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Morgantina – Siculi Greek Cittadella and Swedish archaeologists

A Siculi-Greek cittadella discovered by a Swedish archaeologist Erik SjΓΆqvist 1955. He chose the location, made the project successful and was supported by the Swedish king Gustav VI Adolf.

Greeks dominated this area and the cittadella reached up to 10,000 inhabitants. It is the most important archaeological sites in Sicily and gave understanding of ancient city planning.

What they say about them, what they say about us

I think I’ve met hundreds of sicilians these five years, perhaps thousands and it is very interesting to see that many has been to Scandinavia for work or holiday. Many does the cruises that visits all the capitals or the Norway coastline, and have also met sicilians who have rented a car and drove from south to north. Some has also lived there and many men has had a story with a scandinavian woman (something most of them regret ended). Sicilians love to talk about the world and generalize. I do not say much back (even if I write alot here in the blog) and just answer very shortly. It is more interesting to listen to their views. Most of sicilians do not understand how I could leave Scandinavia and move to Sicily, they think I am insane. They also have a quite unrealistic view of Scandinavia, for them it is like Paradise and they use the word often. Well, I agree it is one of the best places to grow up in, but it is not all perfect. We have problems too, but it is quite difficult to compare because the social-, family- and political system is totally to the contrary to Italy. The first things they always say about e.g, Sweden are five: 1) It is very clean, 2) children do not cry, 3) people smile on the streets, 4) beautiful people, 5) incredible order.

Sicilians rarely talk good about their culture and people. When I try to say something positive I often get interrupted. That is quite sad because the vision I have of sicilians is very positive (except when you get involved in a family). Personally I have been very well treated with only three big issues to solve. I have though seen that the way they treat eachother and foreigners is different. As a foreigner I feel welcomed in Sicily despite what the rumours says. The sicilian system and culture is very easy to understand. Sicily shows one side for visitors and there then is another side that comes up to the surface when you have lived here for a while. I will write more about that later.

What I like about Sicily you can find HERE


Jag tror att jag tr?ffat hundratals sicilianare dessa fem ?r, kanske tusentals, och det ?r mycket intressant att se att m?nga har varit till Skandinavien f?r arbete eller semester. M?nga g?r kryssningarna som bes?ker alla huvudst?der eller Norges kust , och har ocks? tr?ffat sicilianare som har hyrt en bil och k?rt fr?n s?der till norr. Vissa har ?ven bott d?r och m?nga m?n har haft en historia med en skandinavisk kvinna (n?got som de flesta av dem ?ngrar tog slut). Sicilianare ?lskar att prata om v?rlden och generalisera. Jag s?ger inte mycket tillbaka (?ven om jag skriver en hel del h?r i bloggen) och svarar kort. Det ?r roligare att lyssna p? deras bild. De flesta av sicilianarna f?rst?r inte hur jag kunde l?mna Skandinavien och flytta till Sicilien, de tror att jag ?r galen. De har ocks? en ganska orealistisk bild av Skandinavien, f?r dem ?r det som paradiset och de anv?nder det ordet ofta. Jo, jag h?ller med om det ?r en av de b?sta st?llena att v?xa upp i, men allt ?r inte perfekt. Vi har problem ocks?, men det ?r ganska sv?rt att j?mf?ra eftersom det sociala- , familje- och politiska systemet ?r helt i motsats till Italien. De f?rsta sakerna de s?ger alltid om t.ex. Sverige ?r fem : 1) Det ?r mycket rent, 2 ) barn gr?ter inte, 3) m?nniskor ler p? gatorna , 4) vackra m?nniskor, 5) otrolig ordning.

Sicilianare talar s?llan bra om deras kultur och folk. N?r jag f?rs?ker s?ga n?got positivt blir jag ofta avbruten. Det ?r ganska tr?kigt eftersom den vision jag har av sicilianare ?r mycket positiv (utom n?r du ?r iblandad i en familj). Personligen har jag blivit mycket v?l behandlad med endast tre stora fr?gor att l?sa. Jag har dock sett att det s?tt som de behandlar varandra och utl?nningar ?r annorlunda. Som utl?nning k?nner jag mig v?lkommen p? Sicilien trots vad ryktena s?ger. Det sicilianska systemet och kulturen ?r mycket l?tt att f?rst?. Sicilien visar en sida f?r bes?kare och sen finns en annan sida som kommer upp till ytan n?r du har bott h?r ett tag. Kommer skriva mer om det senare.

Det jag gillar med Sicilien finner du H?R.

My Love for Sicily – What I love about Sicily!

Patience is one of the best things in Sicily. In north Europe we are so used to a system that thinks for you that a smallest problem on the road creates huge unneccesary stress in life. Here if the internet or the phone does not work, then they just does not work. You learn to be flexible. You learn to calm down. Things takes longer time and if it goes atleast 50% as you planned, then good! If you are late 20 minutes because of traffic blockage, that is totally ok. No one is irritated at you.

Independence Italians, especially Sicilians, are not dependent of the system. Population has their own system. This is a fantastic freedom where you are forced to plan for your life. In Sicily the family is your safety net, but as a foreigner your safety net is you. It forces you to think further, to the next day, to the next month. You always have to have a plan B. I feel really free for the first time in my life. And learnt to trust my skills. In Sweden people rely on the system, and when you move you see that the system ain’t that amazing anyway.

The System There are many good things in Italy that no one ever writes about. E.g. the healthcare system in Italy is much better, just to name one. If you have to visit a hospital you see a doctor, not a nurse. You choose your own private doctor and in some cases the doctor makes home visits if you can not go to the hospital. And this works. The system is free, you pay nothing visiting a hospital or being hospitalized. These things we do not learn to know about because the only media we get from Italy is about Berlusconi and top 5 places in Tuscany. You come to learn that every country has its good an bad sides. You do not need to point on other countries fault to make your own feel great. You kinda live in reality.

See Other People In Sicily a total stranger can say Hello to you. And you do not have to be afraid. Sicilians see other people. They help other people without keeping a “I helped you, now the person has to help me” account. It took me a long time to just accept a helping hand and not feel in guilt to find a solution how to repay that favour. With time and right occasion it will…if it ever will…but it does not matter. The neighbors greets you a lovely day.

Economy Have learned to become more economic and I really needed that. You never know how your life can change so you need to have a back up plan if something happens. The social system works fine at least in Catania, and if you get sick from work INPS pays in time. This “buy and throw away if you get tired” mentality is gone and I am happy for that because happiness for me does not lay in the latest trends, it lays in life quality and your own choices, not what the trendy magazine tell you to like. These days I also think some days before I buy. Do not shop everyday anymore and buy the things I really need. Identity is no longer in the things I own.

Humanity In Sicily there is a humanity that we in northern countries has lost a long time ago. Especially in the immigration issue you see so many locals helping. Sicilians never attack people officially, nor have I met racism here. Patience with older and sick people. In work people do not step on other people in all ways to get ahead. Yes, they can steal your work like in other places, but they do not cut your feets. They have this saying that “Every person has to earn his bread”.

Real Food Sicily has an amazing food production and that is why I am still here. The knowledge of the natures richness is amazing and I thank sicilians for having the patience to teach me everything. Everything grows here and have learned to eat by the seasons and use food as medicine. Thanks to this new knowledge I have also got rid of stomach problems, allergies and many other health problems. When I go to meetings there is always someone who has brought a new spice or fruit from their garden, explains how to use it and then waiting to hear my results. πŸ™‚

Weather…. do I really have to say more πŸ™‚ Okok…august is too hot πŸ˜‰

Speak Out In Sicily you can have your opinion. It is quite funny that the society is seen as a closed place, but I have never met so much interesting point of views as here. And you can speak out your own opinions without someone calling you an idiot. Personal attacks I have never met here. I have learned to think, study and create my own point of view. Sweden is seen as an open minded country. I totally agree, but it is when it comes to new trends and other cultures. Having a different opinion than the mass, creates a quite big hell for you.

Realistic view of the world After the first year here and when I started to get out from the swedish pink bubble and saw my home country from new perspectives, I started to feel lured. From early school years we learn that Sweden is the best, we have democracy, we are leading in the world, we have gender equality…and so on. Now living from that system and meeting other countries I see that it is not true. We are fantastic in many things, but so are also other countries and people. Perhaps we have great laws when it comes to become a parent, but the rest I have to say is not true. I kinda woke up here! Here you also have access to all kinds of different information sources and you meet so much people from all over the world. And all kinds of people.

Success is ok Here people look up to successful people, those who made it or can make it by their own. In Sweden we have a stupid “Jante lagen” which means to keep your success for yourself. No one wants to know if you are better that someone else. Stupid career jealousy that actually stops individual development. It took me along time to have the courage to actually speak out loud what I do. My image of hobby exporting part time house wife is slowly peeling off (that is what people actually think, and the fault is mine, I never PR’d what I do) and now people start to know what I really do. Some swedes will and still hate me and e.g. stops reading the blog, but the world is bigger than Sweden.

I am a Woman I am glad to feel like a woman. This gender politics in Sweden is out of control. It has become to wipe out men and women. It has become that women has to become men to be able to somehow make a career. I thought it was about to collaborate. Feminism in Sweden is about trying to get more females to the company direction boards than to deal with real issues like rape, violence, balcony girls etc. If Swedish women want a job in a company director board, they will get it anyway. It is not that difficult, but do we want the job? No research has been made about this, it is all about keeping somekind of a political perfect face in the world. And that face is getting old. In Sicily I use my female skills working and I have never been harrassed nor met any men talking bad about women. In Sweden it happened often. Here men actually say “Women are better company leaders, sad that local women are not interested to work!” To back this up only Finland has made a study about this and came to the same conclusion (eva.fi). If a man says you have a very nice skirt, it is not harrassment, it is a compliment. In Sweden a man can not say these things anymore. It has gone too far… But I do not feel lost anymore in feminity.

Bel Far Niente… it is totally ok just to do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Lay in the terrass chair and stare at the sky…

I have no money now It is such a freedom to say “I can not come this week because I am short in money”. And yes you have these periods when you pay start-ups from your pocket. No one looks strange at you, because it is normal. You do not have to be ashamed to have less money a week or two. With a 800,000 ? loan to pay for a house you could not afford anyway and two car loans with it, is not having money…it is quite stupid. Have started to use this in north Europe too, and love the faces.



T?lamod ?r en av de b?sta sakerna i Sicilien. I norra Europa ?r vi s? vana vid ett system som t?nker ?t oss att minsta lilla problem p? v?gen skapar enorm on?dig stress i livet. H?r om internet eller telefonen inte fungerar, d? fungerar de bara inte. Du l?r dig att vara flexibel. Du l?r dig att lugna ner. Saker tar l?ngre tid och om det g?r minst 50% som du planerat, s? bra! Om du ?r sen 20 minuter p? grund av trafikblockering, ?r det helt ok. Ingen ?r irriterad p? dig.

Oberoende Italienare, s?rskilt sicilianare, ?r inte beroende av systemet. Befolkningen har sitt eget system. Detta ?r en fantastisk frihet d?r du tvingas att planera f?r ditt liv. P? Sicilien ?r familjen ditt skyddsn?t, som en utl?nning ?r ditt skyddsn?t du. Det tvingar dig att t?nka vidare, till n?sta dag, till n?sta m?nad. Du m?ste alltid ha en plan B. Jag k?nner mig verkligen fri f?r f?rsta g?ngen i mitt liv. Och l?rt mig att lita p? mina kunskaper. I Sverige litar m?nniskor p? systemet, och n?r du flyttar ser du att systemet inte ?r s? fantastiskt ?nd?.

Systemet Det finns m?nga bra saker i Italien som ingen n?gonsin skriver om. T.ex. sjukv?rdssystemet i Italien ?r mycket b?ttre, bara f?r att n?mna en. Om du m?ste bes?ka ett sjukhus tr?ffar du en l?kare, inte en sjuksk?terska. Du v?ljer din egen privata l?kare och i vissa fall g?r l?karen hembes?k om du inte kan ?ka till sjukhuset. Och detta fungerar. Systemet ?r gratis, du betalar ingenting n?r du bes?ker ett sjukhus eller ligger p? sjukhus. Dessa saker l?r vi oss inte veta om eftersom de enda medier som vi f?r fr?n Italien ?r om Berlusconi och topp 5 platser i Toscana. Du l?r dig att varje land har sina goda och d?liga sidor. Du beh?ver inte peka p? andra l?nders fel f?r att g?ra din egen b?ttre. Du lever som i verkligheten.

Se andra m?nniskor P? Sicilien kan en total fr?mling kan s?ga Hej till dig. Och du beh?ver inte vara r?dd. Sicilianare ser andra m?nniskor. De hj?lper andra m?nniskor utan att h?lla ett jag hj?lpte dig, nu ska personen hj?lpa mig” –konto. Det tog mig l?ng tid att bara acceptera en hj?lpande hand och inte k?nna i skuld f?r att finna en l?sning hur man ska ?terbetala fav?ren. Med tiden och r?tt tillf?lle kommer det om det n?gonsin kommer men det spelar ingen roll. Grannarna h?lsar dig en h?rlig dag.

Ekonomi har l?rt mig att bli mer ekonomiskt och jag beh?vde det. Man vet aldrig hur ditt liv kan f?r?ndras s? du m?ste ha en back up plan om n?got h?nder. Det sociala systemet fungerar bra ?tminstone i Catania, och om du blir sjuk fr?n arbetet betalar INPS i tid. Denna k?p och kasta bort om du tr?ttnarmentalitet ?r borta och jag ?r glad f?r det eftersom lycka f?r mig ligger inte i de senaste trenderna, l?gger den p? livskvalitet och mina egna val, inte vad den trendiga tidningen ber?ttar att jag ska gilla. Dessa dagar t?nker jag efter ett par dagar innan jag k?per. Handlar inte varje dag l?ngre och k?per de saker jag verkligen beh?ver. Identiteten ?r inte l?ngre i de saker jag ?ger.

Medm?nsklighet P? Sicilien finns en medm?nsklighet som vi i nordliga l?nder har f?rlorat f?r l?nge sedan. Speciellt i invandringsfr?gan ser du s? m?nga i lokalbefolkningen som hj?lper. Sicilianare attackerar aldrig m?nniskor officiellt, inte heller har jag tr?ffat p? rasism h?r. T?lamod med ?ldre och sjuka m?nniskor. I arbetet trampar inte m?nniskor p? andra m?nniskor p? alla s?tt att komma fram?t. Ja, de kan stj?la ditt arbete som p? andra st?llen, men de beh?ver inte kapa dina f?tter. De har ett s?gande Varje person m?ste f?rtj?na sitt levebr?d“.

Riktig Mat Sicilien har en fantastisk livsmedelsproduktion och det ?r d?rf?r jag fortfarande ?r h?r. Kunskapen om naturens rikedom ?r fantastiskt och jag tackar sicilianare f?r att ha t?lamod att l?ra mig allt. Allt v?xer h?r och har l?rt mig att ?ta med ?rstiderna och anv?nda mat som medicin. Tack vare denna nya kunskap har jag ocks? blivit av med magproblem, allergier och m?nga andra h?lsoproblem. N?r jag g?r till m?ten finns det alltid n?gon som har tagit med en ny krydda eller frukt fr?n deras tr?dg?rd, f?rklarar hur man anv?nder den och sedan v?ntar p? att h?ra mina resultat. πŸ™‚

V?dret …. beh?ver jag egentligen s?ga mer πŸ™‚ okok Augusti ?r f?r varmtπŸ˜‰

Speak Out P? Sicilien kan du ha din ?sikt. Det ?r ganska roligt att samh?llet ses som en sluten plats, men jag har aldrig tr?ffat s? mycket intressanta ?sikter som h?r. Och du kan tala ut dina egna ?sikter utan n?gon kallar dig en idiot. Personliga attacker jag aldrig har tr?ffat p? h?r. Jag har l?rt mig att t?nka, studera och skapa min egen synvinkel. Sverige ses som ett ?ppet land. Jag h?ller helt med, men det ?r n?r det g?ller nya trender och andra kulturer. Att ha en annan ?sikt ?n stora massas, skapar ett ganska stort helvete f?r dig.

Realistisk syn p? v?rlden Efter det f?rsta ?ret h?r och n?r jag b?rjade komma ut ur den svenska rosa bubblan och s?g mitt hemland fr?n nya perspektiv, b?rjade jag k?nna mig lurad. Fr?n tidiga skol?ren l?r vi oss att Sverige ?r b?st, vi har demokrati, vi ?r ledande i v?rlden, har vi j?mst?lldhet och s? vidare. Nu lever jag ifr?n systemet och m?ter andra l?nder och ser jag att det inte ?r sant. Vi ?r fantastiskt bra p? m?nga saker, men det ?r ocks? andra l?nder och folk. Kanske har vi bra lagar n?r det g?ller att bli f?r?lder, men resten m?ste jag s?ga ?r inte sant. Jag vaknade som upp h?r! H?r har du ocks? tillg?ng till alla typer av olika informationsk?llor och du tr?ffar s? mycket folk fr?n hela v?rlden. Och alla typer av m?nniskor.

Framg?ng ?r ok H?r ser folk upp till framg?ngsrika m?nniskor, de som gjorde det eller kan g?ra det som egen. I Sverige har vi en dum Jante Lagenvilket inneb?r att h?lla din framg?ng f?r dig sj?lv. Ingen vill veta om du ?r b?ttre ?n n?gon annan. Dum karri?rssvartsjuka som faktiskt stannar upp den individuella utvecklingen. Det tog mig l?ng tid att ha modet att faktiskt tala h?gt om vad jag g?r. Bilden av mig som hobby exporterande deltidshemmafru skalas l?ngsamt av (det ?r vad folk egentligen tror, och felet ?r mitt, jag har aldrig PR’at vad jag g?r), och nu b?rjar folk att veta vad jag egentligen g?r. N?gra svenskar kommer och redan hatar mig och t.ex. slutar l?sa bloggen, men v?rlden ?r st?rre ?n Sverige.

Jag ?r en kvinna Jag ?r glad att k?nna mig som en kvinna. J?mst?lldhetspolitiken i Sverige ?r utom kontroll. Det har blivit att utpl?na m?n och kvinnor. Det har blivit att kvinnor m?ste bli m?n f?r att kunna p? n?got s?tt g?ra en karri?r. Jag trodde det handlade om att samarbeta. Feminism i Sverige handlar om att f?rs?ka f? fler kvinnor till bolagsstyrelser ?n att ta itu med verkliga fr?gor som v?ldt?kt, v?ld, balkongflickor etc. Om svenska kvinnor vill ha ett jobb i en f?retagsstyrelse, kommer de att f? det ?nd?. Det ?r inte s? sv?rt, men vi vill ha jobbet? Ingen forskning har gjorts om detta, det ?r som att h?lla en slags utav ett politiskt perfekt ansikte i v?rlden. Och det ansiktet b?rjar blir gammalt. P? Sicilien anv?nder jag mina kvinnliga f?rdigheter i arbetet och jag har aldrig blivit trakasserad eller tr?ffat n?gra m?n som talar illa om kvinnor. I Sverige h?nde det ofta. H?r s?ger m?n faktiskt “Kvinnor ?r b?ttre f?retagsledar , tr?kigt att lokala kvinnor inte ?r intresserade av att arbeta !” F?r att backa upp detta har endast Finland har gjort en studie och kom fram till samma slutsats (eva.fi). Om en man s?ger att du har en mycket fin kjol, ?r det inte trakasserier , det ?r en komplimang. I Sverige kan en man inte kan s?ga dessa saker l?ngre . Det har g?tt f?r l?ngt … Men jag k?nner mig inte vilse l?ngre i feminiteten.

Bel Far Niente det ?r helt ok att bara g?ra ingenting. Absolut ingenting. Ligga i terrassstolen och stirra p? himlen

Jag har inga pengar nu Det ?r en s?dan frihet att s?ga Jag kan inte komma den h?r veckan eftersom jag har lite pengar“. Och ja du har dessa perioder n?r du betalar nystarter ur egna fickan. Ingen ser konstigt p? dig, eftersom det ?r normalt. Du beh?ver inte sk?mmas f?r att ha mindre pengar en vecka eller tv?. Med 800.000 ? l?n f?r att betala f?r ett hus man inte ?nd? har r?d med och tv? bill?n med det, betyder inte att ha pengar det betyder idoti. Har b?rjat anv?nda detta i norra Europa ocks?, och ?lskar ansiktsuttrycken.

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