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Corleone town & Mafia museum

Mafia, it is a sensitive topic, but belongs to the Sicilian history and actually also the present. Whatever one says is always wrong, but decided to visit Corleone and the Mafia museum to see and hold the original documents of the Maxi Trial in my hands.

Corleone is a small town south of Palermo with stunning scenery driving there. 600 m.a.s.l. with approximately 10000 inhabitants. Most Sicilian mafia bosses comes from Corleone and still have over 70 “men of honor” alive, whereof most of them are jailed. The town is still run by a mafia boss. It is one of the kindest places I have visited in Sicily because people work hard to show another side of this area.

Sicily News

So the ex president of Sicily is in trial for mafia business and other corruption. They ask for ten years in jail. During Lombardos time Sicily has suffered alot; instead of paying un employees they have used the money for parties and expensive vacations. And the funds he has given to his friends instead giving a population a fair chance to the funds.

The Comiso airport has now a functioning line to London and two new routes are planned: Milano and Bergamo. You could already fly to Bruxelles.

Metro plans are going strong; Catania is already in full operation, Palermo will be next and new on the list is also Messina. Crocetta said that it will be a metro in London style.


S? f?rra presidenten f?r Sicilien ?r i r?tteg?ng f?r maffiaaff?rer och annan korruption. De beg?r tio ?r i f?ngelse. Under Lombardos tid har Sicilien drabbats av mycket illvilja; ist?llet f?r att betala arbetsl?sa, har pengarna anv?nts f?r fester och dyra semestrar. Och fondmedel har han gett till sina v?nner, ist?llet f?r att ge befolkningen en r?ttvis chans till fonderna.

Comiso Flygplatsen har nu en fungerande linje till London och tv? nya linjer planeras: Milano och Bergamo. Du kan redan flyga till Bryssel.

Metro planerna g?r fram?t, Catania ?r redan i full drift och sen kommer Palermo bli n?sta och ny p? listan ?r ocks? Messina. Crocetta sade att det kommer att bli en tunnelbana i London stil.

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