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Castellana Sicula – Murales paintings all over by Madonie mountains

Small village of 3000 inhabitants known for its Murales paintings. Since 1994 about 30 artists contributed with their art on this villages facades. In August takes place a folkloristic dance “Ballo della Cardella”. A fertility dance around a three meter high pole, which is identical to our viking tradition in Midsummer.

Lunch at: Family Art

Countryplace stay aka Agriturismo: Masseria Xireni (Organic and Sustainable travel)

Piazza Armerina – World’s richest mosaics & Old town in the Norman footsteps

I have made a new video about Piazza Armerina, but YouTube share link does not work to share it here this time. So just klick here, or copy and paste this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_xAI8-EANM

Here visiting Piazza Armerina with 20,000 inhabitants and famous for the Roman mosaic villa, Villa Romana del Casale. Largest, richest and most varied mosaic collection in the world covering 3500 m2. Also visiting the old town sadly many skip to visit. Very up and down hills, but with very interesting history specially for us Normans as Piazza Armerina was developed by Normans.

Scicli, a Montalbano pearl in Iblea mountains

Scicli is in the Ragusa province with 26,000 inhabitants. A walkable baroque pearl with famous Montalbanos police station to visit. In the series this town is called Vigata. It is also a Natural wine nest. In this video I also climb up to two small mountains which offers stunning views over the city.


Scicli ligger i Ragusa-provinsen med 26 000 invånare. En promenadvänlig barockpärla med den berömda Montalbanos polisstation att besöka. I serien heter denna stad Vigata. Det är också ett naturligt vinnäste. I den här videon klättrar jag också upp till två små berg som erbjuder fantastisk utsikt över staden.

The curtain story

This is so typical Sicily.

My neighbor has lived without curtains for at least over 15 years. She was told that it is not possible to mount a curtain rod because of the stone walls. The building is an old 1800 baroque structure built on stone. When I moved in I bought the right tools and mounted a curtain rod, sew curtains and having curtains since. It took almost two years before the lady knocked on my door to ask if I really have curtains as she has been passing my windows several times and could not believe her eyes. So I told her about the tools needed and she went to buy them a.s.a.p. and called again the handyman to say it is possible. She also admired the curtains I have in the living room, so I will give them to her because they will be changed anyway this summer.

This is so typical Sicily. You get a No if someone has never done such job, or is too lazy to do it. And as so often, not interested to learn anything new.


Detta är så typiskt Sicilien.

Min granne har levt utan gardiner i minst över 15 år. Hon fick information att det inte går att montera en gardinstång på grund av stenväggarna. Byggnaden är en gammal barockbyggnad från 1800 byggd på sten. När jag flyttade in köpte jag rätt verktyg och monterade en gardinstång, sydde gardiner och har gardiner sedan dess. Det tog nästan två år innan damen knackade på min dörr för att fråga om jag verkligen har gardiner då hon har passerat mina fönster flera gånger och inte trott sina ögon. Så jag berättade för henne om de verktyg som behövdes och hon gick för att köpa dem omedelbart. Ringde igen hantverkaren för att säga att det är möjligt. Hon beundrade också gardinerna jag har i vardagsrummet, så jag ska ge henne dem då de ska ändå bytas i sommar.

Det här är så typiskt Sicilien. Du får ett Nej om någon aldrig har gjort ett sådant jobb, eller är för lat för att göra det. Och som så ofta, inte intresserad att lära sig något nytt.

Caltagirone – The colourful Arabian “pot castle”

Caltagirone is famous for its ceramic and if you are going to buy original Sicilian ceramic, it has to be signed Caltagirone. Filled with Sicilian baroque, but has arabian origins with town name qal at-ghiran, meaning “The pot castle”.

Highlight is of course Scalinata di Santa Maria del Monte. Filled with ceramic stories from all eras passing this area. 142 steps takes you to a wonderful view. Main reason I stopped here was to visit my favourite Ragu restaurant, but it was closed for vacation. So I get a new chance to pass by again!

Monreale – Golden stories on the walls, in the Norman footsteps

The highlight in Monreale is the main church, Cappella del Duomo di Monreale. Built as a political statement and artistic show off, and is the most important Norman architectual monument in Sicily as it represent the whole Norman kingdom. 6340 m2 of mosaics to follow stories from the old and new testament. Built by William II.

Selinunte – Archaeology, Beaches & Fish

Selinunte archaeological park is largest in Europe. 270 hectares, 10 km walking track, seven temples, baths, necropolis ecc. An area to walk through the birth of the Greek empire to its fall.

Marinella di Selinunte is the small village just by with 1000 inhabitants. One of the few real rural Sicilian areas left with slow living, fish and amazing beaches.

Palermo Botanical Garden – Green haven & Carl von Linné

If in Palermo do not miss the Palermos botanical Garden. Founded 1789, 10 hectares large, and one of the most important Italian academic institutions with over 5000 plants for studies. Plants were organized along the Linneian system of classification, a system created by Swedish Carl Linnaeus aka Carl von Linné.

It also holds a so called urban vineyard from 2018 where most important Italian wine grapes are preserved.

Palermo tour part 2 – Mosaics & Markets, strolling in Norman footsteps

This tour takes us to one of the most important places for us Normans, the Norman Palace with Cappella Palatina. After that random strolling in Palermo excluding the old markets as honestly they are not like before, but found a very nice food market close to the courthouse where I eat the classical Sicilian Anellini pasta on Sunday.

This walking tour goes: Porta Nuova – Palazzo Dei Normanni with Cappella Palatina and Giardini Reali – Porta Felice – Market – Courthouse – Market

Palermo tour part 1 – From the ground to roof tops in the Norman steps

The day in Palermo was sun, clouds, rain and colors shifting like the rest of Sicily. Due to own Norman DNA I followed most in the Norman footsteps, but also many other important sites to see. Walking as follows:Politeama, Teatro Massimo, Quattro Canti, Fontana Pretoria and Palermo Cathedral.

Palermo city central is closed to traffic or has very limited traffic, so it has become a delight to just stroll around different sites to see with wine and food paus spots in every corner and street. Part two coming soon!

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