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The reason I don’t believe in Roberto Saviano – author of Gomorra

Roberto Saviano no one has missed as he is the author of the world famous Gomorrah book and TV-series based on his book. I have never believed in Saviano and the threats he claims he has from the Casalesi clans. I will explain why.

His book Gomorrah was published 2006, the era when the italian government was most successful against the mafia, ironically it was during the Berlusconi era. Berlusconi has been accused to have connections with the mafia, which never has been proved. After Berlusconi was put aside the mafia started to grow rapidly again. In recent years it has been revealed that the italian government is strongly linked to the mafia and has got its own name “Mafia e Capitale”, meaning “Mafia and the Capital”. Savianos work and success with the book came during the time mafia faced hard resistance from the government. Saviano needs police protection 24 hours due to this book he claims the mafia hates.?

Have you ever heard of Angelo Jannone?

Angelo Jannone was the commander of the police in Corleone, Sicily, 1989 to 1991. With Giovanni Falcone head investigator on the heritage of Tot? Riina and the accountant Pino Mandalari. Angelo managed to enter the Corleone clan and was then transferred for security reasons. He has been shot by sicilian mafia clans due to arrests and investigations and in Calabria he signed a bill which lead to the arrest of 187 mafia members from Cosa Nostra and local clans in Calabria. In Calabria there is the Ndrangheta clan, which is one of the most dangerous and powerful clans in the world. Jannone was transferred from Calabria after a informer releaved information a bomb was planned to kill Jannone.

Then he lead a three year investigation against italian IRS corruption and was again almost shot to death with a Kalasnikov by people he investigated. He was then transferred to Rome, left the police and was inserted in special investigation unit. During that time he managed to get infiltrated in criminal organisations in Italy and Colombian drug traffickers linked to Camorra clan allowing the seizure of 280 kilograms of cocaine and the arrest of over 43 people in Naples, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam and Venezuela. He drafted the first report on Economics, Crime and Finance in Italy.

I have met Angelo Jannone in Catania where he received one more honor award for peace work in the world. He travelled without bodyguards and police protection, recieveing the award in an open public place in Catania.

If a man like Angelo Jannone can travel and live in Italy with work positions in government and universities, do one really think a book writer like Roberto Saviano, that has not lead to any arrests or much disturbance at all, needs all this police protection? This is why I think Roberto Saviano is a media hoax. What he has created is just another fiction, but no true real work.

Angelo Jannone


Roberto Saviano ingen har missat, eftersom han ?r f?rfattare till den v?rldsber?mda Gomorra boken och tv-serien baserat p? hans bok. Jag har aldrig trott p? Saviano och de hot han p?st?r att han har fr?n Casalesi-klanen. Jag kommer att f?rklara varf?r.

Hans bok Gomorra publicerades 2006, den tid d? den italienska regeringen var mest framg?ngsrik mot maffian, var det ironiskt nog under Berlusconi-tiden. Berlusconi har anklagats att ha har kopplingar till maffian, n?got som aldrig har bevisats. Efter att Berlusconi avsatts b?rjade maffian v?xa snabbt igen. Under de senaste ?ren har det visat sig att den italienska regeringen ?r starkt knuten till maffian och har f?tt sitt eget namn “Mafia e Capitale”, vilket betyder “Maffian och huvudstaden”. Savianos arbete och framg?ng med boken kom under tiden d? maffian m?tte h?rd motst?nd fr?n regeringen. Saviano beh?ver polisskydd 24 timmar p? grund av den h?r boken han h?vdar att maffian hatar.

Har du n?gonsin h?rt talas om Angelo Jannone?

Angelo Jannone var polisens bef?lhavare i Corleone, Sicilien, 1989-1991. Med Giovanni Falcone huvudutredare p? arvet fr?n Toto Riina och revisorn Pino Mandalari. Angelo lyckades komma in i Corleone-klanen och flyttades sedan av s?kerhetssk?l. Han har skjutits av Sicilianska maffiklaner p? grund av gripanden och utredningar, och i Kalabrien undertecknade han en proposition som ledde till arresteringar av 187 mafia-medlemmar fr?n Cosa Nostra och lokala klaner i Kalabrien. I Calabria finns Ndrangheta-klanen, som ?r en av v?rldens farligaste och starkaste klaner. Jannone flyttades fr?n Kalabrien efter att en informat?r informerat att en bomb var planerad att d?da Jannone.

Sedan ledde han en tre?rig utredning mot italienska skatteverkets korruption och blev n?stan skjuten till d?ds av en Kalasnikov av personer som han unders?kte. Han flyttades sedan till Rom, l?mnade polisen och startade arbetet i s?rskild utredningsenhet. Under den tiden lyckades han bli infiltrerad i kriminella organisationer i Italien och colombianska narkotikahandlare med anknytning till Camorra-klanen som m?jliggjorde beslag p? 280 kilo kokain och gripandet av ?ver 43 personer i Napoli, Milano, Rom, Amsterdam och Venezuela. Han utarbetade den f?rsta rapporten om ekonomi, brottslighet och finans i Italien.

Jag har tr?ffat Angelo Jannone i Catania d?r han fick en hedersutm?rkelse f?r fredsarbete i v?rlden. Han reste utan livvakter och polisskydd, mottog utm?rkelsen p? en ?ppen allm?n plats i Catania.

Om en man som Angelo Jannone kan resa och bo i Italien med arbetsplatser i regeringen och universitet, tror man verkligen att en bokf?rfattare som Roberto Saviano, som inte har lett till n?gra arresteringar eller mycket st?rning alls, beh?ver allt detta polisskydd? Det ?r d?rf?r jag f?r bilden av att Roberto Saviano ?r en mediabluff. Det han skapat ?r bara en fiktion, men inget riktigt verkligt arbete.

Driving in Sicily – How to survive

One golden rule about Sicily is Law says one thing – Reality is something else.

Sicily is filled with cars and the situation is not getting any better. Generally if a family has four family members, there are four cars, perhaps also two vespas and a motorbike. Now when I think of it also I have one car and two vespas. If you look into the sicilian cars you often see just one person in it, they do not plan to go together.

The traffic situation changes very much dependning on where you are in Sicily. In Ragusa area you find calmer traffic, order, people using seat belts, children in car seats, people using helmets and so on… Ragusa has always been the Germany in Sicily. Then you start to move towards Catania and Palermo and there you find vepsas on the right and left, a car for five people may have eight sitting inside, a whole family on a vespa with no helmets and cars parked all over. In Messina five cars ignored the red light in 20 minutes.

For guests renting a car in Sicily I always advice the following “You have to drive like only you exist in the world. No one will give you priority and if you follow north european rules, you will never reach your destination. In road crossings if turning left, you have to sneak out slowly, stopping the cars on the left field and continue slowly forward stopping the cars from right side. This way you cross a road in Sicily. If parking confuses you, check how other cars has parked in the area. If they have a paid ticket in the window, then pay. If not, just park there. You can also ask the closest shop or bar for advice. Or park on the side of the road checking that you do not block the traffic.” In Sicily many times fast parking means parking on the sidewalk and put emergemcy lights on.?Double and triple parking is more standard than exception. I recommend not to do this.

The city of Catania got tired of double- and tripple parking in central city that stopped even the public transport, so the municipality put some cameras in the streets and sent the fines home. In one month they collected over 80,000 fines.

For safety: always drive with locked doors especially in Catania and Palermo. No one will point a gun on you, but open doors means e.g that someone can steal you bag on the seat. Bags always keep on the floor. Never leave anything in the car if you are not there; put shoppingbags in the trunk and papers ecc under the seat. In Taormina area I drive more safe, but when I got to Catania I lock the steering wheel with a chain that goes under seat if I leave the car for longer hours. Your items in the car may be stolen or the car itself, but you do not have to worry about someone treathening you. Same with Vespas, lock the rear wheel with a chain.

In the sicilian traffic you will notice sicilians anger and frustrations; lots of shouting, hand gestures and using the car horn. Do not stress! It is always the same.

If you have an accident, never move the car, leave the scene as it is even if you block the traffic, as it is the police who will report what may have happened. Never listen to the counterpart what to do, wait for the police. Insurance frauds are alarmingly high in Italy and an accident is a perfect occasion to milk extra money from you. In small accidents the sicilian custom is to solve the issue there by giving some cash to the other party to solve the damages without dragging in the insurance companies.

If you rent a car many companies offers full insurance, it means that for a small amount you have full cover and can return with just one wheel not paying anything at all, they call it Full Kasko. And if you get a parking ticket, or a fine, pay it. Paying it within five days gives you up to 30% discount. If you do not pay it will get more expensive as they will deduct the money from your card and often add an extra fine of 50 euro.

Good luck out there laughing well, you’ll see things to remember for life!


In Catania red light is only a suggestionI Catania ?r r?tt ljus bara ett f?rslag



En gyllene regel om Sicilien ?r Lagen s?ger en sak – Verkligheten ?r n?got annat.

Sicilien ?r fylld med bilar och situationen blir inte b?ttre. Generellt om en familj har fyra familjemedlemmar finns det fyra bilar, kanske ocks? tv? vespor och en motorcykel. Nu n?r jag t?nker p? det har jag ocks? en bil och tv? vespor. Om du tittar p? de sicilianska bilarna ser du ofta bara en person i den, de planerar inte att ?ka tillsammans.

Trafiksituationen f?r?ndras v?ldigt mycket beroende av var du befinner dig p? Sicilien. I Ragusa-omr?det finner du lugnare trafik, ordning, personer som anv?nder bilb?lten, barn i bilstolar, personer som anv?nder hj?lmar och s? vidare … Ragusa har alltid varit Tyskland p? Sicilien. Sedan b?rjar du flytta mot Catania och Palermo och d?r har du vepsor till h?ger och v?nster. En bil f?r fem personer kan ha ?tta sittande inuti, en hel familj p? en vespa utan hj?lmar och bilar parkerade ?verallt. I Messina ignorerade fem bilar det r?da ljuset p? 20 minuter.

F?r g?ster som hyr en bil p? Sicilien, rekommenderar jag alltid f?ljande: “Du m?ste k?ra som om bara du existerar i v?rlden. Ingen kommer att prioritera dig och om du f?ljer nordeuropeiska regler kommer du aldrig att n? din destination. I v?nstersv?ng m?ste du smyga l?ngsamt ut, stoppa bilarna p? v?nster fil och forts?tt l?ngsamt fram?t och stoppa bilarna fr?n h?ger sida. P? s? s?tt korsar du en v?g p? Sicilien. Om parkeringsplatsen f?rvirrar dig, kolla hur andra bilar har parkerat. Om de har en betald biljett i f?nstret, betalar du det. Om inte, bara parkera d?r. Du kan ocks? fr?ga n?rmaste aff?r eller bar f?r r?d. Eller parkera p? sidan av v?gen och kontrollera att du inte blockerar trafiken.” P? Sicilien inneb?r m?nga g?nger snabb parkering parkering p? trottoaren och s?tta p? n?dblinkers. Dubbel- och trippelparkering ?r mer regel ?n undantag. Jag rekommenderar att du inte g?r det h?r.

Staden Catania blev tr?tt p? dubbel- och trippelparkering i centrala staden som stoppade ?ven kollektivtrafiken, s? kommunen satte upp n?gra kameror p? gatorna och skickade b?terna hem. P? en m?nad samlade de in ?ver 80 000 b?ter.

F?r s?kerhet: k?r alltid med l?sta d?rrar, s?rskilt i Catania och Palermo. Ingen kommer att peka med en pistol p? dig, men ?ppna d?rrar betyder till exempel att n?gon kan stj?la v?skan p? s?tet. V?skor har man alltid p? bilgolvet. L?mna aldrig n?gonting i bilen om du inte ?r d?r. L?gg shoppingkassar i bagaget och papper ecc under s?tet. I Taormina-omr?det k?r jag s?kert, men n?r jag ?ker till Catania l?ser jag ratten med en kedja som g?r under s?tet om jag l?mnar bilen l?ngre tid. Dina saker i bilen kan bli stulna eller bilen sj?lv, men du beh?ver inte oroa dig f?r n?gon som skulle hota dig. Samma med Vespor, l?s bakhjulet med en kedja.

I den sicilianska trafiken kommer du att m?rka sicilianarnas ilska och frustrationer; massor av skrik, handgester och tutande. Stressa inte! Det ?r alltid s?h?r.

Om du har en olycka, flytta aldrig bilen, l?mna scenen som den ?r ?ven om du blockerar trafiken, eftersom det ?r polisen som kommer att rapportera vad som kan ha h?nt. Lyssna aldrig p? motparten vad man ska g?ra, v?nta p? polisen. F?rs?kringsbedr?gerier ?r orov?ckande h?ga i Italien och en olycka ?r ett perfekt tillf?lle att mj?lka extra pengar fr?n dig. Vid sm?olyckor ?r sicilianska stilen att l?sa problemet p? plats genom att ge n?gra pengar till den andra parten f?r att l?sa mindre skador utan att dra in f?rs?kringsbolagen.

Om du hyr en bil erbjuder m?nga f?retag full f?rs?kring, det inneb?r att du f?r en liten summa har full t?ckning och kan ?terv?nda med bara ett hjul utan att beh?va betala n?got, det kallas Full Kasko. Och om du f?r parkeringsb?ter, eller annan b?ter, betala den. Betalar du inom fem dagar ges upp till 30% rabatt. Om du inte betalar blir det dyrare eftersom de kommer att dra av pengarna fr?n ditt kort och ofta l?gger till en extra b?ter p? 50 euro.

Lycka till d?r ute och skratta gott, du kommer se saker att minnas f?r livet!

Police car in Sicily


So what has happened in Sicily this weekend

So what has happened in Sicily this weekend.

– In Palermo some gas stations has sold petroleum to a very advantageous price. Couple of gas station owners are arrested for selling petroleum aimed for the agricultural sector in their gasstations for a very low price. And that kind of rumours walks fast here! A fast growing queue…

– In Licata 50 households has been without electricity for a long time since the copper got stolen from the electricity lines. The municipality is reported and no one knows when it will be fixed.

– In Enna the municipality voted to use the new anti-corruption bill for public offices. 46 politicians of 200 protested by calling in long term sickness. All of them has presented valid medical certificates.

– In Catania the police has found a commercial warehouse…filled with stolen goods.

So that is a little bit what happened in Sicily this weekend…and tomorrow is a new week…life goes on.


S? vad har h?nt p? Sicilien i helgen.
I Palermo har vissa bensinstationer?s?lt bensin till ett mycket f?rdelaktigt pris. Ett par bensinstations?gare har arresteras f?r att ha s?lt bensin avsedd f?r jordbrukssektorn i sina bensinstationer f?r ett mycket l?gt pris. Och den typen av rykten g?r snabbt h?r! K?n blir l?ng…
I Licata har 50 hush?ll varit utan el under en l?ng tid eftersom kopparn blev stulen fr?n kraftledningarna. Kommunen har anm?lts och ingen vet n?r det kommer att ?terst?llas.
Enna kommunen r?stade f?r att anv?nda den nya antikorruption lagen f?r offentligt anst?llda. 46 politiker av 200 protesterade genom l?ngtidssjukskrivning. Alla av dem har presenterat giltiga l?karintyg.
I Catania har polisen hittat ett kommersiellt lagerfylld med st?ldgods.
S? det ?r lite vad som h?nde i Sicilien i helgen…och imorgon b?rjar en ny vecka…och livet g?r vidare.

An example, of many, how Sicilian police works with Honor Culture

This is about 19-year-old Aysegul Durtac, born in Italy and her parents have been residents in Sirakusa, Sicily for 20 years, the father has a steady work. There are a Muslim family who did not accept their daughter’s life style and thought she had become too “Western“. They tricked her to relatives in Turkey by saying that her brother’s health is not good.
Once there, they took her phone, passport, locked her in the house and drugged her through food.
Her friends in Sicily sensed that something was wrong and reported the disappearanceto the police in Sirakusa. Police immediately contacted Interpol and the Italian Consulate in Izmir. They found her in the city Serinhisar and in cooperation with local police Aysegul could be brought back to Sicily.
Parents are arrested and police have declared that they live in Italy where their daughter can live how as she likes, and they’re under Italian law. Aysegul has reported her parents.
Source: La Sicilia (article below in italian)


Detta handlar om 19 ?riga Aysegul Durtuc som f?ddes i Italien och hennes f?r?ldrar varit folkbokf?rda i Sirakusa, Sicilien i 20 ?r, pappan har fast arbete. Det ?r en muslimsk familj som inte accepterade sin dotters levnadsstil och tyckte hon blivit f?r “v?sterl?ndsk”. De lurade henne till sl?ktingar i Turkiet genom att s?ga att hennes brors h?lsa inte ?r bra.
V?l d?r tog de hennes telefon, pass, l?ste in henne i huset och drogades via maten.
Hennes v?nner p? Sicilien anade att n?got var fel och anm?lde “f?rsvinnandet” till polisen i Sirakusa. Polisen kontaktade omg?ende Interpol och italienska konsulatet i Izmir. De fann henne i staden Serinhisar och i samarbete med lokala polisen kunde Aysegul f?ras tillbaka till Sicilien.
F?r?ldrarna ?r arresterade och polisen har f?rklarat att de bor i Italien d?r deras dotter f?r leva hur hon vill och de ?r under italiensk lag. Aysegul har anm?lt sina f?r?ldrar.
K?lla: La Sicilia (artikel nedan)


Pic Of The Week: Cutest Police Station you find on Panarea

PAN.STR.Juli2014 042

Pic of The Week: Police on horses in Catania


Forget a Fancy Car

Forget a fancy car living in Catania. It will make sense the day we live in the countryside, but not right now. Every car in Sicily has some kind of a damage, more or less. People back into your car, lean on it, or just make damages because you have a nice car and much more that ain’t so good. This damage on our car (of many) happened when the police was chasing a thief on a motorino. The thief was looking behind where the police might be, did not see our car and pumped into it. The police can not cover the damage because the fault is not theirs, and the thief has no income nor any social back-up, so we just have to let it be and not even fix it. One morning we saw there are some white stripes on the other side. Our neighbor has a white car with grey stripes now. And no one says a word.


Gl?m en finare bil n?r du bor i Catania. Det ?r meningsfullt dagen vi bor p? landet, men inte just nu. Varje bil p? Sicilien har n?gon form av skada, mer eller mindre. M?nniskor backar p? bilen, lutar sig p? den, eller bara g?r skada eftersom du har en fin bil och mycket mer som inte ?r s? bra. Denna skada p? v?r bil (av m?nga) h?nde n?r polisen jagade en tjuv p? en motorino. Tjuven tittade bak?t d?r polisen kan vara, s?g inte v?r bil och kraschade in i den. Polisen kan inte t?cka skadan eftersom felet inte ?r deras, och tjuven har ingen inkomst eller n?gon social backup, s? vi m?ste bara l?ta det vara och inte ens fixa det. En morgon s?g vi det fanns n?gra vita r?nder p? den andra sidan. V?r granne har en vit bil med gr? r?nder nu. Och ingen s?ger ett ord.

Arrested for selling tickets to immigrants

The police in Sicily has made a big investigation how immigration network is connected and has arrested a 35 year old tunis man who was the main profile selling tickets to immigrants for passing over to Sicily. Immigrants has paid between 2000 – 4500 USD each and this has made him a millionnare. The man is under arrest and money confiscated. Media showed his name and photes the police has collected during investigation.

Yesterday arrived also a boat from Syria with lawyers and engineers who have paid 4000 USD each to pass over the Mediterranean sea. They do not have any intentions to stay in Sicily, the plan is to live at their relatives in Germany, Sweden and Finland as they have enough money to provide for themselves.

An immigrant woman got gang raped by other male immigrants some days ago in a refugee facility. All men are arrested. Penalties in Italy are quite high.


Polisen p? Sicilien har gjort en stor unders?kning om hur invandringens n?tverk ?r anslutet och har gripit en 35-?rig tunisisk man som var den fr?msta profilen att s?lja biljetter till invandrare f?r att passera ?ver till Sicilien. Invandrare har betalat mellan USD 2000 – 4500? vardera och det har gjort honom till miljon?r. Mannen ?r anh?llen och mycket av pengarna konfiskerats. Media gick ut med namn och bilder p? mannen som h?llits under uppsikt en l?ngre tid.
Ig?r kom ?ven en b?t fr?n Syrien med jurister och ingenj?rer som har betalat 4000 dollar vardera f?r att passera ?ver Medelhavet. De har inte n?gra planer p? att bo p? Sicilien,? planen ?r att bo hos sina sl?ktingar i Tyskland, Sverige och Finland eftersom de har tillr?ckligt med pengar f?r att f?rs?rja sig.
En invandrande kvinna blev utsatt f?r gruppv?ldt?kt av andra manliga invandrare n?gra dagar sedan i en flykting anl?ggning. Alla m?n arresterades. P?f?ljderna i Italien ?r ganska h?rda.

And then what?

Vad h?nde sen?

B?tern jag fick p? motorinon hann jag aldrig ?verklaga, haft viktigare saker att g?ra. Men fick veta att det g?r. Som ljuv h?mnd hann en av katterna l?gga en liten piss p? b?tern dagen innan jag skulle g? och betala. S? jag anser att trafikpolisen och jag ?r kvitt.

Mitt f?rlorade bagage har ?nnu inte dykt upp. De hade skickat v?skan till Trapani, Sicilien. Men n?tterna d?r hade skickat den tillbaka till Milano. Nu ringde de fr?n Milano och sa vilket flyg v?skan kommer p?. S? jag ringde till Trapani och sa att de m?ste skicka hit den. S? den kommer med bud senast tisdag. V?skan ?r mer globetrotter ?n jag.
Eng: Then what happened?

The fine I got on the motorinon I didn’t appeal, had other things to do. But I know that it’s possible. As a sweet revenge one of the cats added a little pee on the fine the day before I would pay. So I think that the traffic police and I are even.

My lost luggage has yet to appear. They have sent the bag to Trapani, Sicily. But the nuts had sent it back to Milan. Now they called from Milan, said in which flight the bag comes. So I called to Trapani and said they must send it here. So it comes with taxi latest on Tuesday. The bag is more globetrotter than I am.

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