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Selinunte – Archaeology, Beaches & Fish

Selinunte archaeological park is largest in Europe. 270 hectares, 10 km walking track, seven temples, baths, necropolis ecc. An area to walk through the birth of the Greek empire to its fall.

Marinella di Selinunte is the small village just by with 1000 inhabitants. One of the few real rural Sicilian areas left with slow living, fish and amazing beaches.

Palermo Botanical Garden – Green haven & Carl von Linné

If in Palermo do not miss the Palermos botanical Garden. Founded 1789, 10 hectares large, and one of the most important Italian academic institutions with over 5000 plants for studies. Plants were organized along the Linneian system of classification, a system created by Swedish Carl Linnaeus aka Carl von Linné.

It also holds a so called urban vineyard from 2018 where most important Italian wine grapes are preserved.

Palermo tour part 1 – From the ground to roof tops in the Norman steps

The day in Palermo was sun, clouds, rain and colors shifting like the rest of Sicily. Due to own Norman DNA I followed most in the Norman footsteps, but also many other important sites to see. Walking as follows:Politeama, Teatro Massimo, Quattro Canti, Fontana Pretoria and Palermo Cathedral.

Palermo city central is closed to traffic or has very limited traffic, so it has become a delight to just stroll around different sites to see with wine and food paus spots in every corner and street. Part two coming soon!

Palazzolo Acreide – Europes longest balcony, perhaps in the world

Palazzolo Acreide is a small town just one hour south of Catania, 670 m.a.s.l with 8700 inhabitants. Learned recently it is not just any town, it actually has the longest balcony in Europe, perhaps longest in the world.
30 meters long with 27 masks called “Cognoli” in Sicilian, meaning “shameful boys” laughing at you passing by.

This small town is up hills and down hills with small baroque filled alleys one should not miss to walk around when visiting Sicily.

Caccamo – The famous medieval castle & stunning views

Caccamo is located quite close to Palermo. A small town with a very famous Medieval castle built 12th century and the main attraction. The castle is one of the largest and most well preserved Norman castles in Italy and was bought by the Region of Sicily 1963. By that time it was in ruins and restoration works started 1974. Caccamo offers stunning views and a perfect location to arrive before sunset for a nice dinner.


Caccamo ligger ganska nära Palermo. En liten stad med ett mycket känt medeltida slott byggt på 1100-talet som är huvudattraktionen. Slottet är ett av de största och mest välbevarade normandiska slotten i Italien och köptes av Sicilianska regionen 1963. Vid den tiden låg det i ruiner och restaureringsarbeten påbörjades 1974. Caccamo erbjuder fantastisk utsikt och ett perfekt läge att anlända före solnedgången för en trevlig middag.

Corleone town & Mafia museum

Mafia, it is a sensitive topic, but belongs to the Sicilian history and actually also the present. Whatever one says is always wrong, but decided to visit Corleone and the Mafia museum to see and hold the original documents of the Maxi Trial in my hands.

Corleone is a small town south of Palermo with stunning scenery driving there. 600 m.a.s.l. with approximately 10000 inhabitants. Most Sicilian mafia bosses comes from Corleone and still have over 70 “men of honor” alive, whereof most of them are jailed. The town is still run by a mafia boss. It is one of the kindest places I have visited in Sicily because people work hard to show another side of this area.

Andromeda – Breathing between earth and sky

A place supposed to visit quickly, but stayed almost three hours. I just could not leave. A place that breathes between the earth and sky. Somehow lucky being completely alone. When I decided to leave people showed up.

The story of founder Lorenzo: My father wanted me to be a shepherd. One night I went out to breathe under the stars. The idea of ​​the theater was conceived by “the Spirit, like the wind, blows where it wishes”. At the end of the nineteenth century it blew here on this hill, where I used to take the sheep at sunset to ruminate in peace. So I decided to build a stone theater here.

Many years later, I learned that the Andromeda Constellation Galaxy M31 will merge with our Galaxy in about four and a half billion years and I began to raise a sacred fence to the 108 visible stars of the Andromeda Constellation.

Now listen to the silence, sit on a star and look to the Earth. This is not a theater … but a spaceship that is traveling slowly towards the Andromeda Galaxy.

Interesting events to attend are summer and winter solstice Not recommended for visitors who can’t stay silent Self-sufficient with own produce, Sangiovese natural wine produce

More information and tickets: www.teatroandromeda.it

Lercara Friddi – Frank Sinatra and Lucky Luciano

Stayed in Lercara Friddi for four days, a perfect spot also to visit other interesting locations in the area. Town is basically dedicated to Frank Sinatra and visited his grandparents house. It is also birthplace to mafia boss Lucky Luciano, person inspiration to Godfather movies. Here lives about 6200, located 675 m.a.s.l, and became an important sulfur source 1828. It takes only ten minutes to walk through the towns main street and it is very rural Sicily.


Stannade i Lercara Friddi fyra dagar, en perfekt plats även för att besöka andra intressanta platser i området. Staden är i grunden tillägnad Frank Sinatra och besökte hans farföräldrars hus. Det är också födelseplatsen för maffiabossen Lucky Luciano, personinspiration till Gudfader-filmerna. Här bor ca 6200, beläget 675 m.ö.h, och blev en viktig svavelkälla 1828. Det tar bara tio minuter att gå genom stadens huvudgata och det är väldigt lantligt Sicilien.

Enna – Three centrals of Sicily; Religious, Geographical & Astronomical

Enna is a small town in the very central part of Sicily with three different locations pointing out the very central Sicily; Religious, Geographical & Astronomical. From an altitude of 940 to 970 m.a.s.l. you find stunning views of Sicily to all weather directions.


Enna är en liten stad i den centrala delen av Sicilien med tre olika platser som pekar ut det mycket centrala Sicilien; Religiösa, geografiska och astronomiska. Från en höjd av 940 till 970 m.a.s.l. hittar du fantastiska utsikter över Sicilien i alla väderriktningar.

Taormina – The Ancient Greek Theater

Built by Greeks for musicians and drama performances , then transformed by Romans for games and gladiator performances. A stunning view towards Etna and the first Greek colony in Sicily, Giardini-Naxos. Only original part remained is the scene. It is the second largest theater in Sicily after the one in Syracuse. Still used for operas, ballets, concerts and other events.


Byggt av Greker för musiker och dramaföreställningar, sedan förvandlat av Romarna för spel och gladiatorföreställningar. En fantastisk utsikt mot Etna och den första grekiska kolonin på Sicilien, Giardini-Naxos. Den enda originaldelen som återstår är scenen. Det är den näst största teatern på Sicilien efter den i Syrakusa. Används fortfarande för operor, baletter, konserter och andra evenemang.

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