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Piazza Armerina – World’s richest mosaics & Old town in the Norman footsteps

I have made a new video about Piazza Armerina, but YouTube share link does not work to share it here this time. So just klick here, or copy and paste this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_xAI8-EANM

Here visiting Piazza Armerina with 20,000 inhabitants and famous for the Roman mosaic villa, Villa Romana del Casale. Largest, richest and most varied mosaic collection in the world covering 3500 m2. Also visiting the old town sadly many skip to visit. Very up and down hills, but with very interesting history specially for us Normans as Piazza Armerina was developed by Normans.

Mosaic since Roman Empire – Villa Casale

Imperial Villa of Casale is a very popular tourist spot. but it is so much more and a must see if you ever come to Sicily. It is one of the most remarkable signs of roman presence in Sicily. It is a very well preserved and cured roman villa made with millions of mosaic pieces telling stories from the great Roman Empire.


Imperial Villa of Casale ?r en mycket popul?r turistdestination, men det ?r s? mycket mer och m?ste ses om du n?gonsin kommer till Sicilien. Det ?r en av de mest anm?rkningsv?rda tecknen p? romerska n?rvaron p? Sicilien. Det ?r en mycket v?lbevarad och v?rdad romersk villa gjord av miljontals mosaikbitar som ber?ttar historier fr?n det stora romerska riket.


The rooms for festivities had toilets nearby and did not have a door. When the rich roman aristrocrats went to the toilet, they kept on the conversation with the people next door and woth those sitting next to them.

Rummen f?r festligheterna hade toaletter i n?rheten och hade inte d?rrar.? N?r de rika romerska aristrocraterna gick p? toaletten, fortsatte samtalen med folket intill och de som satt bredvid dem.


The most famous mosaics are the Ten Bikini Girls

Mest k?nda mosaikerna ?r de Tio Bikini Flickorna


Erotic – Hunting Stories – Fishing and Ships

Erotik – J?garhistorier- Fiske och Skepp


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