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Forza D’Agro – Godfather, failed investments and Normans

Forza D’Agro is a small village of 890 people and sadly depopulating. Famous for its Godfather movie scene with the wedding between Michael Corleone and Apollonia.

Also Normans has been here building a large castle on the mountain peak with loopholes and a secret passage. Unfortunately the panorama gets ruined due to a failed real estate investment where all equipment is just left there high and low.

Savoca – Godfather and the Normans

Savoca is a small town with 1700 inhabitants located north of Taormina. Famous for the Godfather trilogy with Bar Vitelli and the church where Michael married his Sicilian wife Apollonia.

Also the Normans has been here with traces seen on one of the city gates still standing and remains of the Norman castle on the hill top.

Part of Godfather triology in Forza D’agro’

This place in Forza D’Agro’ is in first part of Godfather triology. The church that appears when Michael goes to Corleone for the first time along with his bodyguards. It appears again in the second part when Vito escapes to America while Don Ciccio’s men threaten the neighbors. Also when young Vito and his family visit Corleone.?



Denna plats i Forza d’Agro?r i f?rsta delen av Gudfadern trilogin. Kyrkan som visas n?r Michael g?r till Corleone f?r f?rsta g?ngen tillsammans med sina livvakter. Den visas igen i den andra delen n?r Vito flyr till Amerika medan Don Ciccios m?n hotar grannarna. Ocks? n?r unga Vito och hans familj bes?k Corleone.

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