ?r deras ansvar. Han klagar p? samh?llet men skyller inte p? politiker eftersom han har en mer omfattande kunskap om hur saker och ting ?r i Italien. H?r tr?ffar du ofta m?n som kanske har f?rlorat sina jobb, men hittat ett nytt jobb eller skapat en aktivitet. Han l?r sina barn att flyga, och han v?ljer ofta en kvinna med utbildningsbakgrund eller en kvinna som har n?gra livsprojekt p? g?ng f?r henne eller ?tminstone f?r deras barn. Ut?t sett ?r Siciliano familjen religi?sa f?r att behaga den ?ldre generationen, men h?r hittar du m?nga ateister n?r ni pratar ansikte mot ansikte. De f?ljer vissa traditioner och g?r till kyrkan bara f?r st?rre helgdagar. Siciliano Mannen v?gar tala ?ppet och ifr?gas?tta saker. Och hans fru har sina egna ?sikter och v?gar s?ga dem h?gt. Om han har ett eget f?retag v?ljer han den b?st l?mpade f?r att driva den n?r han inte ?r kvar, det handlar inte om k?n. ?ven om Siciliano mannen inte har pengar, har familjen s? h?g livskvalitet som m?jligt. De f?rs?ker ocks? att leva i b?ttre omr?den eller barnen g?r i skolan i ett annat omr?de om de inte har r?d att bo i ett b?ttre omr?de. Och om han har pengar skickar han sina barn till de b?sta skolorna, ?ven d?ttrarna. Alla barn, s?ner och d?ttrar, ?rver lika stora delar. Det finns inte s? mycket sexuella tabun och barnen f?r l?ra sig om sina kroppsdelar. Den h?r mannen ?r ofta fr?n generationen under 40 ?r och m?nga unga m?n verkar vara detsamma. Det ?r fortfarande en ganska liten grupp, men en v?xande grupp.

Detta ?r en generalisering, och en v?g mot en f?r?ndring ?r p? g?ng. Som utl?ndsk kvinna har jag har haft f? problem med sicilianska m?n, som jag n?mnde ovan att vi ofta behandlas annorlunda. Ibland h?r jag en mansmans kommentar n?r jag tankar bilen, g?r in i en j?rnaff?r och blandar mig i en dialog om att v?lja bildelar. Min sv?rfar ?r mycket en Siculo man (styr inte mig dock). Min sambo ?r mer som en Siciliano. Det g?r inte att j?mf?ra Siculo eller Siciliano med en skandinavisk man, skillnaden ?r betydande.

Communication in cultural mixed relation

I see clearly when hubby has spent too much times with family females when he asks me questions like (Att! after three years together) Will you make it to Brico store by yourself? I answered That question nearly killed you!. LOL!


Jag ser tydligt n?r mannen har tillbringat f?r mycket tid med familjens kvinnor n?r han fr?gar mig fr?gor som (Obs! efter tre ?r tillsammans) Kommer du att klara att ?ka till Brico butiken sj?lv? Jag svarade att Den fr?gan tog n?stan k?l p? dig!. LOL!

I know there is always something

Well this time it took me some more time to find what has been going on after my last trip that went to Sweden this time, alone. Last time I travelled alone because of work to Verona and found that mother in law and Cs sisters been in our home cleaning and washing laundry and changed all the cleaning products from organic to theirs, conventional. Grr! So today I finally found what has happened. And today after almost two weeks, I found a A4 size photo of virgin Mary under the bed.

Why is it so hard for sicilian in-laws to have a normal family relation? What the fuck is mentally wrong? Always something strange going on. I am about to print a photo of Satan soon and hide under their bed.

So I ask If these icons, crosses and holy stuff brings so much peace and luck, why aint there more peace and luck around? Dah!


Den h?r g?ngen det tog mig lite mer tid f?r att hitta vad som p?g?tt efter min sista resa som gick till Sverige den h?r g?ngen, ensam. F?rra g?ngen jag reste ensam p? grund av arbete till Verona och fann att sv?rmor och Cs systrar varit i v?rt hem, st?dat och tv?ttat tv?tt och bytt alla reng?ringsprodukter fr?n ekologiskt till deras konventionella. Grr! S? idag har jag ?ntligen hittat vad som h?nt. Och idag efter n?stan tv? veckor, hittade jag ett A4 foto av jungfru Maria under s?ngen.

Varf?r ?r det s? sv?rt f?r sicilianska sv?rfamiljen att ha en normal familjerelation? Vad fan ?r mentalt fel? Alltid konstiga p?hitt. Jag ska skriva ut ett foto av Satan snart och g?mma den under deras s?ng.

S? jag fr?gar Om dessa ikoner, kors och heliga sakerger s? mycket frid och lycka, varf?r finns det inte mer fred och lycka runtomkring? Blah!

Tour Greek city 056

Comment of today

Cs and my lifestyle gets alot of comments from females and this one was the best in a long time. C was going to make a withdrawal and we parked infront of a park bench where there were parking allowed. Two older ladies sat on the bench and said: Oh, so she drives the car and he sits in the passanger seat and holds the dog! And their faces were not happy! LOL!

In Sicily 99,99% it is the other way around. Always the man driving, leading and deciding everything. We share these things…no ancient gender roles.


Cs och min livsstil f?r m?nga kommentarer fr?n kvinnor och denna var den b?sta p? l?nge. C skulle g?ra ett uttag och vi parkerade framf?r en parkb?nk d?r det var parkering till?ten. Tv? ?ldre damer satt p? b?nken och sa: ?h, s? hon k?r bilen och han sitter i passagerars?tet och h?ller hunden! Och deras ansikten var inte glada! Hahahaaa!

P? Sicilien ?r det 99,99% tv?rtom . Alltid mannen som k?r, leder och fattar alla beslut. Vi delar dessa sakeringa gamla k?nsroller.

When a sicilian starts a company

My hubby is starting a company and I am so amazed to see the help he is getting from friends and family. One friend will borrow him some fridges until he is on his feets economically and later can buy his own (just with this offer he saves 4,200 euro). Another friend will make the service on them so they pass the control. Many are looking around for a good location for the office and found several options. One has already announced he can then help with the deliveries if he gets stuck at his other job. Several has spread the word and got in interested clients he is aleady in contact with. And so on…

This rarely happens in our countries.


Min karl ska starta ett f?retag och jag ?r s? f?rv?nad ?ver att se den hj?lp han f?r fr?n v?nner och familj. En v?n kommer att l?na honom n?gra kylsk?p tills han ?r p? sina f?tter ekonomiskt och senare kan k?pa sina egna (bara med detta sparar han 4,200 euro). En annan v?n ska serva dessa kylsk?p s? de passerar kontrollen. M?nga s?ker runt efter en bra plats f?r kontoret och hittat flera alternativ. En har redan meddelat att han kan sedan hj?lpa till med leveranser om han fastnar p? sitt andra jobb. Flera har spridit ordet och f?tt in intresserade kunder han redan ?r i kontakt med. Och s? vidare

Detta sker s?llan i v?ra l?nder.

So easy to fool…

No morning sleep on sundays in this neighborhood (or any neighborhood before) because Sundays is the big cleaning and laundry day for sicilian housewives. Sundays is when the house gets cleaned from top to toe and most laundry gets washed. Why so? Yes, the husband is home and he has to see how much work a household is. During weeks not much gets done and some ladies do not even drive their kids to school if they are tired. It is quite amazing how easy a mans mind is to fool.

Lady: I would also like to work, but taking care of the household is so much work.

Jojo, surpriced she says that to me in the hallway infront of her husband, answers just with a smile.


Ingen morgons?mn p? s?ndagar i denna stadsdel (eller n?gon stadsdel innan) eftersom s?ndagar ?r den stora st?dnings- och tv?ttdagen f?r sicilianska husfruar. S?ndagar ?r n?r huset reng?rs fr?n topp till t? och de mesta tv?tten blir tv?ttad. Varf?r s?? Ja, mannen ?r hemma och han m?ste se hur mycket arbete ett hush?ll ?r. Under veckorna blir inte mycket gjort och n?gra orkar inte ens k?ra sina barn till skolan om de ?r tr?tta. Det ?r ganska fantastiskt hur l?tt en mans sinne kan luras.
Kvinnan: Jag skulle ocks? vilja arbeta, men att ta hand om hush?llet ?r s? mycket arbete.
Jojo, ?verraskad att hon s?ger det till mig i hallen framf?r sin man, svarar bara med ett leende.

Not in great mood right now…

Finally finished all travelling and was so happy to come home and tell all about it, but just by opening the door an odor hits my face and I get trouble breathing and skin starts to itch. Seems like our home has been cleaned with very strong low cost cleaning products and my clothes has been washed with some shitty detergent and overdosing. And I can not use these products at all. So today I am mad as hell, have to rewash the whole apartment and clothes because I already have trouble breathing because of the strong perfume inside. Bye bye free relaxed weekend!

So why is it so fu**ing hard for some people to respect other peoples lifestyle choices? I am very close to separate homes with hubby now if things do not change.


?ntligen klar med alla resor och var s? glad att komma hem och ber?tta allt om det, men bara genom att ?ppna d?rren sl?r en fr?n en lukt mitt ansikte och jag f?r sv?rt att andas och huden b?rjar klia. Verkar som v?rt hem har rengjorts med mycket starka l?gkostnads reng?ringsprodukter och mina kl?der har tv?ttats med ganska taskigt tv?ttmedel och ?verdoserats. Och jag kan inte anv?nda dessa produkter alls.
S? idag ?r jag arg som fan, m?ste st?da om hela l?genheten och tv?tta alla kl?derna eftersom jag redan har sv?rt att andas p? grund av stark parfymstank inomhus. Bye bye ledig avslappnad helg!

S? varf?r ?r det s? fu**ing sv?rt f?r vissa m?nniskor att respektera andra m?nniskors val av livsstil? Jag ?r mycket n?ra till separata bost?der med f?stmanen nu om saker inte f?r?ndras.

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