"Si bedda commu u suli. A ma vita fussi vacanti senza ri tia!"

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Unknown Megaliths of Rocca Pizzicata

Megaliths of Rocca Pizzicata are quite unknown in Sicily and it is bit tricky to get here as they are surrounded by private owned lands. It is a place mixed with myths, religion, human habitats, tombs and naturally shaped cliffs by the water during time. Cliffs forming faces, eyes, fish heads and animals.

Located 700 m.a.s.l. in the municipality of Roccella Valdemone.

writings on the wall – sicilian love messages

I had finished my reasons for smiling…
…then you arrived!!
You are my most beautiful smile
in the middle of all this mess!!


Jag hade inga fler sk?l f?r att le…
…och sedan kom du!!
Du ?r mitt vackraste leende
mitt i all denna r?ra!!


Pic of The WeeK: Sicilian countryside roads…

Rossomanno 056

Pic of the Week: Catania Roof Tops


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