It is a quite common debate in Italy and not surprised nor offended at all as a woman that societies fall is always blamed on working mothers, because I do not believe it. Just an easy way to blame shit on a group.?The whole worlds system and sin is always the womans fault in these religious countries. And then you put on the news…say no more.
What do surprise me more is that sometimes these articles reaches also scandianvian countries and then it is jaw dropping. Three things that are always missing in these articles and accusation are: 1) comparing countries with mothers that work and mothers that stay home, 2) who are blaming and writing these hideous articles = sources, 3) scientific studies.

Let’s take e.g. Sweden and Italy, two countries so totally opposite from eachother.?In Sweden it is quite rare to find house?wives and in Italy is is quite rare to find career women who made it herself, especially in the south. Yes they exist, but most women italian, sicilian and foreign women here are house wives or working for her mans company…and often for free.
Scandinavian countries filled with working mothers are rated year after year as the most happiest people in the western world. It is seen as the area in the world where human rights exists, a functioning system and stabile countries. Also in italian news they often mention scandinavian countries as most stabile in EU, also now during the crises.
Then look at Italy filled with house wives to save the traditional family structure from falling and saving the society standards. But what picture do you have? Is it a functioning society? Then look at south america, middle east ecc. and make your own opinion.

My mother and father has worked since I was born,?a regular swedish family system.?Also when my brothers were born. I learned to cook, clean, do school homework, travel myself early, budget, eat right?and think by myself early. And I thank my mother for being a working mother because I would never had this ground to stand on if I had got everything served! But they were always there for me, when I needed them.
Women here says But Johanna, I have three kids to take care of. Yes, so had also my mother….and my father, because he was there too.

There is nothing that stops women here to make a life. The childcare costs more than in Scandinavia, but there are also local less expensive private solutions too. We pay for childcare in Scandinavia too, here it costs about 180-300 ? / month and child. In Italy you get also child support from the Government just like in Scandinavia.

Have no rights to say if to stay home and not. But quite tired of these ridiculous accusations on working women and tired of women staying home and complaining about their lives.


Det ?r en ganska vanlig debatt i Italien och inte f?rv?nad eller kr?nkt alls som kvinna?att samh?llets fall alltid skylls p? arbetande m?drar, eftersom jag inte tror p? det. Bara ett enkelt s?tt att skylla all skit p? en grupp. Hela v?rldens system och synd ?r alltid kvinnans fel i dessa religi?sa l?nder. Och sen sl?r du p? nyheterna…beh?vs inte till?gga mer.
Vad g?r mig mer f?rv?nad ?r att ibland n?r dessa artiklar ocks? skandinaviska l?nder och d? ?r det k?ksl?pp. Tre saker som alltid saknas i dessa artiklar och anklagelser ?r: 1) att j?mf?ra l?nder med mammor som arbetar och mammor som stannar hemma, 2)?vilka skyller och skriver dessa hemska artiklar = k?llor, 3) vetenskapliga studier.

L?t oss ta till exempel Sverige och Italien, tv??l?nder s? totalt motsatta fr?n varandra. I Sverige ?r det ganska ovanligt att hitta hemmafruar och i Italien ganska ovanligt att hitta karri?rskvinnor som gjort det sj?lv, s?rskilt i s?dern. Ja de finns, men de flesta kvinnor; italienska, sicilianska och utl?ndska ?r hemmafruar eller arbetar f?r mannens f?retagoch ofta gratis.
Skandinaviska l?nderna ?r fyllda med arbetande m?drar och??r klassade ?r efter ?r som de lyckligaste m?nniskorna i v?stv?rlden. Ses ?ven som det omr?de i v?rlden d?r m?nskliga r?ttigheter finns, ett fungerande system och stabila l?nder. ?ven i italienska nyheter n?mns ofta skandinaviska l?nder som de?mest stabila i EU, ocks? nu under kristider.
Sedan titta p? Italien fylld med hemmafruar f?r att r?dda den traditionella familjestrukturen fr?n att falla och?beh?lla samh?llets standarder. Men vilken bild har du? ?r det ett fungerande samh?lle? Sedan titta p? Sydamerika, mellan?stern ecc. och?skapa din egen uppfattning.

Min mor och far har arbetat sedan jag f?ddes, som i de flesta svenska hem.??ven n?r mina br?der f?ddes. L?rde mig att laga mat, st?da, g?ra l?xor, reste sj?lv tidigt, budgetera veckopeng, ?ta r?tt och t?nka sj?lv tidigt. Och jag tackar min mamma f?r att hon??r en arbetande mamma eftersom jag skulle aldrig f?tt denna grund att st? p? om jag skulle ha f?tt allt serverat! Men de var alltid d?r f?r mig, n?r jag beh?vde dem.
Kvinnor s?ger h?r Men Johanna, jag har tre barn att ta hand om. Ja, s? hade ?ven min moroch min far, f?r han var d?r ocks?.

Det finns inget som stoppar kvinnor h?r f?r att?skaffa sig?ett liv. Barnomsorgen kostar mer ?n i Skandinavien, men det finns ocks? lokala billiga privata l?sningar ocks?. Vi betalar f?r barnomsorgen i Skandinavien ocks?, h?r kostar det?ca 180-300 ? / m?nad och barn. I Italien f?r du ocks? ekonomiskt st?d fr?n regeringen precis som i Skandinavien.

Har ingen r?tt att s?ga till?om valet att stannar hemma och vem som inte g?r det. Men ganska tr?tt p? dessa l?jliga anklagelser mot?arbetande kvinnor och tr?tt?p? kvinnor?som stannar hemma och klagar p??sina liv.