"Si bedda commu u suli. A ma vita fussi vacanti senza ri tia!"

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Sailing with dolphins

The way to an un-touched beach


Giardini-Naxos today (but it is still cold in Sicily)


Stromboli: Pictures says more than 1000 words

Stromboli has become a favourite island. Aeolian Islands are in the Unesco world heritage list. Just after the view point piazza on the right there is also my favourite store, they make and design their clothes themselves… A little bit further the roads divide, go right and have something to eat and drink in that cosy restaurant just there…
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Pic of The Week: Brucoli


Pic of The Week: View from Terrasini


Storm of Fire

Stromboli is an active volcano island and offers to its visitors a storm of fire almost each evening. Best view is from a boat on the sea.


Stromboli ?r en aktiv vulkan? och erbjuder en Eld Storm n?stan varje kv?ll. B?st vy ?r fr?n en b?t p? havet.
PAN.STR.Juli2014 117PAN.STR.Juli2014 116PAN.STR.Juli2014 119

Pic of The Week: The distance in number of steps

PAN.STR.Juli2014 098

Pic of The Week: Seahorse cliff by Stromboli

PAN.STR.Juli2014 114

Pics of The Week: Sunset by Stromboli

PAN.STR.Juli2014 111PAN.STR.Juli2014 112

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