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Morgantina – Siculi Greek Cittadella and Swedish archaeologists

A Siculi-Greek cittadella discovered by a Swedish archaeologist Erik Sjöqvist 1955. He chose the location, made the project successful and was supported by the Swedish king Gustav VI Adolf.

Greeks dominated this area and the cittadella reached up to 10,000 inhabitants. It is the most important archaeological sites in Sicily and gave understanding of ancient city planning.

Messina – Norwegian aid dish, harbor & imaginary bridge

The highlight of Messina is the main church with a astronomical clock tower offering a clock show everyday at 12:00. 1908 the city was struck by an 7,1 earthquake and Norway sent two ships of cod as aid and Messina’s main dish Stocco alla Messinese was created. In the video I also visit the imaginary bridge area and best view sites.

Messina is a city with 236000 inhabitants where the the harbor connects Sicily with Calabria by mafia controlled ferry traffic. Will the bridge ever be built?

Modica – Chocolate, Nobel prize and houllottova Baroque

Modica has made a name for itself thanks to chocolate. But chocolate is nothing new here, production started already 1746. It is a “walk around” town with chocolate tastings everywhere, churches, lots of baroque and Nobel prize winner Salvatore Quasimodo’s home. Divided in Modica Bassa, Alta and Sorda with 55000 inhabitants.

Gangi – The Medieval art town on a golden hill

Gangi is the old Greek name of Sicily. A mountain town with Norman origins situated 1000 m.a.s.l. with 6100 inhabitants. Named themselves “The town of arts”. Tricky roads to drive too, but offers stunning views and originality. Here I also found a local tambourine shop still making tambourines the traditional way from goat skin.

Purgatorio – Went to Purgatory to learn I arrived to Dante’s level six

When I saw the name Purgatorio on the Sicily map, I had to drive to the other side of the island to check this place out. Here I also eat the best Cannolo of 2020, and understood I have reached Dante’s sixth level of Purgatory, “Gluttony”. Purgatorio has under 300 inhabitants.

Memorial site for Giovanni Falcone, his wife and bodyguards

This is the memorial site for judge Giovanni Falcone in the Maxi Process against the Sicilian mafia, his wife Francesca Morvillo and his bodyguards; Vito Schifani, Rocco Dicillo and Antonio Montinaro.

Killed by the Corleone mafia 23rd of May 1992 when 500 kg of TNT exploded from under the highway right on this spot. Thanks to cigarett butts and change of Italian crime law allowing DNA tracing, the murderers could be found.

More information Google “Strage di Capaci”

Memorial site on Google Maps “Monumento alla Strage di Capaci”

Polizzi Generosa – D&G hometown, Scorsese and Madonie in the Norman footsteps

Polizzi Generosa was named by Norman king Federico II due to the territory’s richness. He also created a free and independent town thanks to his laws supporting equality and justice.

These areas are depopulating fast, now only 2900 inhabitants remained. Hometown of designer Domenico Dolce D&G, Martin Scorsese’s grandparents and a door to the Madonie mountains.

Most complicated payment of a fine

Got a fine in Gangi. I got two options; pay at the police station which of course was closed, or mail them for payment information. So I mailed them Monday morning. After couple of “damaged Word files”, they managaed to send this Wednesday morning a file I could open with instructions how to pay.

Step 1) Go to the Gangi municipal website to pay with PagoPA. Of course the site is not linked, you have to Google and then scroll/ click. Well I managed to pay after many clicks and classical Codice Fiscale. Gosh, you can’t survive without that document.

Step 2) Fill a document of responsibility of the fine. The photo on the right.

Step 3) Send in following documents: Copy of the fine you got on site, document of taking responsibility of the fine, copy of payment of the fine, copy of your driving license. And one more I refuse to send.

I am though very impressed they have the courage to call this “online payment”. Well, technically it is, but any north European CIO (IT Manager) would… yeah, strangle someone. The part I love the most is where they write one has to print everything, sign and send copies. No, there are online programs for signing. And how can e.g. tourists pay as they require Italian bank ID to pay online?

PagoPA is actually only thing one has to do if you like to call it “pagamento online”. But I guess family members needs jobs in Gangi too…

Though sure I missed something here and this fine will take couple of weeks to sort out. But paid it is.

Castellana Sicula – Murales paintings all over by Madonie mountains

Small village of 3000 inhabitants known for its Murales paintings. Since 1994 about 30 artists contributed with their art on this villages facades. In August takes place a folkloristic dance “Ballo della Cardella”. A fertility dance around a three meter high pole, which is identical to our viking tradition in Midsummer.

Lunch at: Family Art

Countryplace stay aka Agriturismo: Masseria Xireni (Organic and Sustainable travel)

Piazza Armerina – World’s richest mosaics & Old town in the Norman footsteps

I have made a new video about Piazza Armerina, but YouTube share link does not work to share it here this time. So just klick here, or copy and paste this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_xAI8-EANM

Here visiting Piazza Armerina with 20,000 inhabitants and famous for the Roman mosaic villa, Villa Romana del Casale. Largest, richest and most varied mosaic collection in the world covering 3500 m2. Also visiting the old town sadly many skip to visit. Very up and down hills, but with very interesting history specially for us Normans as Piazza Armerina was developed by Normans.

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